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Daily Eats

Planning Out the Week

by agirlandhermutt on April 14, 2014

Hi folks! I’m making a big effort to get back on my blogging game. I miss the blog! I also miss being able to come back to my own blog to see what I have been up to the past few months. Sometimes I need a reminder or two. ;)


One of the questions I get every now and then is what I’m eating or my exact workout routine. I always love reading people’s weekly menus or their week of workouts so I’m going to get back into that.

I should mention first that I’m taking part in the BeachBody 21 Day Fix Challenge (minus the Shakeology). It is a fairly new program from Autumn Calabrese, a fitness trainer and bikini competitor.

I’ve never been much of a home workout person, but my new roommate (the fiancé) is really into BeachBody workouts. He has successfully finished several rounds of P90x, Insanity, T25, TurboFire, etc. I really liked that this one had a pretty sound nutrition program to go with it and it sounded like something I could easily adapt into my current routine.

Plus, I’m still struggling with portion sizes (even with healthy foods!) and this plan directly tackles that issue.


There is a different workout for each day of the week and you are working out all 21 days. Sunday is your active recovery day with a yoga video that is more just a follow-along stretch. 30 minutes a day might work for some, but I need a little more so I do doubles on certain days. If it work out that I can’t do a double, no biggie. I just do my 21 Day Fix workout and that is just fine with me.

I should mention… I’m not a BeachBody coach. I’m not trying to sell you this program. Just telling you what I’m up to this month. :)


Workouts for the Week!
Monday- 21 Day Fix Total Body Cardio/5 mile challenge at the gym
Tuesday- Cardio Kickboxing & 21 Day Fix Upper Body
Wednesday- 21 Day Fix Lower Body & Spinning
Thursday- 21 Day Fix Pilates
Friday- ZUMBA! (I’ll probably skip the 21 Day Cardio video)
Saturday- Total Body Melt & 21 Day Fix Dirty 30 (OR! Possibly a 5K Charity Run)
Sunday- 21 Day Fix Yoga (Active Rest Day)

Meals for the Week!
Monday- Brussels Sprouts & Turkey Quesadilla
Tuesday- Steak, Red Potatoes & Roasted Broccoli
Wednesday- Turkey Red Sauce & Spaghetti Squash
Thursday- OUT!
Friday- Turkey Burgers & Salad
Saturday- ????
Sunday- Grilled Chicken & Veggies


In addition to the majority of our dinners being eaten at home, we are also doing breakfast, lunch and snacks. A lot of times I would grab breakfast or my snacks at work. I’m also learning how to cook for 2 people. Phew. That is a learning process for sure! Last night I did some prep for breakfast and lunches for the next few days.


So that is what my week of healthy living looks like on paper. I am fitting in some fun though too. YAY!


Before I go, I have to give a little update on Korky. I mentioned on twitter that both Kork and I have ear infections. We are a fun crew! I took him to a new vet on Monday. He was such a good boy! He even managed to keep a close watch on a few cats that were in crates in the lobby. His watchful eye made sure they didn’t even think of coming out of their crates. So helpful, huh?! Fortunately his little ear infection is nothing serious and neither is mine. We both have drops. Bedtime is a good time for everyone the next few days.


I hope you guys have a great week! Talk to you soon!


Week of Eats

by agirlandhermutt on November 3, 2011

Hello folks! Today is my Friday and I have never been so happy to see a fake Friday. Ya buddy! <—Jersey Shore anyone?! Pauly D fans unite!

This week I was out and about during the week quite a bit and will continue to be over the weekend, so when planning my menu on Sunday I had to be pretty strategic. I not only wanted to use up all the groceries I had, but also didn’t want to cook every single day.  I like to do most of my cooking Sunday and divide it up for lunch or dinner for a few days in the week. That way I just have to cook up some sides and I’m good to go! Leftovers LOVE!

Here is what this week’s eats looked a little like…


Broccoli Cheese Soup from my new favorite recipe magazine, Weight Watchers Four Ingredient 10 Minute Recipes. 


Blue Cheese Olive Stuffed Chicken w/ Garlic Mashed Blue Potatoes and Sautéed Spinach.<—All recipes from the same magazine above. Good buy Mom & Dad!


Spicy Turkey Sauce over whole grain pasta w/ sautéed garlic spinach and grape tomatoes.


Oh, and there was some serious snacking going on with these roasted pumpkin seeds. I used the same recipe from my Halloween Recipe Roundup.


I’m sure you are wondering what the cute little pumpkin looks like where I got these seeds. Ready for this?


Ugh. The original idea was super cute Hello Kitty. I was carving her little bow all nice and pretty then snip…all gone. My great carved pumpkin became just a big ol’ pumpkin with a hole in it after my little knife slipped and cut Hello Kitty’s face straight off.

Eh. At least there were seeds to enjoy afterwards.


Hope you guys are having a good week and that your carved pumpkin was more successful than mine. Not very hard really. ;)

Random poll: Red or Gold fingernails for the weekend?


Daily Eats 10/4/11

October 5, 2011

BFast I’m back on the smoked salmon kick. After this pic I pulled that little bit of brown off. I have no idea what that means as far as if it is bad or not, but I was hungry. Eh. Oh wells. Lunch Brown baggin’ it these days! 6” roasted chicken sub with all the […]

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