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Tri Training Recap: Week 10

by agirlandhermutt on July 8, 2014

Hello there! A bit of real talk before we get started with my training recap from last week.

I’m overwhelmed. Like super overwhelmed. Not the “you should worry” kind of overwhelmed, but definitely “i feel the need to be dramatic” overwhelmed. Does that make sense?

My Dad came to visit and while we had a great time, I am always a bit depressed when I have to leave my family. Training for a triathlon (or any sporting event really) is much more difficult and time consuming than I anticipated. My hat is off to you folks that do it often and much more intensely. Work is busy. Life is busy. I am not good at time management. See the problem here?!

I made my July goals with the hopes that I could just stay the course and work through this overwhelming feeling. Fortunately I can predict the circumstances that will cause it to happen and I’m doing my best to combat it all. Some days I am a bit more successful than others. Today I made a list of things I needed to get done in the next two weeks and I’ll just work at chopping away at those. One bit at a time, right?!

I know, I know…wahh, wahh. wahh. 😉


Week 10 Triathlon Training

Scheduled: Spinning
Actual: FlyWheel spinning class with a friend visiting from out of town, Jen. I miss her so much! She is a great workout partner and we had a lot of fun sweating it up in class!

Scheduled: Run
Actual: 2 mile run! I ran outside around 6:30am or so. It was hot as crap already. But I did it.

Scheduled: Swim
Actual: Just walking around with my Dad. I tried to go swimming but the timing just didn’t work. One pool was closed and the other was too crowded. Boooo.

: Run
Actual: Swim! My Dad and I went to the local pool and I worked on my breathing. I am still really struggling with breathing properly. My form is getting better, but I still get really panicked when I add in the breathing. We also did a lot of trying to do flips in the water. 😉

: Swim
Actual: Nothing! Happy 4th! We ended up having rain ALL.DAY.LONG.

Scheduled: Off
Actual: Spinning! The BF and I got up early and hit up a spinning class at the gym. The teacher was THE WORST. Think old school workout lady. But it was a good workout. Plus, I love working out with the BF. My Dad and I also hit up the pool later on to play around.

: Long bike ride
Actual: Zumba & Swim. I was feeling super down after my Dad left so I decided to do something that made me happy…Zumba! Plus, I got in quite a bit of riding this week. I did great at Zumba and then went back to the pool to do some swimming. Nothing major. Practice, practice, practice!

Weekly Total of “Miles” for the #175byLaborDay challenge: 18!
Total Miles: 48!


Week 11 Triathlon Training

Just two weeks till the big event! Unfortunately my knee has been giving me lots of problems these past few weeks so I finally decided to see the Dr. Fingers crossed we can do something simple for the time being so I can feel better for a bit!

Monday- 5k run & Glute Camp Strength
Tuesday- Glute Camp Mobility Work (I put question marks because I hope to go after work, but I also have an appointment with the orthopedic surgeon earlier in the day.)
Wednesday- Swim & Glute Camp Interval Cardio
Thursday- Spinning & Glute Camp Strength
Friday- Glute Camp Conditioning Workout
Saturday- Long Slow Ride & 10 min run
Sunday- Rest!


Sorry for the lack of photos which obviously makes for a really REALLY really dry post. You guys are awesome for sticking with me! I’ll be back with some highlights of my Dad’s trip to visit Boston later this week. 🙂


Tri Training Recap: Week 8

by agirlandhermutt on June 23, 2014

This past week was the last week of the Tone It Up Bikini Series! I hit my 150 miles before Summer a week early and then…well, I just kind of lost a little steam. I’m not exactly sure what happened. At both work and home, I’ve been a little overwhelmed with the number of things I need to do. It isn’t really that much more than any other week, but when my triathlon is only 1 month out it just seems like more. Rather than buckle down last week, I just got worried about it? That seems counterproductive. And dumb. Like super dumb.

I made a pact with myself at the beginning of training that if I missed a workout or two, I wouldn’t beat myself up about it. However, totally slacking is not ok. I want to compete in the triathlon with no injuries and most importantly, not come in last. Seriously.

After a bit of fun in NYC (pics below!), I’m ready to tackle this last bit of training. Consistent and persistent. Let’s do this.


Week 8 Tri Training & Tone It Up Bikini Series

Scheduled: Off!
Actual: Off! I met up with my buddy, Megan, for a bite to eat after work. We sat in the patio area at Audubon Boston and had a lovely evening. After a super active weekend it was a much needed relaxation night.

Scheduled: Swim Lesson & Practice
Actual: Swim Lesson & Practice. Although not as much practice as I would have liked. The swim lanes are pretty busy when my class gets out. I just need to suck it up and wait for a lane to open!

: 50 min Bike; TIU Yoga & Abs
Actual: Nothing. I got home from work around 6:30 or so and was beat. I didn’t even think about doing any form of workout.

