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Bits & Pieces on Friday…

by agirlandhermutt on October 3, 2014

Hi folks!

I wanted to pop in and say hello. I need a little brain dump of all the bits and pieces that have been running through my head.

1. Yesterday I had my first jury duty experience. It wasn’t that bad and I wasn’t picked for a jury. I’m happy to do my civic duty! Several years ago (6 to be exact), I was involved in an accident that ended up having to be resolved in a trial by jury case. The result was favorable for me (YAY!), but the experience is one that I won’t forget. I was really appreciative that 12 of my peers came together to do their civic duty and make an informed (and correct) decision. I was hoping to do the same! Unfortunately I wasn’t picked. Am I the only one bummed out about this?!

2. On the other hand, I’m glad I wasn’t picked because the trial would continue to today and I have got plans happening. A good friend of mine from high school is coming into town today to spend some time with me.

3. She is coming to celebrate my Showerette with me!

4. Yep, showerette. My wonderful friend, Karen, who you have heard about a million times has organized a weekend away for me and a bunch of my friends to celebrate my upcoming wedding. Showerette is the brain work of my genius Karen. I’m not really into the whole get drunk and wear penis jewelry look so we are just having a fun girls weekend. Kind of a combined shower and bachelorette. On that note, I tried to figure out what the plural of penis was and after much debate I now know it is penises. Fun fact for ya.

5. We are trying a new workout this weekend called Surfset. Will this be a Fun or Fail event?! We shall see!

6. My boys will be enjoying a lovely weekend together. I can see football, take-out and naps in their future. I might make a list of items the BF has to pick up that are only available at Target just to watch him squirm. He will do anything that is asked of him, but HATES Target. I, on the other hand, could claim Target as my home address if pressed for a back-up address.

7. I’m feeling a bit jealous of apple computer users. I used to have a Mac laptop, but the spot where the power supply plugged in totally got destroyed and it cost too much to fix it. I’m ready for a new one. I want something that doesn’t heat up so much that it burns my legs. Is that too much to ask? For a laptop that isn’t a fire hazard?!

8. It is a bit cold in our house but we refuse to put the heat on this early. If you were to come to my house, bring a coat and some socks. I know we are not alone on this here in New England. Oil is expensive! $$$ For some reason our house is always a day behind. 90+ degrees on Monday? Not in our house! But come Tuesday? No matter the temps outside, we are closing in on 100 degrees in the house. Same with cold. It is like we have our own little fun house!

9. A woman at a Pure Barre near my neighborhood hit her 750th class. Seriously. How is that even possible? I think if I stopped working and just did Pure Barre that it would take me forever to hit 750 classes. Nice work lady.


See you guys on Monday!


Tri Training Recap: Week 2

by agirlandhermutt on May 12, 2014

I’m not a natural athlete. When I played soccer as a little kid I learned how to kick the ball really hard so I wouldn’t have to run after it. I never progressed past t-ball. I was in marching band in high school. I destroyed my knee through years of dance classes and dodgeball.

So naturally training for a sporting event, the triathlon, has been filled with some interesting moments. AND I’M ONLY IN WEEK 3!


To recap my training from last week:

30 minute run. I ran outside and it was a pretty good run overall.

My first swim! I was so nervous getting in the pool to start my laps. I started to swim and realized within the first minute that I was going to have a problem. I have NO IDEA how to really swim. I’m great at treading water, swimming in the ocean and floating around a pool. But apparently I have no idea how to freestyle swim or breathe properly. I was horrified! My laps lasted about 20 minutes and then I was exhausted from keeping my head above water.

When I told my parents that I didn’t know how to swim with my head in the water they both said that I have been like that as a kid. SERIOUSLY?! Ugh.

Resolution? I went home and found adult swim lessons at Boston University. I start at the end of the month. Blah.

Oh, and can I just say this…lap swimmers are kind of mean. Some guy yelled at me even though I wasn’t in his lane. Another woman huffed when she saw I was in “her” lane. Friendly is not an adjective I would use to describe those pool folks. Hmpf.

50 min bike ride (14 miles) & 10 min run

Nothing. I was supposed to run but wasn’t feeling up for it. Plus, I was hosting book club at my house and wanted things to be all set when people got there!

