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Last post for 2013

by agirlandhermutt on December 31, 2013

Hello! I’m popping in for a quick post to close out the year. 2013 was a fantastic year and I am even more excited for 2014!

Unfortunately I’m ringing out the year a hacking, runny nose mess, but fortunately I didn’t really get sick until getting back from my Christmas vacation.

Christmas in Florida with my family was AMAZING. We had a great time, enjoyed some excellent food and totally embraced a whole lot of family time.

Oh, and we decorated cookies. My family didn’t decorate cookies when I was a kid because we were always traveling to visit family during the holidays. My mom decided to start a new tradition for us and I love it!

(That is an upside down gingerbread man. How cute is that?!)

I definitely missed my BF and the Mutt while I was on vacation.

BUT it was also nice to totally disconnect and be tucked away in my family home bliss. I’m convinced that my parents pipe tryptophan through their house. I just can’t stop napping once I get there!

While I indulged (a lot!) over my visit, I kept my goals for this month in mind.

1. Workout on vacation.
DONE! My mom picked up a week pass at the local gym for me. I managed to hit the gym 6 out of the 9 days I was there! BOOM!

2. Log into MyFitnessPall every day till Christmas.
Not exactly. I did great until I stepped on the plane to go to Florida. Then…poof. I totally forgot about it. I figure 19 days out of the month isn’t so bad though!

3. Drink that water!
Yes. I’m obsessed with Zephyrhills water and my parents provided it freely to me.

4. Get to bed before midnight.

5. Relax.
Easy peasy! This was a big win for me!

Overall it was a successful month for me. What next?! It is time to go hard. January is just around the corner and I’m ready with new goals.

But for now…Happy New Year’s Eve! Be safe and enjoy!

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Winterlicious Tag

by agirlandhermutt on December 2, 2013

Happy Cyber Monday! I did *not* participate in Black Friday, but I can Cyber Monday with the best of them. Those of you that head out the day after Thanksgiving are a bunch of nutballs. Seriously.

I started to compile my list of monthly faves, but decided to do something else fun. The Winterlicious Tag! I’m obsessed with YouTube and various YouTubers. This one was on one of my favorites, Sprinkle of Glitter, and I decided to brang it to tha blog.

1) Favorite Winter Nail Polish?
My go-to has been the same for a number of  years now. Lincoln Park After Dark! I have short nails, stubby little fingers and a darker very Harry Potter-ish wardrobe. This color is perfect for that. Oh, and if you aren’t aware of what a Harry Potter wardrobe is then just imagine a lot of “jumpers” and big scarfs.

Think this…

More than this…

2) Favorite Winter lip product?
I love darker lipsticks in the winter, but if I’m talking about what I wear All Day, Errr Day then that honor goes to The Body Shop Lip Butter in Coconut. It is super moisturizing and smells so good.


FYI: Their whole online site is 50% off today. WOOT!

3) Most worn Winter clothing piece?
Every year I get a  new jacket and wear that sucker until I can’t even stand to look at it. This year not a single jacket fit me from last year (YAYYY!) so I had to pick up a new coat. So for the past few weeks I have been living in this North Face coat.

Yes, this is a bathroom selfie. I can’t help myself!

4) Most worn Winter accessory?
I’m a scarf girl through and through. This is a sampling of a few of my options.

5) Favorite winter scent/candle?
I have a deep rooted fear of burning my whole house down so I don’t do candles. I am a HUGE Scentsy fan though (and sell it!). My favorite smell right now is Pumpkin Roll and Peppermint Dreams. The pumpkin smells like a bakery during the holiday season and the Peppermint dreams reminds me of a York Peppermint patty. Chocolate and all!


6) Favorite Winter beverage?
Wine. Technically that is my year round beverage. When I think about winter beverages I immediately think of my Dad’s bartending skills. He makes a mean margarita, chocolate martini, bloody mary, etc. But his #1 drink? Hot chocolate with butterscotch schnapps. Yuuup.

Not the hot chocolate, but a great example of my Dad’s drink skills.

7) All time favorite Christmas/Holiday movie?
Hmm…probably Harry Potter. My Mom loves A Christmas Story so I’ve watched that about a million times, but I also love watching the first few Harry Potter movies to get me in the “Happy Christmas” spirit. Oh, and we have officially hit the max number of HP references I can have in one post. Creepy.

8) Favorite Christmas/Holiday song?
Easy peasy.

9) Favorite Holiday food/treat?
Do mashed potatoes count? If not, I used to love when my aunt made these peanut butter cookies with a little Hershey kiss in the middle. Mmm. Oh! And the Hershey kiss that is hidden in an ornament on my parents Christmas tree each year.

[Source Jessicakay47 on Etsy]
Does anyone else have one of these on their tree?! I tried to describe this to a few folks and not one of them knew what I was talking about.

10) What is your favorite Christmas Decoration this year?
Every year it is my parent’s Christmas tree.

Although my fake fireplace is quite nice. Ahhh. Small apartment living at its finest.

11) What’s at the top of your Christmas list?
Anything fitness related! I’m in the mood for some new shoes from Under Armour and I could get into the idea of a new jacket from Lululemon. ;) Seriously though…I have everything I could ever need or want.

12) What are your plans for the holidays this year?


I’m planning on hanging out with these weirdos.

And playing with these goofballs.

By playing I really mean napping.

Since this is a tag, I’m tagging all my blog buddies to do one of these. I want to see what you are up to this Winter!


I hope you guys have a great week! I’m ready to really push through this month to end the whole year on a high note. Tonight I start the next round of my Mshell Fitness plan and I’m ready for a night of hurtin’. See ya tomorrow with my November Goals update and my December goals!

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Gobble, Gobble!

November 29, 2013

Despite posting that Thanksgiving was not my choice of holiday, I ended up having an absolutely wonderful day! I love those sneak attack holidays. Dread, dread, dread…and then BOOM! Fun was had. I started my day off with my traditional Turkey Day workout. For the past few years I have gone to the gym in […]

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