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Summer Make-Up Routine

by agirlandhermutt on July 5, 2014

Summer is here! Bring on the sweat!

I’ve pretty much nailed down my summer make-up routine to about 10 minutes from start to finish. Everything I wear is really easy to apply, great to put into my travel make-up bag and last all day long. I mean, it lasts through swim lessons, sweaty gym sessions and everything in between. Let me be clear though. I don’t wear make-up on purpose to the pool or gym. I’m just entirely too lazy to take it off before I get there. I ALWAYS take my make-up off before bed though. Everyone has their standards. ;)

A Girl & Her Mutt Summer Make-Up

A Girl & Her Mutt Summer Make-Up by agirlandhermutt

First we work the face. You know…gotta get that canvas right!

1. Neutrogena Healthy Skin Radiance Cream SPF 15 (~$12)- This is my absolutely favorite moisturizer. For the past two years I have used it all year long. It has a thicker texture but doesn’t leave your skin greasy or sticky. It just feels moisturized. On the days I don’t wear make-up I will just put this on and be on my way.

Tinted moisturizer


2. IT Cosmetics Celebration Foundation ($35)- As much as I would love to be just a moisturizer only kind of lady, that just doesn’t work for me most days. This powder is the next best thing. My mom introduced me to this brand and I can’t thank her enough. The powder is light but has FANTASTIC coverage. It lasts all day and doesn’t settle into your pores or fine lines. You know, if you are of the age where those start to show (over 30s unite!). My color is medium-beige and it works perfectly for my skin shade. I use the IT Cosmetics Flat Top Buffing Brush ($48) to apply it and that sucker is like magic. Fun tip…check out QVC to buy this duo together for just $43.50!

ULTA beauty product


3. Urban Decay Naked Flushed ($30)- This palette is a blush, bronzer and highlighter all in one. Perfect to stick in your travel bag or in your purse. I use the Naked palette to give me a nice glow that looks like I have been outside for a few hours. I use the IT Cosmetics Blush Brush ($34.50) to apply my blush and some brush I can’t see the name of to do the bronzer. The blush brush is just so soft and helps my blush glide on effortlessly. The bronzer brush is all chewed up thanks to Korky. Eh.

Urban Decay Naked Flushed



4. Bare Minerals Concealer Bisque ($18)- This powdered concealer is all I need during the summer. I don’t have a ton of redness or blemishes to cover, but I do have darker under eye circles. This powder is the perfect brightener and concealer for that area. A little bit goes a long way too!

Bare Escentuals concealer



Now we get to work on making those eyes pop. Or in the case of really really small eyes like I have, we work on making them show up.

5. IT Cosmetics High-Performance Eye Shadow in Matte Luxe ($24)- Ok, first let me say that my all-time favorite eyeshadows are the Urban Decay Naked Pallette. I have 1,2 & 3! BUT! I tend to get all sweaty in the summer and I just want something super easy and simple. These little trio eyeshadows are perfect for that. I can pop them on and go all day. Nothing extreme or groundbreaking in terms of colors, but they go with everything. Tons of color pay-off and they go on smoothly. Again, perfect to stick in your travel bag or purse! Tip…Check out QVC to buy the trio AND a great eyeshadow brush for just a few bucks more than the cost of the eyeshadow!

Beauty product



6. IT Cosmetics Universal Eyebrow Pencil ($24)- I don’t understand how this eyebrow pencil even works. There is only one color but it works! This pencil goes on looking like a powder almost. It looks so natural and just blends into my brows. On days when I don’t want much make-up or no foundation, I will just add a little of this to my brows and I instantly look pulled together.

ULTA beauty product



7. IT Cosmetics Tightline Mascara Primer ($24)- I have tiny eyes. Most mascaras look great when I put mascara on but by the end of the day I look a hot mess when it bleeds under my eyes. And I don’t even put mascara on my bottom lashes! Then my Mom sent me this “primer”. ACCCKKKK! Perfect! I put it on and no problems! I don’t take my mascara off before the gym or pool (dumb), but it has never run or made me look like a raccoon. It is very much a subltle effect though. You aren’t going to get a va-va-voom look with this mascara. Just a more natural look.

On those days when I want a bit MORE to my look I use the mascara above for my first coat and then top it with…

8. Benefit They’re Real Mascara ($23)- LOVE this mascara. I find that with my small eyes that I need to use my fun little IT mascara primer first and then the Benefit mascara over it or it will run all over my face. Others don’t have this problem. My lashes are just lovely after this mascara and totally out of control. I also curl my lashes AFTER I use this mascara. BOOM. Total transformation. Try it.




And then to finish it all out…LIPS!

