Happy January 6th!

by agirlandhermutt on January 6, 2014

Happy January 6th! I’m about 6 days behind the rest of the world. Yay! That feels about typical. I feel like this is my New Year’s Day because I spent the first few days of the new year battling a mega cold. Like one that gets you all swollen and snotty. Despite the fact that I’m working through the tail end of this cold I’m ready to GET.TO.WORK. 2014 is going to be the year of being Consistent & Persistent!

ACK! Consistency is not necessarily my strongest personality trait. Hello?! This blog is a perfect example. I’ve left my little spot on the world desolate for days on end at points. I had things to say, but didn’t really want to make the effort to sit down and write things down.

I also really didn’t get consistent with my working out until the last half of the year. Hitting the gym would be a priority for a few weeks and then nuttin’. I would give up for a few weeks and become BFF with my couch. Healthy eating + No workout= No results. Then I had an a-ha type of moment and discovered that I LOVED the gym. I started going often and next thing I knew it was part of my schedule. And I loooove a good schedule.

So this year I’m attacking life hardcore! I’m being consistent and I’m being persistent when it gets tough.

And to start off the year right I made some January goals. I’m focusing on 5 big things this month…

Drink 1 gallon of water a day. I feel better. I look better. I pee like a champ!
Workout 6 days a week. 5 of those are my MShell Fitness workouts and the other is spinning or yoga or some other random class I find.
Get in 3.3 miles a day (outside of working out!) for the Tone It Up #150byVDay challenge.
Track! Use MyFitnessPal for my food and wear my new FitBit Zip. Yay for new gadgets!
Lose 10 lbs. Is this a big goal? Yes. But if I can stick to the 4 above those 10 lbs are just going to melt off. Well, at least it doesn’t hurt to try!

I love doing the monthly goals so I’m going to keep that up as long as it feels right. Sound good?

That covers the fitness department of my life, but what about this little blog?

Well…I’m making a big move. There are a few changes (same name, different look!) coming and I’m putting together a schedule. Heh. I’m really hoping that the minute I say this schedule that it doesn’t just fly out the window.

My plan is to blog Monday, Wednesday and Friday. 3 days a week! Hopefully you will check back to see my Weekly Weigh-Ins, Favorites, workout updates, recipes and just basic life updates throughout the year. I love sharing bits and pieces with you and hopefully this schedule will help me share in a more organized and less snooze-fest way. Of course, I’ll continue posting on a daily basis over on Instagram. Come follow me!

2014 is my year folks. Korky and I are taking life by storm and we are ready to have a fantastic year! Happy January 6th! Let’s do this!


One last, but totally not related, note…tonight is the BCS National Championship game between FSU and Auburn!

I’m a lifelong FSU fan and a 2001 FSU Alumni so I will be war chanting and tomahawk chopping my arm off tonight. I’m ready to see them bring home the championship. GO SEMINOLES!!!


BBQ and Baseball

by agirlandhermutt on September 26, 2012

A few weeks ago I picked up tickets to the Red Sox $11. Score. The team is so horrible right now that people are practically giving the tickets away. Seriously. The day after I bought the tickets 2 different friends offered me tickets to games for free. Usually I am scrambling around trying to find tickets that I am willing to shell out $50 for. If I am honest with you all…sports just aren’t my bag. I know the basic rules, but I really just enjoy all the hoopla that goes with them. Going to a bar to be with friends to watch a game. Being part of an alumni group. Sitting in the stands people watching. These are all right up my alley.

For several hours of uninterrupted people watching I will gladly thrown down $11 though. Plus I love wearing my Red Sox gear!


No game is complete without a proper ballpark meal. I don’t particularly care for the food IN the park, but I just so happen to love the food AROUND the park.


Sweet Cheeks BBQ= carb lovers delight. I’ve been to this bbq place before and loved it, but I really should have thought out my meal choice better. I decided to get the pulled chicken plate that comes with two sides. I picked mac & cheese and potato salad. Why would I do that?! Both were delicious, but I ended up taking the mac & cheese and 2/3 of the chicken home. I never eat the bread slices that come with it and always managed to forget to tell them I don’t need them to add it to my plate. Next time!


I’m not one of those people that has a huge preference or opinion on bbq. I don’t know what the difference between Texas-style, Memphis-style, or Make-At-Home style. After eating at Sweet Cheeks, which does a dry rub rather than cooking in bbq sauce, I can say that I prefer non-messy bbq. I like that I can add my sauce rather than it comes with it. Sweet Cheeks has my kind of bbq!  I like it clean!

