2013 Favorites

by agirlandhermutt on January 9, 2014

I am a product junkie! I love anything that says “New & Improved!” on the box. Over the past year I shared some the things I absolutely loved in my monthly faves posts. This post is a biggie though…these are my favorite things for ALL OF 2013. I’ve divided it into 5  categories:

-Food (Food, drinks, and kitchen products)
-Fitness (Workouts and workout gear)
-Fashion (Clothes, shoes, and jewelry)
-Face (Makeup, Skincare, and hair)
-Fun (Everything else!)

Enjoy my 2013 favorites!



World Cuisine Tri-Blade Plastic Vegetable Slicer (aka Spiralizer)

This is a 2 time yearly favorite! I first talked about this kitchen gadget back in 2012 and it was in my 2012 Yearly Favorites. This past year it was used almost daily in my kitchen. Zucchini noodles are where it is at!

Laughing Cow Cheese

Back in August I talked about a few of my fridge staples and that included Laughing Cow Cheese. I am no snob when it comes to cheese. Any, all and every kind of cheese is my favorite. Unfortunately that doesn’t really fit my meal plan. Laughing Cow is portioned out perfectly and gives me that cheesy feeling I love.

Advocare Spark

In November I made an ill-fated attempt at the Advocare 24 Day Challenge. Part of the plan involved Spark, an energy drink from Advocare. While the supplements did NOT work for me, my stomach or my plumbing, but Spark stuck with me! It is the PERFECT kick in the butt for me. I might drink one in the morning or right before a workout. It gives me energy without tingles or any other side effect. Almost all of the flavors work for me too!

Market Pantry Raw Frozen Large Shrimp

Shrimp is just one of those things I could eat any day for any meal. Although it is ideal for me to buy it fresh, it can be SUPER expensive at certain times throughout the year. During those times I go to the next best thing…frozen shrimp. My favorite can be found at Target and runs about $8.99. Heck yea!

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar first made an appearance in my house when I learned about the Tone It Up girls. It is part of their recommended daily Meta-D drink. I’ve adjusted my drink over the years and learned that I love the taste of ACV. Now I have a tbsp or two in my water in the am and call it a day. I credit this stuff for my skin looking good, a little energy boost and keeping some of my sweet cravins in check.



G-Loves Workout Gloves

If you lift weights, you need gloves. Why not look good while wearing them?! My parents have graciously gifted me 2 pairs of these gloves and I can’t get enough of them.

Polar Heart Rate Monitor

This little watch really gets me going in the gym. It helps me stay in my target heart rate range and gives me a general idea of how many calories I’m burning. I don’t put a ton of faith in these numbers, but they really help me compare my work effort each day at the gym.

Old Navy Compression Capris

These capris from Old Navy are comfortable, keep all my stuff from jiggling around and are cheap, cheap, cheap. I originally had an issue with these pants storing odors, but I learned that putting a capful or two of white distilled vinegar in the wash totally took those odors out.

Weight Lifting

I’ve always enjoyed weight lifting but never really could figure out a routine to do. I joined up with Mshell Fitness and BOOM! Weight routine found. My upper body transformed really quickly and I can tell that my body is just shrinking.



Jojo Blings

If you follow me on Instagram then you see Jojo Blings appear in almost every single outfit of the day pic that I post. I have them in about 10 colors and already know of a few more that I could go for!

Alex & Ani Bracelets

Bracelets for days! I have 4 or 5 Alex & Ani bracelets. They look great layered together and have a wonderful message.

Lululemon Vinyasa Scarf

I can’t lie. I have this scarf in 3 different colors. It is soft, comfy and washes up really well. Plus it looks so good with everything!

Leopard Crocs

Eek! I just can’t get over these shoes. So comfortable and so cute. No jokes about Crocs. They are amazing. I wear them with everything. Maybe even when they don’t match.

