New places

And the fun continues…

by agirlandhermutt on April 13, 2011

Thanks for the comments on my last post! Sometimes I wonder if I overload with photos too much or if my outings are at all entertaining. Lack of blogger self-confidence?! Then I remember how I originally started this blog…as a way to document all my shenanigans for my parents. I’ve added some friends and “blends” to that readership and its been supah fun journey. So thanks for the support and reading. Smile

Now on to the recap!


So the last time we “talked” I left off right before our trip to Mood Fabrics. Karen and I are HUGE Project Runway fans. We saw a Groupon through NYC’s site and picked one up to use on our trip. I’m in the market to make some pillows for my couch (31 While 31 Alert!) and was on the quest to explore the upholstery area.

Mood is on the 3rd floor of a very unassuming building. A building with a elevator operator. Eek! I felt like I was on the Perfect Strangers TV show!

Mood was bumping when we got in there! MaryAnn played a little people watching game called “Fashion Student, Makes Her Own Clothes Woman, Random Groupon Shopper”.

The fabrics were beautiful and I wanted to take them all home. ALL OF THEM.

The trip to mood resulted in some great fabrics and I’m excited to put them to good use. Be on the lookout for my pillows in the future!

While wondering around Mood MaryAnn had the FANTASTIC idea for us all to head over to Sephora for a full on makeover. Score for the girlie weekend! We had big plans for the evening so we decided to all go a little more dramatic with the makeup.

I loved the makeup and was super excited to find some new make-up finds.  The Scientist…not a fan. Apparently I’m just as good lookin’ au natural. Sweet, but hysterical. Winking smile

Our main reason for hitting up NYC this past weekend was to attend the Sleep No More show. I went last year for Karen’s birthday in Boston so when we heard it was coming to NYC again we HAD to go. It’s a show that is so hard to describe. Here is what I wrote in my last post about it.

This production was inspired by Shakespeare’s Macbeth and is set in an old high school in Brookline. Throughout the night you are guided by actors throughout the school in what can be best described as a choose your own adventure experience. As you walk around the school and check out the awesome set designs, you encounter actors. They interact with each other and sometimes you. An actor will leave the room which prompts you to follow him. Do you go or do you stay?! The choice is yours and the result will not disappoint.

White masks are worn throughout the night and no talking is allowed. THAT is where those creepy masks came into play. After the show we hit up Blue Smoke for some much needed grub and drinks.

The masks came out to play before dinner did. Can you guess which one is me?!

The food was fantastic! This was a BBQ joint so I decided to grab a couple sides which ended up being ENOURMOUS.

We managed to roll ourselves home after dinner, wearing the masks of course, and went into food coma. BUT bright and early we were up the next day to meet up with Meg, my NYC expert and a few other friends.

Our brunch was at HK Restaurant in Hell’s Kitchen. It was total club vibe with all you can drink bellinis, mimosas, and bloody marys! The whole place was kind of hysterical.

My meal doesn’t look very good, but it was DEELISH. Two poached eggs with a red wine sauce over an asparagus and mushroom hash.

After 2 hours we were kicked out of our table so we moved to the bar to enjoy the last of our drinks before we hopped on the bus. *Note: I’m not wearing the exact same outfit as the day before, but it sure does look like it!*

After a little glitch with the bus showing up, Karen and I were finally on the bus home. We were stuffed, we were hydrated, and we were filled with glee about the great weekend we had.  Already looking forward to going back to the BIG CITY soon!


On a slighty less fun, but still really big part of my life…Korky isn’t feeling up to par. I don’t typically talk about personal health things (me, family, friends), but since the Mutt is in the title I wanted to share. We have been dealing with a stomach bug for the past few weeks and last night (after a Red Sox game!) was the tipping point. We visited the vet and have a plan to deal with a diagnosed bacteria infection. I love him to bits n’ pieces and it kills me to see him in pain. Keep your fingers crossed that Kork feels better soon. Thanks!

See you on Friday!