Sweet Cheeks used to have a killer drink menu. I say USED TO because they just switched it up and I’m not a fan. The drinks were ok, but nothing unique and original like the last menu round.

I started with a spicy tequila drink which ended up being a spicy Margarita-ish type drink. It was nice and spicy, but I was hoping for something just a *tad* bit more.

My next drink was called the Indian Summer and included coconut in it. Holy crap. That was weird. It had bits of chewy pieces in the drink every now and then and just made the drink off a little. Not my favorite. Both were strong though so if you are looking for a boozy drink, these are right up your alley.

Artsy photo FTW!

When it was game time we rolled into Fenway just in time to see the Boston Duck Boats come onto the field holding holding several players from the 2004 World Series winning Red Sox team. As part of the 100 year celebration of Fenway Park, the team was being honored for the night.

Fun Erin Fact: My first visit to Boston…ever…was the day after the Red Sox won the 2004 World Series.

We ran into my friend and CSA partner, Karen, so we spent a good chunk of time just chatting and enjoying the essence of the park rather than the game itself. 😉

On a side note…can we talk about how expensive it is to drink at the ballpark. $4 for a water. A water that they serve straight out of the cardboard packaging that you can buy at the grocery store for $2.99/case. Insane!

It was a beautiful night  in Boston, despite the whole losing thing.

Final score: TB 5 –2 Red Sox. Eh. At least they are consistent.


Hope you guys are having a good week! Tonight I will be trying out a new workout class called “Pure Barre”. I’ll be back tomorrow with a full report!

Do you like watching sports? What is your favorite sport?


Super Bowl Sunday

by agirlandhermutt on February 6, 2012

Hello friends! I’m not sure if you heard but last night was the Super Bowl. Did you catch that last night? Since I live in Boston and the Patriots were playing it was only right that The Scientist and I do some celebrating. I’ve mentioned before that I’m not necessarily the biggest Pats fan, but I do enjoy any opportunity to cook for a bunch of people!

Friday night we did our shopping. Little tip for all you party throwers. Shop on Friday night. No one is there. Its bliss!

Sunday I was up bright and early to get the turkey meatballs made and into the slow cooker.

These meatballs were SO easy to make and ended up being super tasty! I love the smaller sized meatballs too. Bigger isn’t always better. Recipe coming soon!

While the meatballs were a simmerin’, I got to work on a 7 Layer Dip, Healthy Buffalo Chicken Dip, and Spinach Artichoke Dip.


The Scientist made some fantastic marinated chicken wings that were a-maz-ing. I totally forgot to take a pic but they were tasty little suckers.

No meal is complete without something sweet so I also put together some fruit kebobs and baked some cookies. The cookies disappeared so fast I didn’t get a chance to take a photo.

I also made some quick and easy dipping things like salsa and hummus. I tried out a few new things with my hummus this week and with a tweak or two I can share them later this week.

Last but certainly not least, we had a TON of beer. We made an early morning stop to the Craft Beer Cellar in Belmont on Saturday morning to pick up a bunch of different craft beers. I stuck with this great 21st Amendment IPA for the game. There is something about this can that makes the beer taste even better than in the glass!

I take every opportunity I can to bust out the extensions and make-up and a Super Bowl party is no different. Is that wrong? Eh. This is my sport. Plus my co-host seems to get a kick out of it. 😉 Hair Extension post coming this week! I promise!


Time to rate the parts of the Super Bowl:

Kelly Clarkson singing the National Anthem– LOVED IT! She has an amazing voice and I thought she looked pretty good. Nice work lady.

Half-Time Show– I love Madonna performing! Those dancers she had were seriously killer and made me want to become a gymnast. Oh Cee Lo and your sequins. You are a man after my own heart. MIA was naughty naughty. Seriously? What can’t people behave?! Tsk tsk.

Commercials– Besides the cute M&M commercial I thought the rest were booorrrrring. All that money for me to forget it right after it airs?! Did I miss some good ones or something?!

The Game– Wow. Just wow. Its like the Patriots had butter on their fingers. They were dropping balls as fast as the Giants were dropping from injuries.

So despite the Patriots losing in quite a dramatic fashion, we still had a good time. Congrats to the Giants on a game well played.  The food was a hit (and healthy!) and leftovers were scarce. I’m getting more and more comfortable cooking for people and the raves/compliments I got last night really sealed the deal for me that I might be really getting the hang of this. Its amazing what a little bit of practice and LOTS of mistakes can do for one’s ability!

Did you watch the game? Did you enjoy the half-time show?!