Weekend Recap:Brunch at BOKX 109!

by agirlandhermutt on May 6, 2013

Well hello there! Another beautiful weekend has come and gone. This was my first weekend during my 30 Day Spend Less Challenge and I’m happy to report that I was successful!


MOVIE NIGHT! I went to see Iron Man 3. Final review: Pretty good, although Iron Man 1 was my favorite. There were too many similarities with the Boston Bombing for my taste in this one. Not their fault, but just another example of using too many real life scenarios for movies. Not my fave. I didn’t buy the tickets, but I did treat us to dinner which ended up being just a small $20 because we split a dish.


I dropped $49 before I even started my day. I had to replace my broken iPhone so I consider this money part of my necessity fund. It was necessary for me to not cut up my finger every time I wanted to scroll down the screen.

I also had a major sweat session at Total Body Melt. Kettle bell swings were our primary focus. I pushed through and used a heavier weight than I have ever before. Progress!

That night I attended a Cinco de Mayo party. So fun and so free! 😉 Kidding. I brought goodies that I bought before the first day of May.


After sweating to the Zumba Gods, I was treated to brunch by the fine folks at BOKX 109 American Prime in Newton. Thanks to the Boston Brunchers I was given the opportunity for myself and a guest to enjoy our choice of their brunch items and a drink. My BF agreed to join me on a sunny Sunday morning to check it out.

Located in the Hotel Indigo, BOKX 109 is literally right in my neighborhood, but for some reason I had it in my head that it was difficult to get to. As we pulled in I realized that I was totally wrong. It was super easy to get to and plenty of parking.

The interior has a little bit of a classic steak house feel because of the rich leather seats and booths. One side of the restaurant was all glass overlooking the pool area  so there was plenty of sunshine coming through to make it feel not as dark. I can imagine dinner would be pretty cool and kind of cozy, but classy feeling. Very Mad Men-ish.

While we gave the menu a good review, I sipped on a Bloody Mary that our server recommended.

Um, whoa. I love goodies in my Bloody. This one had cucumber, lime, Slim Jim, prosciutto wrapped stuffed olive and string cheese. Yup. String Cheese!!!!

I couldn’t decide on what I wanted so we decided to get one entrée to split like an appetizer and then one of our own to try.

First up…

Grilled Oysters-crispy pancetta, tomato, fennel pollen, buttery panko, chive fondu

Ok, these oysters literally had me speechless. They were absolutely decadent and divine. There was tons of topping, but also huge oysters hiding under there. Six HUGE oysters! I gobbled up my first one so fast that I had to physically tell myself to slow down. I would return to BOKX if this was the only single item on their menu. Rename your restaurant to Grilled Oysters and I will still follow you!

We both agreed that we could have eaten the entire plate all by ourselves. I’m glad we didn’t so I could enjoy my other dish, but I just can’t praise these oysters enough. Oyster lovers unite!

Our main dishes…

Steak Bomblete- frittata style omelet with tenderloin, smoked gouda, mushrooms, and caramelized onions

I enjoyed the idea of a frittata style omelet. It was fluffy and stuffed with perfectly cooked tenderloin and melty good cheese. The only part that threw me off a little was the salad that was on top of the omelet. The description on the menu is listed exactly as it written above. No mention of salad and no mention of balsamic reduction. Unfortunately, my BF is not a fan of balsamic. He still enjoyed the dish, but probably would have picked something different or asked for it to be left off. I enjoyed the salad and balsamic, but I also have a strange addiction to these things.

Crab Louie- Jumbo lump crab, chipotle aioli, grilled ciabatta, bearnaise, shaved lettuce, oil cured tomatoes

This dish was huge! And I loved it. The eggs were cooked perfectly and ran like liquid gold when I cut into them.

The ratio of crab to egg to bread to sauce was perfect. I could definitely taste the crab and it wasn’t totally masked by the aioli or béarnaise. Does the dish really *need* both the aioli and bearnaise? Not exactly, but it certainly doesn’t hurt!

I was pleasantly surprised that the bread wasn’t totally soggy either. It had a nice crush to it and held up well because of the shaved lettuce under the crab and egg.

