My Fave 45 Minute Workout Playlist!

by agirlandhermutt on September 12, 2014

Other than a healthy body, mind and soul, I am motivated to go to the gym by two big things.

1. Fun workout clothes
2. Music

Although I love chatting about fashion, today we are focusing on music.

I CAN NOT work out without music. This is one of the things I struggle with at home. If the instructor isn’t engaging on the video AND there is no music? Not happening. If I show up to the gym for cardio and forget my headphones? Uh, turn around and go home. Not happening.

One of the main reasons I love my Zumba classes is because the instructors (who are very similar) have amazing music. If they had classic zumba music, it just wouldn’t work for me. I like some crappy, poppy, booty poppin’, dancey music. I’m not ashamed.

I’ve shared some of my favorite songs over the past few years, but this time I wanted to share one of a playlist of some of my favorite songs. It starts with my warm-up and ends with a one song cool-down. Throw in some songs that are upbeat for some moving fast and slower for some hardcore resistance/incline and you have my current favorite 45 minute playlist.



1. “Prayer in C (Robin Schulz Remix)”- Lilly Wood and The Prick, Robin Schultz

2. “Burn”- Ellie Goulding

3. “Bang, Bang”- Jessie J, Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj

4. “A Little Party Never Killed Nobody (All We Got)”- Fergie, Q-Tip, GoonRock

5. “We Run the Night”- Havana Brown, Pitbull

6. “Drink (Lazy Jay Edit)”- Lil Jon, LMFAO

7. “Do It Like A Dude”- Jessie J

8. “Dale, Dale”- Francesca Maria, Jayko, Cisa, Drooid

9. “Come With Me Now”- KONGOS

10. “Day N’ Nite”- Kid Cudi

11. “Down With the Trumpets”- Rizzle Kicks

12. “Pompeii (Krazy Kat Remix)”- Bastille

13. “The Man”- Aloe Blacc

You can check out the playlist, which is technically 47 minutes, over on Spotify here.  Let me know what you think! Except if you aren’t a fan of Jessie J. Then keep your opinions to yourself. Winking smile


Everyone ready for the weekend?! I am! I have a busy one on the books, but I am looking forward to it so much. Tonight we start with “Bring Your Man to the Barre”. Ha! I’m taking the BF to barre tonight! Oh boy. And then…I’m getting eyelash extensions. WHAT?! Yep. I’ll report back for sure.

Also, I’m gearing up for a really fun event next week. Pay attention locals!


Event Name: East Broadway Foodie Crawl – Somerville
Date: Tuesday, September 16th, 2014
Time: 6 pm to 8:30 pm
Price: $20
Tickets: Click here for tickets!
Event information: Get more info here!

Folks, it is like a pub crawl…but with really great food! Join me and other foodies for a walk down East Broadway street to check out 15+ different foodie locations!

Boom. I’m ready! Are you going to join me?!


See you guys on Monday! Have a great weekend!


My Must-Haves for the Gym

by agirlandhermutt on November 19, 2013

Do you ever have those weekends were you totally feel refreshed come Sunday night?! That is just what happened to me. I had the perfect mix of productivity, absolute laziness, fun and sweat.

One of my favorite times to go to the gym is Friday night and on the weekends. I don’t have any time restrictions and I don’t have to wash my hair immediately after. Both of these things stress me out during the week. The BF and I have made Friday night our gym date night (ooohhh…romantic!) and Saturday I had the pleasure of Karen being my gym buddy. Sunday I was all alone and it was perfect.

While I was getting pumped on Sunday night I got to thinking about why going to the gym is less of a chore this time around in my weight loss quest than ever before. Rather than dread getting my butt to the gym after work, I find myself *gasp* looking forward to it! So whats up? What is different this time around?

And then, as I adjusted my headphones and checked my heartrate monitor, it dawned on me…I love all my fun gym accessories!


My Must-Haves for the Gym
(aka I spent money on things that make me happy at the gym and I’m going to tell you what they are)

1. G-Loves workout gloves.

First of all, never google image search g-love. *Shudder* Second, I have delicate hands. Dainty, delicate hands. Heh. Ok, just soft with no callouses. When I started the Mshell Fitness program I found that I was getting blisters from the weights and that was NOT ok. I came across G-Loves on Instagram and decided to check them out. I love that these gloves not only protect my hands, but look awesome while doing so. Now I have two pair, Amethyst with Black Lace Trim & Aztec (Limited Edition). <—Thanks Mom & Dad! These gloves might seem a little pricey, but I’m lifting 5x/week so I am definitely getting my use out of these suckers!