The City Doesn’t Sleep and Neither Do I…

by agirlandhermutt on April 11, 2011

This past girlie weekend was a BLAST! Karen and I took a little road trip down to NYC on the bus to visit our buddy, MaryAnn, for a weekend of non-stop fun.

Get ready for a few photo friendly posts recapping my weekend!


It started with an evening bus ride after work. We chatted, napped and woke up ready to party it up in the middle of NYC.

We met up with MaryAnn (who lives in NYC) and spent the rest of the evening catching up and enjoying a few drinks. By the time we rolled home it was almost 3am. WHO AM I?! The lack of sleep didn’t stop us from popping up early the next morning to fuel up for a walking photo tour of the West Village.


The tour was put on by Photo Walk-Abouts. It was a nice mixture of history, photo opportunities and just basic wondering around. Here is a quick look at some of the photos that came from our tour.


I loved that there were signs of spring EVERYWHERE!

The Village has wonderful architecture and so many things to check out. I was amazing at all the cool shots I found just by taking a minute to look around me.


The grounds were beautiful within Church of Saint Luke in the Fields. I could easily see myself sitting in the garden, knitting with an iced coffee in hand, and watching the flower bloom.




Once we were done with our tour, we were famished! We made a little pit stop at a place called The Pink Tea Cup. It was so nice that we were able to sit on the porch area and do a little people watching while we ate.

Drinks were consumed. Pink Mojioto, Watermelon Honey Lemonade, Water!


Sweet Potato Waffles

Lovely lunch company.

From there we did a little walking around and made our way to our next stop, Mood Fabrics! Karen and I had Groupons and were on the quest to get some awesome fabric from THE fabric place for the Project Runway peeps.

Next post…Mood Fabrics, Dinnah, a crazy show and a girlie brunch to say good-bye to NYC! Here is a little taste of what is to come…creeeeeeppppyyyy.


See you soon! Tonight I’m heading to a Red Sox game with The Scientist. Go Sox (me!) and Go Rays (him!).


Master Tuber…

by agirlandhermutt on January 23, 2011

First thing first…I got a few tweets,comments and messages asking me about one of my Fantastic Four answers.

3. Four words/phrases I use a lot
I’ll give you $1…

Just to give you an idea of how I use the phrase it typically goes down like this.

ME: I’ll give you $1 if you can guess who had toilet paper stuck to her shoe…AGAIN.
Coworker: Ha! You are so wrong.

ME: I’ll give you $1 if you will pour me a glass of wine.
The Scientist: You are such a bum…and a lush. Keep your $1. Winking smile

I’ve also used it on this blog before! I never even realized till I did a little digging around. Check out here, here, and here.

Weekend Warrior!

Its official. I could be in the Olympics for snow tubing. Watch for me in 2014!

Over the weekend The Scientist and I dressed up in about 10 layers of clothing and hit the slopes at Amesbury Sports Park. Neither of us had been tubing so we were looking for something low key and close by.

For $22 each we were able to get 3-hours of tubing. You have your choice of riding up the people mover, a moving sidewalk that takes you and your tube to the top of the hill.

OR you can sit in your tube and ride up the hill in style.

Once you get to the top of the hill, pick your perfect place to drop your tube, and go to town!

Even though we were bundled up I could feel a few icicles forming on my nose stud. How gross is that!?

We managed to go down quite a few times until our little hands couldn’t take the cold any longer. Brrr!

Tubing=FUN! We decided that our next adventure is going to be learning how to snowboard. I’ve been skiing once and I don’t think two skis are for me. For those in the area, any ideas on where I should go to learn?! What equipment should I bring that I can’t rent?!

Oh, and thank goodness we went on a Saturday. On Sunday I watched Frozen. Oh heck no.

Not the best movie ever but enough to make me rethink going on a ski lift a little. EEK! Winking smile

Hope you had a great weekend! Give me some snowboarding tips!

PS. I took a video of the two of us flying down the hill. Unfortunately I cackle like the witch from the Wizard of Oz for the entire video. HA! Next time!