Give Me A Sunday and I’ll Lead You To Shopping…

by agirlandhermutt on August 23, 2011

I totally get window shopping. I like to peruse online sites to satisfy most of my shopping urges. I add to the cart but never hit purchase (is that weird?!). If I bought every time I felt the urge we would have to have some kind of spending intervention. However, there are times where I give in willingly and bring out the wallet.

Sunday Karen and I gave in to some shopping urges and hopped over to the SOWA Market in the South End to enjoy a beautiful summer Sunday  and spend some $$$. I’ve always had success at the market.

This market has grown by leaps and bounds over the past two years. Gone are the days of just a few tents every other weekend. The SOWA Market is now there every single Sunday till October and is packed with some AMAZING artists, food trucks, and a farmers market element. It’s a one stop shop.

I needed energy to shop appropriately so we stopped for a little lunch first. My choice was from Lefty’s Silver Cart.


Lefty’s uses local and organic ingredients, which I love and falls right in line with my personal eating philosophy.

I went for the Lil’ Kim-Chi, which sounded fantastic. What really sold me was the sesame black beans. Guess what did NOT come with my sandwich? Grr. I didn’t know the beans weren’t available until I already had my sandwich. Boooo. Let a girl know! Good thing the sandwich was delish. Definitely a make at home meal!


Full bellies…Ready to shop! This market is NOT your average craft show. There are some really interesting and creative folks.

I’d love to own one of those fantastic umbrellas but I can’t seem to keep an umbrella around more than a week to save my life. Where do they go?!

Check out this little store on wheels! Walk in and shop. There was a dressing room to try on the clothes too. Clever clever.

In addition to all the great vendors, there is also a HUGE vintage market. I’m not a big vintage shopper, but I love to check out the fun displays.

Obviously we were working hard checking out all the tents so a break was needed. The Cupcakory food truck to the rescue. I snacked on a Pistachio with Raspberry Cream cupcake. Lets just say that it is a good thing this food truck is not near my office. Yum-my!

The farmer’s market area is pretty awesome too. Lots of fresh veggies from local farms and quite a few locally made food vendors. Karen met her shopping mission by buying a ton of beets. We all have goals. Smile


Final Market Haul Included:
-From the Fashion Truck– Awesome gunmetal grey bracelet with gold studs. Super soft and flexible!
Grillo’s Pickles Pickled Asparagus. The perfect mix of salt and crunch.
Fifth & Madison Collection Candles in Orange Blossom and Santiago. They smell beautiful and burn wonderfully.

Shopping urges were met and my wallet didn’t suffer too much. Successful Sunday!

Boston folks, have you been to the market before? What is your fave vendor?!


Don’t forget to check out the Robert Mondavi Gift Pack Giveaway from yesterday’s post. You can enter until Friday, 8/26! Don’t miss out!

 Have a great day! Smile at a stranger. It makes everyone feel good! 🙂


Holiday Partying!

by agirlandhermutt on December 19, 2010

Guess who loves a partay?! This girl! Any opportunity to dress up and get fancy is one that I pounce on!

A holiday party is even better. The cheer, the merriment, the Christmas decorations…it puts me in quite the festive mood!

A few years ago The Scientist’s work threw the holiday party of all holiday parties. It was held at the Boston Public Library, which in general is just an amazing place to be in. If you ever visit the Boston area be sure to check out the older section of the library. Just beautiful.

I wasn’t as good with the camera that year, but the decorations were absolutely AMAZING. Each room had a different theme with a specialty cocktail and TONS of food. I had never seen anything like it before.

I was especially shocked to see these fun little creatures greeting us as we walked in.

Who even knew there was a service to have people dressed up as plants and trees?

The night was filled with dancing, drinking and mingling. It was kind of surreal! Seriously…don’t we look so young? I remember hunting that dress down from the GAP. I was obsessed with it.

The next year the party moved locations and ended up at the Fairmont Copley Plaza hotel.

It was just as extravagant and entertaining. This was no run of the mill conference room pot luck holiday party.  Shouldn’t all drinks be served from a woman in a table?!

The party this year moved again and we found ourselves at the Museum of Fine Arts.

The MFA just opened a whole new wing to the museum so I was excited to check out all of the changes.

We were greeted with a passion fruit champagne mixture, which ended up being my drink o’ the night. My fave part of the food situation was the dessert table. Hello pumpkin shots!

After some eating and noshing we walked the maze of the museum to find out where all the dancing was happening.

Have you ever walked a museum all on your own? Creepy but fun all at the same time!

Finally found it!

This is where the action was at. It was nuts and possibly a bit sweaty.

We all busted a few moves of our own too. So slick and fast you can’t even see them all! Winking smile

The Scientist and I were looking pretty smooth this year. Agree?!

I was absolutely in love with my dress this year. I knew I wanted something bright and colorful. I ended up ordering about 5 dresses from and picked my fave. Fortunately for me it was the dress that was on sale for just $35! Woot.

What really pulled the whole outfit together for me was my jewelry.

I am a big accessories fan. You can make any outfit that much more fun by adding a necklace or some funky earrings. I searched high and low to pull together my jewelry. It ended up being a nice mix of Forever 21, Filene’s Basement, and Ann Taylor. Poor Ann Taylor is shuddering at the idea of being paired with Forever 21. Winking smile

I’m glad The Scientist lets me tag along for the festivities! I’m already on the hunt for the dress for next year. I see RED in my future!

Does your company do holiday parties? Are they fancy or laid back?


Make it chunky…

by agirlandhermutt on September 17, 2010

I make funky tuna salad. I didn’t realize this until I had made some sandwiches to take to the beach for some friends. Apparently, using mustard to mix tuna up is not a regular happening around my peeps places. I knew this because of their disgusted looks after the first bite. Who knew?!

Well tonight, my little muffins, I made it even more awkward. I made *chunky* tuna salad. Rarely do you hear the word “chunky” used for anything rather than peanut butter and cookies, but tonight I am changing it all up!

Hello Chunky Tuna Salad!

The first and most important step…put a cute apron on! Seriously, I have a major obsession with aprons.

I bought this one from Boojiboo over on Etsy. She has a knack for interesting color and fabric combos.


I have a few others that I like to throw in the mix. They are so handy for holding my cell phone and keeping my shirt from getting disgustingly wet at the sink. Two thumbs up for aprons!

Ok, back to our original programming…Chunky Tuna Salad!

In the mix:
-1 c. cauliflower
-2 3oz. cans of tuna
-2 tbsp plain greek yogurt
-1 tsp chili powder

*Steam cauliflower till it is tender and allow to cool.

*Mix together tuna and other ingredients. I added a little bit of chopped up chives. They were calling to me from the garden and I didn’t want to ignore them.

*Once cauliflower has cooled, mix it together with the tuna mixture.

I plopped a little helping onto the top of some mixed greens.

The texture of this tuna salad made my day! Plus, who doesn’t enjoy getting in a nice dose of veggies in an unusual way?!

I saved the extra for a sandwich this weekend. Mmm…

I’m feeling the urge to spend some quality time with and spend inappropriate amounts of money. No worries, I won’t. BUT I will put items in my cart and pretend to shop. Its the internet version of window shopping!

QUESTION OF THE DAY: Are you a Etsy shopper? I totally am! I even got my blog header there (you can read about it here). Tell me what you have bought OR sold yourself!

PS. I’m updating my recipe tab slowly, but surely. If you click on the Tuna Salad recipe on the recipes tab you will see that it now links to just the recipe. Hopefully that helps if you want to print or read it while cooking! Let me know what you think or if you have any friendly suggestions.