2. Skullcandy Headphones.

I’m obsessed with big headphones. I wanted those Bose noise cancelling headphones for ages, but they were so boring looking. Then I was on a Beats headphones kick for awhile. The BF kindly reminded me that I have a black thumb when it comes to electronics and possibly I should start out smaller at first. By the way, when I say black thumb I really mean that I tend to lose things. A lot. I had a bit of a rough patch in August and was super stressed out. The BF was kind enough to bribe me into a better mood with these purple Skullcandy headphones that I am now obsessed with. I love the purple. I love the comfort. I love the look!

(Creepy bathroom selfie alert!)


3. Under Armour Sneakers.

I have a tendency to find shoes that look good rather than fill a specific need. When I realized I wanted a more minimalist shoe rather than my usual spongey suspects I started to look around on Zappos and found these shoes. They not only fit my requirement of being a little unique, but also that whole no big sole thing too. These shoes get compliments constantly! I feel so cool when I wear them. My only complaint on these is that they get a little smelly inside the shoe. I wear them without socks and these suckers absorb sweat like it is their job. That doesn’t stop me from wanting the exact same shoe in the teal color though.

4. Polar Ft4 Heart Rate Monitor.

If you follow me on Instagram then you know my love for my HRM. I don’t live or die by these numbers, but I do use it to help me stay on track during my workout. There are plenty of times where I *think* I’m working hard only to realize that my hear rate is nowhere near where it should be. Oh, and just in case you thought my vanity stopped at shoes and gloves…I got the FT4 instead of the FT7 because I liked the bronze color the best. 🙂

5. Headbands.

I have a lot of hair. I also have a bowling ball for a head. Every time I work out I need my hair tamed. My new method is to pull my hair into a high ponytail and then put on a headband to keep it all in place. My favorites include Lululemon’s Fly Away Tamer and LP3 Headbands.        


I’m not totally materialistic. Some good ol’ beats gets me pumped up any day! Here are a few of my faves on the Workout Playlist.

Note: Some of these have explicit lyrics. Fun fact…I always download the clean version. Excessive cussing drives me nuts in songs.

Gas Pedal (Sage the Gemini)

Black Sheep (Gin Wigmore)

Timber (Pitbull & Ke$ha)

Burn (Ellie Goulding)


Currently I’m on a hunt for an armband that will hold my phone while it still lives in its little case. Right now I put my phone in my sports bra, which is both disgusting and sweaty at the same time. Something fun for me to look forward to!

What are your go to workout songs? Any must haves for you at the gym?


Weekend Recap: Boston Calling Music Festival!

by agirlandhermutt on May 28, 2013

What.A.Weekend! On Friday’s post I outlined what my weekend was going to look like. Some art, some music, and some relaxing. It was all that and more.



I’m addicted to painting. Technically, I’m addicted to The Paint Bar. There is something so comforting about those walls and paintbrushes. I met up with my brunch buddy, Christie, and her Mom for a night of painting and wine. I’m a creative person. I’m more creative with a drink on hand.

I know I have shown how the process works at The Paint Bar before, but I thought you might get a kick out of seeing how my painting goes from “bad” to “holy crap. Why would I pay $35 to make this piece of junk?” to “eh. I guess this could be hung on my wall” to “YAY! I love my painting! I’m the next Picasso! I should quit my job and do this as my living.” over the timespan of 2 hours.

We celebrated our creativity over some pickles and wine at The Local afterwards. If you are friends with me in real life, then yes, I did go to The Local two times in one week. We have a problem here. Oh, and just to call people out…so did Christie. 😉



Since I was in Utah getting my ass handed to me by GPP Fitness last Saturday, I was pumped to return to my regular strength class on Saturday morning. Total Body Shred is a circuit type class and is taught by some freak of nature instructor who seems to have no body fat and is convinced that we all have push-up gurus inside.

I’m going to do my best to describe the moves we did. However, some of these I just make up the name.

