The Showerette: Part I

by agirlandhermutt on October 7, 2014

There is no Week of Workouts happening this week. Instead, we are just doing a good ol’ fashioned recap of my weekend. This might even end up being two parts. I want to remember every second of the weekend because there will only be one of these for me in my lifetime…


Yep, showerette. My wonderful friend, Karen, suggested a good ol’ fashioned girls weekend for my bachelorette weekend. I’m not doing a traditional shower but Karen wanted to include some traditional elements from a shower.

As the weekend was approaching, I started to get nervous. For some reason it is hard for me to grasp/wrap my head around the fact that there are people out there who want to celebrate my upcoming wedding and marriage. I mean, what does it matter to them? I was worried people would be annoyed that they gave up their weekend or wouldn’t have fun. Just silly stuff that I tend to worry about.

But then the weekend came and it was just perfect. Every single minute of the weekend was wonderful! My friends had a blast (I think!), everyone got along and I was just in heaven.

I should note before I get started that there are a lot of exclamation points and words like “perfect” and “lovely”. It is hard for me to articulate accurately how much I felt loved by my friends and how much I appreciated them spending the weekend with me. So exclamation points and limited vocabulary will have to suffice. 😉


Saturday morning a group of us loaded up into the car to head down to Rhode Island to start our weekend. We met up at Greenvale Vineyards in Portsmouth, RI.

It was a little overcast and misty outside, but they had a nice covered area that they set up our group of 8 for some tastings. The folks telling us about the wine could not have been nicer. They dealt with our goofing off, chatting and offered suggestions for places to visit once we were in Newport.

After the wine tasting, we picked a bottle (or two!) of wine to drink and then set up a proper picnic. My friends have a history of epic picnicking, but this time they really outdid themselves.

A note about my bachelorette group…I have friends from all parts of my life. Work, Boston, Florida and a few in between spots too. Throughout the weekend the group changed a bit according to the activities, but it was wonderful to have so many of my friends in one spot!

A few of my friends even FLEW in for the weekend! One of those folks was my high school buddy, Lina. She came up from Pensacola, FL!

After the wine tasting, we packed up and headed over to our next stop…Newport Storm!

The fiancé was adequately jealous of this part of our trip! The beers were tasty and they gave HUGE sample pours.

My work/Mom buddies, Niki and Jess! I’ve been friends with these ladies since I started my job here in Boston 9 years ago. Long time readers might recognize these nuts. Niki (in the middle) from the baby shower I co-hosted for her or that time we ate sushi together for Thanksgiving. I’ve talked about Jess before but most of the pics I have of the two of us just aren’t the most appropriate for the blog. 😉

Fun Fact: The baby shower post is my most pinned/popular post of all time.

After the tasting we were all ready for a bit of a break from boozing so we said our good-byes to Niki (she has a cutie patutie baby at home) and headed to Newport to find our bed & breakfast for the night.

I have to note one story, because if I don’t I KNOW my friends will call me out on it. On the way to the hotel my buddy, Megan, missed a turn. Being the helpful friend I am I “volunteered” (forced her to give me the phone) to help with navigation. Then I proceeded to navigate us over a bridge that had a $4 toll. Both ways. It was an $8 detour. Oh, did I forget to mention that we had people following us too? Yep.

I think I’ve lost my navigation privileges for a bit.

Back to the weekend…

We stayed at the Inns on Bellevue in Newport. Karen arranged for two suites for the night for all of us to bunk in. They were both on the top floor of the house so we had the whole floor to ourselves. It was the ideal situation for us. And if we are being honest, it was probably best for the other hotel guests too. 😉

The B&B had a very classic Newport feel. The best part was the enormous bedrooms and bathrooms, complete with a jacuzzi tub and steamroom shower.

After we got settled in we busted out some of picnic leftovers, some wine and relaxed before dinner. I ate my weight in hummus and cheese over the course of two days.

Then it was time to get ready to go out! But first, we had a little fun! They gave me the traditional Bride-to-Be sash & veil and I received some lovely and fun gifts.

Fun Wedding Fact: No veil for me! I look exactly like I did on my first communion when I wear one and that isn’t quite the look I am going for at the ripe age of 34. Plus, I have a giant head and those things hurt me.

Then it was time for a game. I should never have been concerned with Karen at the head of this pack. There is NOTHING that Karen does with no creativity and this game was no different. Karen passed out the Erin Bingo Cards.

Seriously. Erin Bingo cards! Each card was a little different but they all included things I have been known to do. Quite often it seems! This was game was so creative and THE BEST I have ever seen. I’m totally stealing this idea in the future.

I didn’t know what was on the cards when they were passed out. I suddenly got very nervous talking because everyone would just stare at me and then suddenly while I was talking would whip out the cards and start starring their cards. Ha!

Oh, and just in case creating this game wasn’t enough, Karen went out of her way to find the font that I use to sign my name at the end of each of my posts on this blog. Are you serious?! That little teary-eyed square got filled out pretty quickly (and often!) on this trip.

Our hotel was right in the middle of town so we just walked down to our dinner spot, The Fifth Element. We were also joined by another friend, Claudia, for the night! I mention this because I don’t have a photo of us all from dinner. Boooo. Photo fail on my part! Claudia was my very first friend in Boston and I’m so glad that she was able to join us for the night. *Hugs Claudia!*

The space had a really cool Asian vibe, great service and excellent food.

Pan roasted cod with littleneck clams over a fennel, potatoes and tomatoes

Almost everyone else got the special pizza of the night. And say hello to my Ultimate New Yorker friend, Meg, who drove up to join us too!