Oakley Caveat Sunglasses

These sunglasses first appeared on my blog in my Currently: May post as an item on my wish list. Just a few short weeks later I purchased them using money that I won through DietBet over the year. It pays in more ways than one to lose weight! These sunglasses are with me all of the time. They go with everything, don’t get all tangled in my hair and most importantly, look great!



Covergirl Clump Crusher Mascara

This mascara is THE BEST. I have super teeny tiny eyes and almost every single mascara I try ends up bleeding into my under eye area. This doesn’t. It holds up all day and even through a few sweaty sessions at the gym when I forget to take it off. No more crazy bunny look.

Revlon Lip Butter in Sugar Plum

This is lipstick is a beautiful shade of pink. Not too dark at all. It has a sheer look to it that is really flattering with almost any skin tone. It isn’t drying or too sticky either.

St. Ives Fresh Skin Apricot Scrub

I know people have been using this for years, but I finally decided to give it a try this year. I could kick myself for waiting so long! My skin feels smooth and has a slight glow after I wash my face. Perfect!

Aveeno Nourish & Moisturize Shampoo and Conditioner

The shampoo and conditioner in my shower gets switched up quite a bit. This particular duo I came back to several times throughout the year though. It is gently and my hair just looks healthy when I use it. Nothing fancy, but just what my hair needs.



Geocaching is like a treasure hunt for adults. I had heard about it several years ago but finally gave it a try when I was in Denver. The BF and I had a great time using the geocaching app to run around town looking for hidden treasures. We have done it a few other times in various cities and even in our own neighborhood.


My parter-in-snorkeling has been my Dad for a few years now. This year we managed to get some snorkeling in while on a cruise, in Disney and with some manatees!

Klean Kanteen

I would necessarily call this a “fun” product, but I do use it every single day. This canteen doesn’t hold funky odors, fits all the spinning bike drink holders and keeps my water freezing. Bonus…it comes in all kinds of fun colors!

Being Outside

How cliché, right?! But this past year was all about me getting out there and exploring the great outdoors. From swimming in the Caribbean Ocean to hiking in Colorado to snorkeling with manatees in Florida to running on the beach in Provincetown to biking in San Diego. By becoming more active throughout the year I learned that I absolutely love being outside and enjoying some fresh air.

Discovering Jess’s videos on YouTube led me to her Instagram which led me to MShell. She is so inspiring and motivating in her videos! I don’t get a chance to watch every day but I do check in at least once a week to see what she is up to and get a little dose of motivation.

Craft Beer

I didn’t want to add beer to the food category because it is so much more than that. It really is FUN though! Each year I seem to go through a phase for what I like to drink and 2013 was all about craft beer. I got a chance to try beers at several festivals and of course, the greatest festival in the US, the Great American Beer Festival in Denver.  The BF and I discovered TONS of great beers this year but the best beer of the year for me was Heady Topper from Alchemist and Chocolate Oak Aged Yet from Great Divide.


2013 was a great year with a ton of great finds! I’m looking forward to 2014 favorites already!

Oh, and GO NOLES! My college won the football National Championship game quite dramatically on Monday. WOOT!


WIAW: San Diego Edition

by agirlandhermutt on June 12, 2013

Well, this should be fun. If you haven’t noticed, my little weight loss ticker took a little jump. Oops. This What I Ate Wednesday will probably give you a clue as to why. I’m not worried. I weighed in on Tuesday right after we got back from San Diego (ha!) and I should have the pounds gained off in the next week. So with that in mind…

WIAW: San Diego Edition!

I was convinced that San Diego should be our vacation spot by the BF with the promise of tacos, refried beans and beer. I’m a HUGE Mexican food fan and could literally eat it for every meal. I have been low-carbin’ it for the past few months so this was a huge treat for me! I’m including only the non-healthy but drool inducing bites for this round.

Pacific Beach Bar & Grill for Taco Tuesday! The shredded chicken crunchy tacos and fish tacos were sublime.