Scheduled: Swim Lesson & Practice; TIU Total Body 1 & 2
Actual: Swim Lesson & Practice.

: Pure Barre; 40 min Run
Actual: TIU Making Waves Cardio. The BF decided to take the whole day off before we left for NYC. I decided to skip Pure Barre and hit up the gym with him. It was a nice way to start the day!

Scheduled: I’ll be in NYC, but I will definitely do something!
Actual: Walk, walk, walk!

I even managed to mark one of my 34 While 34 items off of my list…Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge!

I was in NYC for the Thrillist Best Day of Your Life event. Basically a day of bar/restaurant hopping!

Scheduled: ??? Maybe yoga?!
Actual: Just a bit of walking. I woke up with a horrible sore throat and some kind of allergy/cold thing. I had plans to meet up with my NYC friend, Meg, but had to cancel. I was super bummed because she always is involved in some amazing workouts. Sigh. Next time!

Weekly Total of “Miles” for the Tone It Up #150bysummer Challenge: 12!
Total Miles: 166!


Week 8 Triathlon Training

Monday- 5k Run
Tuesday- Pure Barre & Swim Lesson
Wednesday- Spinning & 10 min run
Thursday- Swim Lesson & Practice
Friday- Zumba
Saturday- Total Body Melt & Bike Ride
Sunday- Yoga

I can do this! I actually have to do this if I want to get through my triathlon in one piece with no tears. 😉


See ya later this week!


Tri Training Recap: Week 7

by agirlandhermutt on June 16, 2014

Hello there! We only have a few days left until summer! Historically I’m not really into anything summer related. You know…compared to Spring or Fall. Well, unless you count just laying on the beach. But this summer has so many things in store for me! Beach days, a triathlon, some traveling, a visit from my Dad and just lots of fun.

Speaking of triathlon…let’s see how I did with my training and workouts last week!


Week 7 Tri Training & Tone It Up Bikini Series

25 min Interval Run; TIU Abs & Arms
Actual: 35 min Interval Run & TIU Arms. I was still in Florida visiting my family but had an afternoon flight. I got to the gym first thing in the morning and used the Tone It Up Making Waves workout to get my run in.

Can we just talk about my arm muscles that are finally showing up?! Thanks for coming out guys.

Sunset Challenge: List out 10 Things You Are Happy About! What a great challenge. This was perfect for me to think about on my flight back to Boston!

Scheduled: Swim Lesson
Actual: Swim Lesson. I LOVE swimming!!! But holy crap I get tired after my class.

Scheduled: 45 min Bike Interval (TIU Making Waves Cardio); TIU Arms
Actual: 21 Day Fix Upper Body. I totally forgot that the BF and I had tickets to a concert after work. I rushed home and we both busted out a quick 21 Day Fix workout before heading to the Sharon Van Etten concert.

Scheduled: Swim Lesson; TIU Abs
Actual: Swim Lesson; TIU Abs. I was BEAT after class and ready to be totally done for the week.

Scheduled: Zumba!
Actual: Zumba! I finally made it back. I love this instructor and starting off the weekend with a good sweat.

Scheduled: 60 min Bike & 15 min Run
Actual: Total Body Melt class. Class was rough! I haven’t been in far too long. After class I rushed home so I could grocery shop for the slimdown and get ready to head out to the Hyperlocal Beer Fest!

Favorite Brewery of the day…Aeronaut! They are opening a tap room in Somerville soon and I’m definitely looking forward to paying them a visit!

Scheduled: Yoga; Start of Tone It Up 5 Day Slim Down!
Actual: Zumba, 10 mile bike ride! I was feeling really good and got up in time to hit Zumba so off I went. I typically like to go whenever there is a holiday (Father’s Day!) because less people show up and my chance of getting in the class are increased. I still needed to get my long ride in so I came home, ate some lunch and then headed back out on the bike with the BF to bike around town. We went on a ride that had a ton of hills! I got to work on changing gears and really pushing through my tired moments. We picked a few trails that were new to us and let us explore a bit too. Definitely a good ride!

Weekly Total of “Miles” for the Tone It Up #150bysummer Challenge: 24!
Total Miles: 154!

I completely hit my goal of 150 by June 21st!!! As of Sunday night I hit 154 miles and a week ahead of schedule. I was so excited!


Week 8 Tri Training & Tone It Up Bikini Series

Monday- Off!
Tuesday- Swim Lesson & Practice (I’m staying after class!)
Wednesday- 50 min Bike; TIU Yoga & Abs
Thursday- Swim Lesson & Practice; TIU Total Body 1 & 2
Friday- Pure Barre; 40 min Run
Saturday- ???? I’ll be in NYC, but I will definitely do something!
Sunday- ??? See above! Maybe yoga?!

This is the final week of the TIU Bikini Series! Let’s make this count!


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See ya soon!