Circuit 1 (3x through):
-50 Squats w/ body bar switches (squat to the left with bar facing to the left, step together, squat to the right and move bar to face the right)
-50 bicep circles going forward
-50 bicep circles going backward
-25 tricep kickbacks

Circuit 2 (1x…THANKGOD!)
-100 pushups
-100 air squats
-100 kettlebell swings
-50 tricep dips with left leg in the air
-50 tricep dips with right leg in the air
-200 crunches

Circuit 3
-5 minutes of burpees.

As much as I hate burpees, I’m so proud of the improvement I have seen in me doing these. No, I will not beat any records, but I don’t want to die after 5 any longer. I can do at least 20 before I want to just lay down and call it a day.

After class I rushed home, changed into blizzard gear, said good-bye to Korky and headed out to Boston Calling, a 2-day music festival.

It was cold. It was raining. They gave us ponchos.

Along with 20,000 other nutballs, I braved the rain and freezing temps to watch a few of my fave bands.

Highlights of Saturday included Matt & Kim, The Shins, and FUN.

Things that were NOT a highlight of Saturday’s festivities:

-Being claustrophobic at a seriously crowded concert. Why can’t I remember this fun little trait?!
-Seeing The Shins for the 3rd time only to have it ruined by some completely wasted girl popping a squat right in front us, among thousands of people, and peeing all over the place.
-Every kid under the age of 18 trying to get away with smoking (anything and everything) and thinking they are soo cool by blowing it all up in my face.
-Not being able to find the entrance to the beer garden. I’m an idiot apparently.
-The rain and cold.
-The cold and rain.

By the end of the night I was exhausted and totally ready for bed. Working out before standing for a solid 8 hours was probably not the best idea thinking back on it.


I skipped my usual Zumba class and slept in till 10. It was beautiful. We showed up around 2p to the festival and were so happy to not have any rain. It was still a little (a lot) cold, but I could handle that if there was sunshine.

Everyone seemed to be just in an awesome mood and so happy to be in the sunshine! So much so that they forgot that the ground is gross and you shouldn’t roll around on it.

I didn’t see any public urination on Sunday so I consider that a bonus. I did notice that girls were were shorts and those really flat sandals. I caught myself having a super old lady moment by thinking “Ugh. How can they stand in those shoes with no support?!” Then I remembered that is exactly what I did throughout my 20s and now I have plantar fasciitis. The BF talked me out of trying to warn every girl wearing this non-supportive shoe what could happen to them. Eh. I was trying to do a good deed.

Highlights of Sunday included amazing shows from Dirty Projectors, Of Monsters and Men, Andrew Bird, Ra Ra Riot, The Walkmen, and The National. They all sounded fantastic and it was great to see The National live. Awesome.

(That is a big giant eye on the screen behind The National. It was so cool and creepy. This photo does it no justice.)

I also scored some pickle spears from Grillos. A highlight to ANY weekend.

By the end of the night we were festivaled out. I had so much fun but two days on my feet is super tiring! I was so impressed with how organized the festival was and for the most part, everyone behaved themselves. Applause for everyone involved!



Bonus day off from work! Thanks to all those who have served and are currently serving in the military. I am forever thankful for your service.

I’m also very thankful for some decent weather to get my grilling on. First I had to work off that clam chowder I had over the weekend. My strength class instructor was randomly teaching the Zumba class so I knew I couldn’t miss that one. Whoa nelly. He is NO JOKE. I loved the class! It was nice to do something a little different. He uses some of the same music as my regular Zumba instructor but let everyone know he better not catch us doing her choreography in his class. Heh. We are a cult.

The rest of the day was dedicated to grilling, puppy dog snuggles and many NEW episodes of Arrested Development. Korky enjoyed the clean-up duties of the grill. No crumb or dropped morsel goes unnoticed by this dog.


I rounded off a wonderful weekend with a little menu planning and workout scheduling. I’m going on vacation (yes, again!) next week and I want to be on point until then. No messing around! So I’m putting this out there so I can be accountable.

Mon-Zumba (Done!)
Tues- Spinning
Wed- Spinning
Thurs- Body Pump & TIU workout
Sat-Strike Kick & Total Body Shred
Sun- 3-2-1 Shred & Zumba


Ok…my long winded recap is officially DONE. I hope you guys had a great weekend.

What did you do for Memorial Day? Are you watching the new episodes of Arrested Development?