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I’m Ready for the 31 Day Challenge!

by agirlandhermutt on September 30, 2016

Hi folks! It has been a hot minute since I have participated in a Tone It Up Challenge. Starting tomorrow they are hosting a new challenge for the month of October. Unlike most of their other challenges that are 6+ weeks, this one is just 31 days. That seems doable, right?! (Seriously. I HAVE to be able to do something for just 31 days, right?!!!!)


Since I’m a Nutrition Plan member, they sent out a very detailed menu for the 31 days. It is a great guide, but there is no way I can workout as much as the plan calls for (and I would secretly like to do too) and eat such a low calorie meal plan.

Rather than just set myself up for failure, I’m going to be using the recipes as a guide to break some nasty habits (Dr. Pepper loves me just as much as I love it!) and get back into that macro counting life. Trainer Paige had a great guide to learning to count macros that was part of her Peak Physique program and I’m going to be using that as my guide again. I actually really thrive when I track my food and don’t become obsessive about it, which I know many can have happen. This girl needs structure!

I’m going to follow the workouts, post on Instagram when I can and eat like a normal person. Sound like a plan?

Anyone else in to do a little challenge?!

Also, just for a good dose of cuteness…Alfie says HI!



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TIU Bikini Series Breakdown: Week 8

by agirlandhermutt on June 1, 2015

You guysss! It is the last week of the Bikini Series! Have you hung in there?! Are you doing good? Let me tell you…8 weeks is a long time! Right?!

One more week and then we are done!


Cardio & Total Body

Cardio: HIIT! If you haven’t tried the HITTy Bitty Bikini yet, this is the time to do it!

Toning: Fully Body. Bust out that kettlebell or dumbells for the Bikini Kettlebell workout.

PM Challenge: Sunset walk. 30 minutes walking. My favorite kind of challenges!

Cardio, Arms & Abs

Cardio: 20 min HIGH INTENSITY! I’ll be doing this Hump Day HIIT workout, but you can do anything you want. Just get moving and go hard!

Toning: Bikini Arms & a crapton of abs! Sunkissed Abs, Bikini Abs, Sleek & Slender Abs. Yep, 3 ab videos!

PM Challenge: Plan a #TIUMeetup. Honestly, I know there are tons of Boston TIU ladies in the area, but I haven’t been able to meet any of them. Fortunately, I have a few workout buddies in the area (well, really just one, but she is the best. Hi Megan!) so I will plan a workout with them soon.

Cardio & Booty

Cardio: Even cardio is all about the booty! Try out this Stairmill workout.


Toning: 3 more videos again! Burn baby, burn! Bikini Buns & Thighs, Bikini Booty Routine & 3 Moves to Toned Thighs.

PM Challenge: Be present! Take a minute to enjoy your day, your life, your friends, your family, your pets. Just be thankful and enjoy!

Cardio, Yoga & Abs

Cardio: 30 min of whatever you want! Try one of their HIIT workouts, go for a run, try a class. Just get moving!

Toning: Bikini Yoga Flow (or maybe a new yoga class?!) & Bikini Abs

PM Challenge: Take your after shots! I’m actually saving this for Sunday!

Cardio & Total Body

Cardio: INSANE Cardio!

Toning: The Mermaid workout. This is probably my favorite total body workout from TIU.

PM Challenge: Indulge in a healthy sweet treat! I see something with bananas in my future!

Set the Bar! If you own the Beach Babe DVD you can measure your progress. Take those after pics too!

You did it! 8 Weeks DONE! Did you stick with it? What would you do differently? What are you most proud of?! I’ll check back in with my results on Monday!


Have a good week! Just a few more days to get in those last miles towards your #100bySummer (or in my case, #200bySummer!). Grrrrr. I’m ready!


TIU Bikini Series Breakdown: Week 7

by agirlandhermutt on May 26, 2015

Hello! This little Bikini Series is a little late because I was out of town for the long weekend. While I didn’t “workout” I did get in about 20,000 steps each day. WOOT.

We are winding down the series with just two more weeks to go! They announced on their website that they plan to redo the bikini series starting on June 8th so check over there to get more info! I need to do a little thinking for the next week on what I want to do next. I’m LOVING the Bikini Series, but I’m also missing some of my regular workouts.

Week 7!


Cardio & Buns/Thighs

Cardio: Stars & Stripes Cardio

Toning: Bikini Buns & Thighs

Tuesday (When I am really starting this week!)
Cardio, Arms, Abs & Yoga

Cardio: The schedule suggests a lunchtime cardio session. I don’t know about you, but sweating in the middle of the day is not only impossible, but really, really gross. Instead I will be adding this cardio routine to my afternoon workout.

Toning: Bikini Arms Routine. This is really a great one. Honestly, sometimes I don’t want to crawl on the ground to do my arms. This one is done all standing an it starts to burn almost immediately. LOVE!

They also released this new Bikini Abs workout video!

PM Challenge: Yoga! Try out the yoga video from this series, Bikini Yoga Flow.

Cardio & Total Body (and they do mean TOTAL BODY!)
Cardio: 30 minutes of whatever you want! I will be just bebopping on the elliptical.

Toning: Total Body!
Two total body workouts to start: Bikini Kettlebell Workout (remember you can use dumbbells if you don’t have a kettlebell!) & Under the Sea workout. Finish it off with the Lift & Tone Booty Routine.

PM Challenge: Really enjoy your dinner. Set the table, use the good plates and take your time.

Cardio & Arms
45 minutes of INTENSE CARDIO. A spin class would be great, but you could also check out this Making Waves workout.

Toning: Arms, arms, arms.
Bikini Arms, Slim & Toned Arms and 3 moves for a Sexy Upper Back. Also, because I love this oldie but goodie so much, I will be adding in the Summer Arms workout.

PM Challenge: Earlier in the series we did a list of 10 things we liked about ourselves and this time we are making a list of 10 thing that you are happy about. I love lists!

Barre & Total Body

Barre: Try to get to a barre class! I’ve tried a few different kinds and my favorite is still Pure Barre. The extra bit of instruction is so great when you are first learning. If you can’t get to a class try this TIU Beach Barre Workout.

Toning: Total Body
End the week with this total body duo: Island Bikini Ready & Bikini Booty Workout.

PM Challenge: Make some sweet sips! They suggest lemonade, but I won’t lie…I’ll be spending the evening at a big ol’ beer fest. 😉

THIGHS! Saturday is focused on those thighs. Just what I need!
Bikini Series Inner & Outer Thighs. I also just bought a little ball that they use in another thigh video so I will be adding in the Bikini Series Tone It Up Thighs workout.

PM Challenge: Rock a cat eye! The TIU girls posted a tutorial a few days ago, but I also plan on trying out this method from Jaclyn Hill (Youtube Makeup Guru).

I can’t lie. Eyeliner is not my best makeup talent so I’m going to give it a try!

Sunday Runday!

Bump it up a little…Run a 10K! That is 6.2 miles! If you aren’t a runner, you can bike (3 miles biking=1 mile running), walk, or elliptical. I’ll be getting on my bike outside if the weather is good!


Have a great week everyone! I will be back tomorrow with a fun look at what I did for Memorial Day weekend! Spoiler: It was not the healthiest weekend in the world. 😉