9. NYX Lip Primer ($7)- Is a primer for your lips needed? No. But my lips are constantly dry or weird so this just fills them in for me and makes my lips a smooth surface. You could use a regular no color balm, but I’m enjoying this one. It keeps my reds from feathering and bleeding and I find my lipsticks/glosses stay on a bit longer.

Lip makeup

10. NYX Wonder Pencil ($4.50)- This is a little 3-in-1 pencil. You could use it as a concealer, as an eyeliner to brighten your eyes, or as I use it, a lipliner. I line my lips with the medium colored wonder pencil to create a look of even fuller lips. It is just a touch lighter than my skin color so it makes my lips pop even more. It looks super strange the first time you put it on but then once the lipstick is on you see why they call it the Wonder Pencil!


11. NYX Butter Lip Balm ($4)- I love nude-ish lips. My lips are dry year round so I have to have hydrating lip products. I usually start off with a balm or lipstick and then top with a gloss. My go-to balm right now is this NYX balm in the color Brownie. It is the perfect brownish-redish-pinkish color. Just like my lip color.

Lip treatment



12. NYX Butter Gloss ($5)- These suckers are cheap, look great and smell even better! I love the range of colors in this line and they look fantastic. These glosses won’t last all day, but they last long enough. Plus, they pair perfectly with any balm or lipstick. My fave color right now is Éclair.

Lip gloss




Have a great weekend! I’m off to sweat my butt off and look good while doing it!


*PS. The Bondi Band Giveaway winners were announced and notified! Mindy, Jessica and Jessica will be receiving their Bondi Bands soon! Thanks everyone for entering!

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Monthly Faves: April 2013

by agirlandhermutt on May 1, 2013

I know they say April showers bring May flowers, but what does freezing cold temps do? I’m happy to report that despite a rocky start to the month, we ended April with spring-like weather and I’m ready to dive head first into a new month.

But first…

This month I definitely got into a routine with my make-up. I was enjoying a nice tan thanks to my Caribbean vacation at the end of March so less make-up for me was the way to go. I also finally found a few fitness items that are officially must-haves for me.

1. Covergirl Clump Crusher Mascara- This was in last month’s favorites and it still is my go to mascara. It doesn’t run. It doesn’t clump. It lasts all day. Perfect!

2. Reebok Warm 1/4 Zip Long Sleeve Top- I bought this one at a Reebok outlet for just $15 and I’m in love with it. It is light, airy, and perfect for those cooler mornings/evenings. Bonus thumb holes too! I love the neon orange accents the most though. I found this one that is similar on the Reebok site.

Bonus Favorite: Old Navy Compression Capri Pants. These suckers can hold odors like no other workout pant, but they are SO comfortable. Plus, my butt looks good all sucked in and put in place in these pants. This is my first experience with compression items and I predict it won’t be my last.

3. Polar Heart Rate Monitor FT4- I bought this hrm shortly after returning from my cruise and I have fallen in love with it. I love the instant feedback and being able to track my workouts. I can physically see myself getting better and working harder each workout.

4. All Things Nautical- I’m obsessed with anchors, stripes, and all things red, white & blue. I love the classic look and the color combo so much! I’ve even dedicated a Pinterest board to my fave style.

5. St. Ives Fresh Skin Apricot Scrub- This product has been around forever and people have been raving about it for years. I just got on the wagon. My usual scrub was out of stock one day so I picked this up. It  is definitely a little more coarse than I am used to, but it is perfect for those days I feel super grimy. A little goes a long way too! My skin is left feeling clean, refreshed and all scrubbed up.

6. NYC Sun n’ Bronze in Hamptons Radiance- My minimal make-up look for the month has included concealer, blush and  this bronzer. The middle strips are perfect for contouring and adding some color to my face. The outer strips of pinkish-brown are great for adding a bit of “I was just out in the sun” look to a fading tan. Plus, this stuff is cheap! You can get it for less than $5 at your drugstore.

7. Rimmel Lash Accelerator Serum- I have no idea if this is really causing my lashes to grown, but it is making them SEEM longer. This is like a clear mascara that I put on at night. When I wake up and put my regular mascara on I can barely tell that the clear kind is there, but I can tell that my eyelashes are about 50% longer and fuller. It doesn’t dry my lashes out and doesn’t bother my eyes at all either. I have tiny little eyes that disappear when I laugh so I need all the length and fullness I can get out of my eyelashes!


Everyone having a good week? I’m starting off one of my first 30 Day challenges for my 33 While 33 list and I’m trying to do a No Spend May. I will fill you in on my rules for myself tomorrow!

In the meantime, let me know if you have any experience with compression socks. I’m thinking of trying them out.

See ya tomorrow!


I ♥ Spring Tag!

April 26, 2013

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