After dinner we headed out for another drink at 41 North. I loved the interior with its cool beachy decorations. It seems like it would be a really funky and fun hotel to stay at.

There weren’t many pictures there because although the spot was quite nice, the vibe was so strange! There were multiple brides hanging out in the lobby area of the bar and they all looked hammered. It made for some good people watching!

After a drink or two Karen asked me what I wanted to do next. I had the option to do ANYTHING I WANTED! I thought about it for two seconds and then sheepishly said that I wanted to just go back to the hotel, get into pjs and eat cupcakes while sipping champagne. I’ve never seen a group seem so thrilled. Everyone was on board with that idea!<—THIS is why we are all friends!


The cupcakes, brought by Jess and made by one of her friends, were fantastic! They were red velvet and spice, both with cream cheese frosting. I’m not ashamed to say I had one of each that night. Once I get the friend’s info I will let you locals know. These suckers were on point.

They were shaped to look like my dress. Eeeeeek! Love, love, love.

After a sufficient sugar rush, a bit more champagne and lots of laughs, it was time to get to bed. We had an early morning workout on the schedule!

Thanks for reading. I’ll pick up with Part II tomorrow!



by agirlandhermutt on May 2, 2011

Phew. This past week has been toouuuuggghhh. Funerals are NOT fun, but being with family was quite comforting. I also found it really comforting to get all your comments, tweets, and messages expressing your condolences. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I got home on Saturday night and was not in the mood to cook. I wanted something comforting and easy. I’m no different than most. My comfort food includes all things carb-o-licious. Mashed potatoes, mac & cheese, spaghetti, and anything else that is white with carbs. However, after a full week of “fun eating” with my Dad and eating on the go in Pittsburgh, I wasn’t in the mood for a totally full belly. Enter…guacamole. I love all Mexican food. I think it has a  lot to do with my love of beans. Guac is part of that love.

Everything in my house is easy. Including making guac. Here is a great base  that you can easily add whatever spices or herbs (cilatro…ewww) that you would like and doesn’t break the calorie bank.


Guac Remix!

In the mix:
-1 ripe avocado
-Salsa to taste (start with 2 tbsp and add as wanted)
-1 Laughing Cow Swiss Cheese Wedge

*Cut your avocado up to mix with the salsa and cheese.  The cheese will add that creaminess that mayo usually gives guac.

*Mix together and ENJOY!

The color isn’t the best and it doesn’t look absolutely amazing, but it tastes like LOVE and all things comforting. Creamy, flavorful and filling!

When my dad came for a visit he introduced me to some excellent chips from the big T (Target!). Mmm…

Why don’t all chip companies do this resealable thing on their bags?!

I could have divided this up to share with The Scientist, but I managed to eat it ALL ON MY OWN.


In other news…to brighten my spirits I joined my buddies at Tea Party Karen’s for a lovely Sunday tea. It was just what a girl needs to lift her ‘tude and put a smile on the face.


I took a little nibble of each of these. I completely down the tea sandwiches.

Tea party hats were busted out. Tina can wear this baby like no other woman in the room could. So jealous.

Big thanks to Karen for having us all over and filling our bellies with good grub. Oh…and thanks for the mimosas. Winking smile


So I’m officially back on track. I’m back to the gym today. I’m back to bringing my lunch to work. I’m back to cooking my dinners at home. It feels good to be back. I never realized I enjoyed so much of my routine! I’m an old lady and didn’t even know it. Smile Have a wonderful week and I will see you on Wednesday!!!

Do you like cilantro?

I think it tastes like soap. Dirty ol’ soap. How can people enjoy it?!



Invite Me! I’m a fun guest…

by agirlandhermutt on March 16, 2011

I’m a pretty good houseguest. Just ask any friend that I stay with. I take short showers. I keep my stuff to a little area where my bag is. I don’t require any special foods or beverages and bring my own snacks. I love pets and most babies.

I’m also a great person to invite over for a meal. I’m easily amused. I love almost all types of foods. I am easily impressed by all cooking attempts. When my friend, Christie, sends out a brunch invite I jump to say “YES, Please!”

On Sunday I showed up ready to drink some booze and eat some food. I knew it was going to be good when I showed up to a lovely table setting and a mimosa.


Christie is a genius in the kitchen. She makes everything seem so easy!


First Course: Cauliflower & Leek Frittata

Chat it up in between courses!


Drink it up!


Second Course: Mushroom risotto (some had duck confit too!)

Third Course: Macadamia Nut Crusted Sea Bass with Mashed Sweet Potatoes and a green salad.


Dessert Course: Lemon Ricotta Stuffed Strawberries and a Crepe that had the most delicious inside ever. (Obviously I can’t remember what it was except that it was GOOOOOOOD.)


I rolled myself home after this meal and proceeded to nap the rest of the day away. If that doesn’t scream lovely Sunday brunch I don’t know what does?!

BUT WAIT! The fun doesn’t end there…on Monday I busted out my best kicks and boogied over to Cuchi Cuchi for a Martini Monday with the girls!

Cuchi Cuchi is eclectic with a vintage vibe filled with feathers, fishnets and all kinds of fun jewels.


There were drinks…


Lots of small plates of yummy food including marinated mushrooms, fried artichokes, mexican tomato, stuff avocado and thai coconut soup.

I tried to creepily and sneekily take a photo of our servers absolutely fantastic outfit, but my stealth photo skills were just not up to par that night.

Two meals. Two fantastic meals. Great friends. I’m a lucky girl, huh?!

What is your fave restaurant to take a guest when they come to town?

Cuchi Cuchi is a great pick for me. I also love taking people to the North End for some great Italian food at Mother Anna’s. Mmmm….