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DRINK it up!

by agirlandhermutt on August 31, 2010

I secretly want to be a part of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Ok, I would not so secretly want to be a part of ANY of the Real Housewives of any city. I want to be BFF with Bethenny and I want to hang out with Caroline. I might also really, really want to have a glass of wine with Andy Cohen. My celebrity obsessions have no boundaries. Please tell me I’m not the only one!

Fortunately, since my aspirations of being on the Real Housewives are but only a dream, I have a great group of friends that can keep me entertained and tolerate my nutty personality. Although we hang out at various times throughout the month, we always make it a point to have one Martini Monday. Drinks, laughs, girlfriends. Seriously, the best way to start a long week.

August Martini Monday location=DRINK! (You can see where I visited it the first time here.)

Drink “celebrates the craft of the cocktail”. What a coincendence! That is one of my favorite things to celebrate too!

I took a seat at the bar, asked John to make me something good with ginger beer and ended up with the classic Mamie Taylor, a nice mixture of Scotch, fresh lime juice, and ginger beer.

Drink makes their ginger beer in house and boy, can you tell! There are little bits of ginger in there that make it something I want to chug-a-lug like its water.

Tiffany enjoyed a lovely mojito.

While everyone was getting their drinks, a few of us looked over the menu of small bites and BIG bites.

I went with the Crudites. I could drench every single food in the world  in the “green goddess”.

Check out how fresh those little lovelies look!

Other dishes around the bar included grilled cheese and french fries. What? Monday=Carbs! There was also a cheese plate involved but I’m still having some lighting issues with my camera. Cheese plate=Big dark photo. BOOO.

When Karen arrived she immediately got into the action by putting in an order for “something like a cosmo, but not as sweet”. Do you think she was digging the final result?

Everything at Drink is so fresh and CCOOOOOLLLD.

Megan decided that the Bees Knees was where it was at. She wasn’t fooling around with this drink! It was a hardcore mixture of gin, honey and fresh lemon juice. Like a fancy lemonade.

Hmm…seems that Tiffany and Karen eventually went with the Bees Knees too. I’m sneaky.

Oops! They noticed I was watching!

Despite my addition of the Moscow Mule (ginger beer, vodka and lime) to my meal, I was on my best behavior.

I think Margaret was keeping me in line.


Drink’s soft pretzel is irresistible. Whatever the dip was made out of that accompanied the pretzel sticks made my whole night.

Big ups to my friends who made it out for a night of frivolity. A few of you escaped my camera, but I will get you next time! I’m learning how to take pictures in darker areas so I will eventually catch all of you. Fair warning! 😉

Tonight is dedicated to laundry and packing. Not nearly as exciting as last night, but in just 2 more sleeps I’m in the great SUNSHINE STATE!

QUESTION OF THE DAY: Do you have a group of friends that you go out with often? Or are you more of a every now and then type of person?



by agirlandhermutt on August 9, 2010

Cheese! Cheese! The Magical Food! The More You Eat…wait, that isn’t exactly right. Is there a fan of cheese song that I’m not aware of? If not, I might need to work on that.

By far, one of my favorite food items is cheese. I don’t discriminate. I like all kinds! Stinky, moldy, crumbly, stringy. I take all kinds. The Scientist has counted the number and kinds of cheese I have in the fridge on several occasions in order to point out my obsession. I can’t be embarrassed!

Instead I just feed my love of all things dairy by doing things like going to the 3rd Annual Local Cheese Tasting!

The Boston Localvores group teamed up with The Growing Center in Sommerville to introduce local cheeses that are available in the Boston area.

It was quite a nice turn out for the day. I think The Scientist and I were the only people there that didn’t have a bottle of wine with us. How did I miss that memo? Next year!

There were a few tents set up with tables of cheeses, spreads and breads set up.

My fave of the day was this AWESOME string cheese made by Fiore di Nonno out of Sommerville, Ma. The hint of pepper just made this cheese sing to me. Apparently it was a hit with lots of other guests too. By the time I got back to try it again the plate was almost empty. Boooo.

The breads provided were quite yummy too. I was pleasantly surprised! One of the spreads included the Shy Brothers Cloumage, which was a lactic curd made from cow’s milk. They also had these fun little Hannabells that seemed like they would be a great addition to any appetizer.

We weren’t there to be neat freaks either. Get the cheese! Holy crap...Crystal Brook Chevre with Australian Ginger. Best thing going this side of the Mississippi!

I wanted to take it all home! I love that I know a few local cheese vendors in the area and I will be on the look out for their products at my store. I love supporting my local peeps!

As a side note, when I got home I noticed that Kork was in quite the mood. He apparently was none too pleased that we smelled like cheese but had not brought any home. He officially had his first temper tantrum in his 10 years. Can you tell what he is doing? Full body out (so I can see him), except his head which he hid under the bed.

Nice Korky. Really nice.

Question of the week: Are you a cheese person? Share your fave type!


Music in the Park…

by agirlandhermutt on July 8, 2010

Last night The Scientist and I attended a historical moment. We went to the FIRST symphonic concert held in Fenway Park. Ok, so it isn’t the same as seeing the Rolling Stones perform there and it certainly wasn’t as exciting as watching celebrities play hockey (remember that one?), but it was fun and it was definitely worth a few hours in the HEAT.

Boston Landmarks Orchestra kicked off their 2010 Summer Season with this concert. This orchestra is dedicated to playing in “significant architectural, historical and geographical settings throughout the Boston area, always free to the public”.

We got there around 7p, just as the sun was starting to set. It was nuts to see the park so empty as we looked across the field.

The Mayor of Boston, Thomas Menino kicked off the concert and the orchestra got down tot business with some great tunes.

I was happy to see Ode to Joy on the program. Fun fact: This is one of my favorite pieces because it was a part of my all-time FAVORITE movie, Money Pit. To this day I can tell you all the aspects of that scene. The Scientist tells me that this song was also in Die Hard. Whatever.

Check out the video to hear how great the orchestra combined with the New World Chorale sounded!

During the intermission we did a bit of walking around to check out the stadium without all the drunk baseball fans surrounding us. Whoo hoo! I love no crowds!

Thank you Fenway for hand sanitizer. This should be standard…everywhere. Possibly creepy that I took this pic in the bathroom though. Gross.

After the intermission, Deval Patrick, the Governor of MA was brought on to the stage to be the narrator for the Jackie Robinson story.

I love the idea of narrating during a concert. The music just meshed perfectly with the story.

To sum the night up…great experience. I’m so glad that we were able to go! In addition to some great music, I was pretty proud of myself for resisting the urge to get nachos. What? Every trip to Fenway involves nachos. True story!