Fave Five Friday: November Edition

by agirlandhermutt on December 2, 2011

Hi friends! I know the most interesting way to start a post is not to talk about the weather, but I have to mention the weather in Boston. IT IS GORGEOUS! We have really had a Fall and I’m loving every minute of it. I’m sure we will all be paying for this uncharacteristically warm weather by being pounded by snow come January. Don’t worry I will complain with no problem. Until then…the Mutt and I are loving the sunshine!



Ok, so now to the real business at hand. It is Fave Five Friday: November Favorites Edition! All of these items I have been loving the whole month and then 2 items that are on the not-so-hot list.

1. How Did This Get Made? podcast

The Scientist won’t often indulge my OCD tendencies to listen over and over to things, but with this podcast even he is on board. The show is hosted by Paul Scheer (from The League), June Diane Raphael (comedienne and married to Paul), and Jason Mantzoukas (also on The League). The whole point of each show is to bring on a guest and then discuss a specified awful movie that they have all watched for the show. Some of their past discussions include I Know Who Killed Me, Green Lantern, The Smurfs, and Burlesque. There are tons of jokes and observations that most people make but can’t form into a joke nearly as great as this group does. You can even get in on the action by learning about a week before the discussion what movie they will be watching.

2. American Horror Story

Holy crap this show is nuts. I don’t even know how to describe it, but to say that it keeps me on the edge of my seat the entire show. It is creepy. It leaves you wanting more. It is totally unsettling. I love it.

3. Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter ~$6-7

Moisturizing, super pigmented, and not sticky at all. This is one of the better lipsticks out there and it can be found in any drugstore. Sign me up for one of each! Right now I’m a big fan of the Peach Parfait and Berry Smoothie.

4. Suave Styling Heat Protection Spray ~$3.50

I’ve tried several different sprays but have had a hard time finding something that wasn’t sticky or made my hair a bit hard. I just spray this on my damp hair before blow drying and then again if I am going to use any heat styling tools like my straightner or curling iron.

5.  Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (and Other Concerns) by Mindy Kaling

I absolutely adore Mindy Kaling. Her blog is relatable (for a slight neurotic, sarcastic, girlie girl) and interesting to read. I  used to only think of her as Kelly Kapoor from The Office until I realized she actually writes, directs, acts and is all around fantastic. She is super talented and I have a soft spot for women who are following their dreams. Mindy is also super friendly on Twitter and has responded to several of my tweets. What?! This is important stuff for a celebrity lover such as myself.  This book reads similar to a journal and gives some great insight the nutty thoughts of a girl trying to make it in the early stages of her career and other fun ramblings.


Ok, now for a few things I’m not loving so much. If these were kids they would be on Santa’s naughty list.  Not everything is roses and rainbows, you know?

Remington Curling Wand

I really wanted to love this wand. I’ve actually tried several different wands, but this one was one was the worst of the worst. Not only does it completely leave the ends of the curls all weird looking, but it also seems to really dry my hair out. It looked frizzy and completely unkempt by the end of the day. I was hoping for a nice wavy look and instead got my old perm from when I was a kid. Scary. Unfortunately I don’t think curling wands for this girl.

Covergirl Intense Shadowblast

Sticky. Feels like glue. Impossible to blend. Has a funky odor. Totally not worth the money.


One of my 31W31 items was to make a YouTube video and post it. I’m thinking that maybe the next edition of my Fave Five Friday might be in video form. What do you think?!

Do you have a YouTube channel?! Are you a YouTube watcher/fan?

Do you listen to any podcasts?


Sushi and Series Reading…

by agirlandhermutt on September 23, 2011

Whoa. Where did this week go?! Posts have kind of been slim this week. Mostly because I haven’t really been up to much. My week consisted of two main things…sushi and reading. What else do you need in life really?!


My first sushi stop of the week was with my old roommate, Marlene. She moved a little bit outside of our old stomping grounds so I made the trip out to visit her new place and get some dinnah.

When we first arrived at the restaurant there weren’t too many people in the place, which can be a little concerning, but by the time we left most of the tables had people at them. Any time there aren’t many people at a sushi place it starts to make me sweat a little. What do other people know that I don’t?!

Luckily there was no reason to sweat. The sushi was good and all was fresh. Score!


Hello Marlene! It was so nice to catch up on what she has going on in life and reminisce about some funny moments from our living together days. Marlene can crack a girl up!

My second sushi experience was a lovely little surprise from The Scientist later in the week. He brought us sushi to eat at home, which just happens to be my favorite way to eat it!

Can you get sushied out?! Is that possible?! I think not my friends. I think not.


I’ve also been on a reading frenzy. I’ve been downing books left and right on the Kindle. I <3 that thing! Right now it goes from my purse, to my couch, to my nightstand. It’s a fun little routine.