Zumba! Originally this was going to be a swim day. I decided to forgo that embarrassment and went to my usual class that night. I followed up with a round of the Abs playlist from Tone It Up.

I started the morning off with my usual Total Body Melt class. It is a combo of functional training and cardio. I love it because it is hard and you can really feel your body working to keep up.

After that class I rushed home, grabbed the dog to take him to a grooming appointment and got my bike loaded onto the car. Off we went!

There is a trail by the groomers that I rode last week. It is an easy trail that is 11 miles long that I’ve been using to get used to bike. I hopped on and started booking it. I hit the turnaround point in about 50 minutes. Not too bad. I had plenty of time to get back in time to pick the dog up.

The Camelback water thing I had wasn’t working great (in hindsight it was me who wasn’t able to work it) so I was just getting dribbles of water. I’m a big drinker so at the halfway point I had pulled the bladder out and drank straight out of that.

Oh boy. This is where things really went downhill for me. If you thought not knowing how to swim was bad, this was even worse.

As I started to head back to the car (another 12 miles away), I started to feel…off. Now that I was moving the other way I didn’t want to stop to mess with the Camelback. I ended up making great time and was back to my car in 45 minutes, although a bit thirsty.

I hopped off the bike, loaded it onto the car and immediately knew something was wrong. I could feel that my blood sugar was way to low and didn’t have a lick of food on me. I tried to pull the bladder out of the Camelback but just didn’t have enough strength to put it up towards my mouth. That is when I really started to worry.

There was a Whole Foods across the parking lot that I figured I could walk to in order to grab a bite. As I started walking there I knew I was going to make it. McDonalds was straight ahead. As I opened the door I could feel my legs start to shake. I leaned against the counter, asked for a medium coke and then…that was it. Next thing I knew I was looking into the eyes of a perfect stranger from the dirty floor of a McDonalds.

Yep. I fainted at McDonalds.

Unfortunately, I was holding the bladder of water in my hands when I fainted so I managed to spill a whole backback of water all of myself and the floor. A few people where concerned that I had peed all over myself when I fell. I did not. At least I don’t think I did.

Thankfully everyone in the McDonalds was super nice and took great care of me. THANK YOU.

Long story a little less long…I finally got to Whole Foods to have a snack and recover. After about 20 min of just staring off into space at Whole Foods I walked back to the groomers, with a random pit-stop at a TJMaxx to buy a dress that I didn’t try on and then headed home with the dog.


I ate something last week at the mid-way point and felt great when I was done with my ride. Lesson learned. Even if you don’t feel hungry, have a snack mid-way.

I was still in recovery mode from Saturday. The BF, Korky and I spent a good chunk of the day at the SOWA Market in the South End just soaking up the sun.

After a little afternoon nap, I snuck in some Tone It Up stretching/yoga.

Overall, this wasn’t my best week. Between realizing I’m a crappy swimmer and passing out in a fast food restaurant, I feel even less like an athlete than I did before. I started to get down and find reasons to get out of this triathlon, but then remembered that I told you all I am doing one. Pulling out after two weeks would be the most embarrassing. So instead I’m trucking on.

On the plus side, I ended up with 24 miles towards the #150bysummer challenge for a total of 52 miles in two weeks.


Week 3 of training & Tone It Up Bikini Series!

Monday- 40 min run & TIU Bikini Body Workout
Tuesday- Pure Barre & 2 mile walk & TIU abs
Wednesday- 55 min bike (TIU Making Waves Workout) & 10 min Run
Thursday- 45 min run & TIU Under the Sea
Friday- ZUMBA! (Screw swimming!)
Saturday- 80 min bike & 10 min run
Sunday- RECOVER!


I’ll be back later this week! I have a few spinning studio reviews, a chat about what I’m doing different in my diet and a few other random things. I have to get back on this whole blogging thing!

See ya soon!


Let the fun begin!

February 13, 2014

I am officially 34! Today is my birthday and I could NOT be more excited! Getting older is not something that freaks me out. When I turned 30 I could barely contain my excitement. I had tons of fun in my teens and 20s, but I also really like having fun with a bit more $$$ […]

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