In between the eggs was a little trio of sliced potatoes with parm cheese and truffle oil. Again, a wonderful addition to the dish, but not listed on the menu and I know quite a few folks who are not truffle oil fans. Fortunately, I am not one of them so I gobbled them up. I am a fan of all components of the dish being listed on the menu. Am I alone in this?

The service was the right mix of attentive but not intrusive. The food came out quickly, but didn’t taste or look like it has been made earlier and was just sitting around. It was definitely fresh and well made!

As we waddled out we took a look at the pool area that they are in the middle of getting ready for the upcoming summer season.

The pool features private cabanas, fire pits, and a full service outdoor bar. Perfect for a hot summer night! I’ve heard that it has a very South Beach Pool Party vibe. I have to come back to see it in action.

As I looked back at our meal I had to think back to the description of BOKX 109 on their website.

“Welcome to BOKX 109 American Prime, where exquisite dining and professional service work together like fresh sea salt and cracked black pepper. At BOKX, we take the most local farm to table ingredients and choicest selection of all natural meats and fish and celebrate quality recipes that will leave you satisfied, healthy and eager to return.”

Yes, their dining and service were harmonious. Every bit of our dish tasted like quality products that were fresh and treated well. I was more than satisfied with my meal too. But healthy? No exactly. I suppose I could have ordered the “Healthy Breakfast Panini”,but that didn’t seem nearly as fun as buttery panko, béarnaise sauce, and smoked gouda. Eager to return?! Absolutely!!!

Thank you so much to Boston Brunchers and BOKX 109 American Prime for having us for brunch. See you both soon!

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I hope you guys had a great weekend!

What is your favorite brunch menu item?



*Just a note: Brunch was provided to me and a guest free of charge by BOKX 109.  As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.*


Menu & Egg Stacking

by agirlandhermutt on February 21, 2012

Folks! 3 day weekends are where it is at. Why don’t have them more often? I feel relaxed. I’m better prepared for the week. Mondays stink!

I stuck with my original schedule of making my menu on Saturday for the upcoming week and planned out my workouts. I have a busy social calendar for the next few weeks so it is important for me to make sure I get everything in order that I can! I also need to detox from the mac & cheese that I stuffed myself with TWICE this weekend. Ugh…

The Egg Stack is my new breakfast BFF. It sounds all fancy, but it is the saddest little easy breakfast in the world. I.LOVE.IT!

When I was on the Christmas cruise I enjoyed an eggs benedict with smoked salmon and capers almost every morning. It was salty, filling and everything breakfast should be. Obvi I can’t enjoy the eggs benedict everyday. Well, I could if I wanted to start looking like hollandaise sauce. Imagine that for a moment will you.

Instead I make the Egg Stack.

*I create a base with some sliced grape tomatoes on the bottom of your bowl or plate. I like these cute little yellow tomatoes. Tasty little suckers.

*Next I “fry” an egg which is really just code for me cooking the crap out of an egg with a little bit of olive oil cooking spray. The hot egg makes the grape tomatoes all nice and warm and squishy.

*Depending on if I am feeling spunky or not, I top my egg with 1 wedge of Laughing Cow cheese all cut up. So creamy and delicious, but also quite unnecessary.

*Top it off with 1 oz smoked salmon. How did I ever NOT like smoked salmon?!

*Then add the cherry to the sundae…capers! Just so you know, capers are not the same as peppercorns. Easy mistake but one I will not make again.

The last bit of news I have is completely unrelated to food, but is still a tiny bit exciting. I got a new camera! It was on sale and was a nice replacement for my oldie but goodie point n’ shoot.  Check out this bad boy! Phew. That color is something.


Have a great Tuesday! 


Backtrack to Crab…

by agirlandhermutt on September 20, 2010

I promised a post dedicated to my Dad’s Famous Crab cake Eggs Benedict. Mmm…I’m craving them just thinking about them! Isn’t that the sign of the perfect dish?

This isn’t a full on recipe, but just a journey through another kitchen. I have big aspirations to create this myself so I’m including this on my to-do list!

Perfection on a plate. True Story.