Unfortuantely (or fortunately?!), I’ve been in a bit of a series marathon. Basically, I’ve been reading several books from one series, move on to another series to read a few of those, and then repeat that process.

The first series…

The Hunger Games

I heard people talking about these books for several weeks and when I posted asking for some book recommendations Shannon from Lemongrove Avenue recommended the series. I had to see what all the hype was about. It took me a minute to get into them, but once I had I was hooked. I ended up finishing all three of the books in one week and then felt depressed when I was done. Luckily my craving for all things The Hunger Games related will be satisfied when the movie comes out in March 2012!

My second series…

Stephanie Plum!

I see these books all of the time and I finally gave in to reading them. I love these books! I like the characters. I like the quick pace of these easy reads. I love the clever titles. I’m up to book five so keep em’ coming. The first book will have a movie in January 2012. Woot woot!

My third series…

Sookie Stackhouse!

I’m not a True Blood watcher. I tried to watch it once and I couldn’t get past a few of the actors accents. I see people freaking out about the show though so I’ve thought I was possibly a little quick to dismiss. The Scientist thought that I would love these books so he kind of forced me to read. After just a few pages I was totally hooked and so ready to watch the show. This book totally satisfies all of my nerdy Twilight-loving sensibilities. I’m on book four and I’m going to have to stop myself from whipping through all of these books in just a week or so! 

I’m debating what is next. I like the whole series reading right now because I get to follow a story for a few weeks. Plus these are all pretty easy reads which is nice since the majority of my reading is on my 15 minute shuttle rides from the parking lot to work.  Any series recommendations?


I hope you all have a great weekend. This weekend is JAM PACKED with fun things for me including a wine cruise and a concert. I’ll be back on Twitter, updating Facebook, and back next week with some regular posts.

Are you a True Blood fan? Are you psyched for The Hunger Games or Stephanie Plum movies?


7 in 7

by agirlandhermutt on July 29, 2011

AKA July Favorites. Clever huh? July has been a busy, but fun, month that seemed to be over in the snap of a finger. Google Calendar stole my July!

Rather than do my Friday Five I decided to bust out something new and show you things I totally dug ALL MONTH LONG.

July Favorites

1. Pinterest

Oh my gosh! Totally in love with this website. It’s a plethora of inspiration, creativity, and pretty things to look at.  It totally can keep me distracted from anything important for hours. Winking smile

Pinterest lets you organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the web. People use pinboards to plan their weddings, decorate their homes, and organize their favorite recipes.

Best of all, you can browse pinboards created by other people. Browsing pinboards is a fun way to discover new things and get inspiration from people who share your interests.

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2. E.L.F. Make-up

This low price make-up line can be found at places like Target. Most of the items range from $1-3. I’ve found some great make-up items for cheap, cheap, cheap. My fave so far is the Translucent Matifying Powder. Its perfect for touching up that shine you get during the day without caking on more color. I have a few of these laying around in different bags.LOVE LOVE LOVE. Oh yea…it was $3. STEAL!


3. Mossimo® Priya Platform Wedge Sandals – Cognac

These wedges from Target are not killer looking, they are also REALLY comfortable. The wedge looks like real wood and nothing about these shoes screams cheap. At around $22 these are a total bargain.image

4. CSA Goodies

Although I’m not 100% impressed with the farm that we have partnered with for our CSA (more details coming), I am totally in love with picking up local veggies every Tuesday. The items I bring home just make me happy! Its been fun to design a meal plan around the veggies we are given. I feel like Iron Chef sometimes!

5. Sally Hansen Nail Polish Strips

I wrote a whole post on these handy dandy nail polish strips and my love for them. After trying a few other colors and patterns, I’m still totally in love. These are great for getting fun results in just minutes!

6. The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson

I’m obsessed with this series. I started reading the first book on my Kindle a few weeks ago. It was a rough start and I thought about giving up a few times. Then it happened…it got good. And I don’t mean kinda good. I mean GOOOOOOOD. I’m on the 2nd book now (The Girl Who Played With Fire) and I’m whipping through it. I can’t wait for the 3rd one. Then its on to the movies. I can easily get engrossed in almost anything.


7. 21st Amendment Hell or High Watermelon Beer

I know I just mentioned that I can’t stand watermelon things, but there is always an exception to the rule. In this case, it’s the 21st Amendment Hell or High Watermelon beer. The Scientist and I discovered it in San Francisco (thanks to a rec from our friend AZ!) and brought our love for it back to Boston. We hit up a local craft beer store to find it sold in cans and it is just as delicious as ever. It’s a slightly hazy yellow beer with a slight essence of watermelon. Its fresh. Its crisp. Its perfect for summer!

This past month was filled with lots of fun activities despite the heat wave Boston experienced. August is shaping up to be just as busy and I’m looking forward to it!

Check back next week for a weekend recap and an update on how I’m doing with my recent resolve to get healthier. Smile

What things are you loving this month?!