Brunch at The Cottage in La Jolla. I had the California Benedict with sliced turkey, avocado, poached eggs and hollandaise. I drizzled a little hot sauce over the top because that is the way I like to live. Although I enjoyed my brunch company, I thought the juice that I had (pom) was the highlight of the meal. My benedict was a little cold and the turkey a bit dried out. The hollandaise didn’t have much flavor and since it was a little cold it had started to congeal. Eh. Not my fave benedict. I did enjoy sitting on the patio though.

Old Town is a must for any Mexican food lover when visiting San Diego. We decided to go with the majority of folks on Yelp and visited Casa de Reyes. We started with guac which had an interesting mix of radishes on the top. I actually loved the crunch and punch that it added. Definitely something I need to remember for my next guac batch.

For dinner I got the bean and cheese burrito “wet” style. Wet just means sauce on the top. I wasn’t a fan of the flour tortilla so I ate the insides with the sauce. Mmm…refried beans are my absolute favorite food. There was a decent sized salad going on over there on the side of the plate but it was dwarfed by the extra jumbo burrito.

Near the end of our trip we took a little trip out to Oceanside to check out their beaches. Spoiler Alert: Not as nice as Coronado or Pacific Beach. While we were there we stopped at Breakwater Brewing for some lunch. It had a very relaxed beach bar type of vibe. We grabbed a seat at the bar and ordered up one of their beers and a pizza to split. The medium was huge! We had the Spicy Jerk Chicken pizza. Although I enjoyed the pizza, spicy this pizza was not. As a matter of fact, I didn’t taste anything that remotely reminded me of jerk chicken. Good pizza though! The crust was delicious.

One of the last meals we had in San Diego was at a place in Gaslamp called Neighborhood . I didn’t do my research enough so I didn’t realize this place was a hipster’s delight. No hostess. No ketchup. No vodka. I’m not really a ketchup fan, but any time people try to put down what others enjoy I get a little annoyed. I figured what the heck and put my own name on a chalkboard that I assume was the waiting list. We were seated pretty quickly and had a lovely server. The whole meal was pretty good, but what cracked me up the most was the Grilled Cheese Salad. We ordered this to split and for some reason we both thought that the grilled cheese part referred to something like cheese sprinkles or maybe some gouda on the top. We weren’t expected an actual grilled cheese sandwich to be surrounding the plate. Heh. I like all the goodies in the salad, but I was a bit bummed out that it was so wet. I think I officially like all dressings on the side.

Are you worried about me after all that cheesy carb-a-licious food up there? Eh. Don’t be. It was a one time deal. You know, until we decided to get drinks. ;)

There were $3 margaritas at Pacific Beach Bar & Grill.

Dueling Sangrias at Vin de Syrah in Gaslamp.

Beer tasters at Coronado Brewing Company and Ballast Point.

FYI…Ballast Point is awesome. They have a foreign export stout called Indra Kunidra that is out of this world. It has coconut, kaffir lime leaf, cayenne, cumin, and Madras curry spice to round out the crazy flavors in this beer. SO GOOD. I have to find this beer near me!

There was also some wine tasting, including a stop at The Wine Encounter in Hillcrest. Happy Hour included 1/2 off wine flights. Don’t mind if I do!

We paired our wine with some mixed olives (which I have a hard time resisting anywhere) that also came with some nuts and fruit. Lovely little platter.

There was also a tour (and tasting, of course!) at Stone Brewing Co. I had their oak-smoked barley wine. I am a huge fan of barley wine and this one was super unique. It didn’t have the super thick texture that I am used to, but the smokiness was just enough to make this drink stand out and be super drinkable. We also tried their Cask beer which was the IPA with honey, mint and chipotle peppers. Nope. Not a fan. Don’t put mint in things. *Shudder*

Fear not my healthy friends. I had plenty of salads, fresh fruit, yogurt and other healthy options. I even managed to snag a veggie plate at a pizza place.

The next time I have a WIAW I will be back to my healthy and not quite as cheesy meals.

Until tomorrow!


Weekend Away: Provincetown, Ma

April 30, 2013

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