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Week of Workouts: 9/1- 9/7

by agirlandhermutt on September 9, 2014

Hellllooooo! I’m in almost a giddy mood because Fall has arrived. It feels good to be just sweating in the gym and not on the walk to my car from the house. Plus, I’m in Fantasy Football mode and my obsession with the fun game is in full effect! Fall football=The Best!


Speaking of sweating…lets get to my Week of Workouts (WOW) 9/1- 9/7

One of the big “fitspiration” sayings I see everywhere is that you shouldn’t miss a Monday for working out. I don’t necessarily agree with this since I think you should listen to your body. BUT! I like the idea behind the concept. Start the week off on the right foot! Even though Monday was a holiday, I still wanted to get a good sweat going. The BF and I headed over to the gym at my prime working out hour, 10am, and busted out the 5 Mile Challenge.

1 mile on the treadmill
1 mile on the elliptical
1 mile (or 15 min) on the stairmaster
3 miles on the bike
1 mile (1609 m) on the rower

This usually takes us about an hour for the challenge and it goes by so fast! I got this from Instagram. See? Instagram is good for something other than wasting time!

Pure Barre

AM: Pure Barre
PM: FlyWheel! My friend, Karen, had never done a FlyWheel class so we decided to the studio so she could try it out. Randomly the class was a Kanye vs. Jay-Z class, which is entertaining. I managed to have my best class yet! My thigh muscles are getting stronger and stronger thanks to Pure Barre and I’m noticing this in my performance in spinning AND running/walking. Bonus!

AM: Pure Barre
PM: Turbo Fire HIIT

I’m not typically a 2x a day worker outer, but I had the energy so I figured why not!? I’m obsessed with Turbo Fire. Not enough to do the whole program (whoa buddy. calm your horses!), but enough to add it in every now and then. Oh, and that is Kork in the corner just staring at the wall while waiting for the jumping to be over. Genius pup at work.


Total Body Melt. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. It was so hot in that fitness room. I started sweating before we even started moving! I think I ended up taking two naps on Saturday. Pathetic.


I had all kinds of fun things happening on Sunday! A few of my friends and I headed out to Honey Pot Hill Orchards for a special painting event through The Paint Bar. We painted canvas totes and then went apple picking while the totes dried. It was so much fun!

Fortunately many of my friends are more organized than I am and brought along goodies for a picnic, including homemade hot pepper jelly. It was the perfect day for some outdoor eating. And for a hayride!

The rest of the evening was rejoicing in the Patriots loss (ha!) and cursing my sad excuse for a Fantasy Football team.



This week starts the 8-week Frisky Fall Challenge from Tone It Up. I’ll be participating again through Instagram and Twitter. You should join me! My plan is to use Paige’s bootcamp workouts (which starts next Monday!) as my workouts for the TIU challenge. Talk about a killer combo!

See you soon!

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Currently: August 2014

by agirlandhermutt on September 5, 2014

Oh so hey there!

It is no secret that I’ve been lacking on my blogging game. I had big plans for this year, but life just kind of took over? I got engaged. I worked a ton. I trained for a triathlon. I FINISHED a triathlon. I hung out with my friends. I gave Kork lots of love. But the biggest thing that has really affected my blogging? I moved.

When I lived alone I would blog the night before and have plenty of time to dedicate myself to my computer. But since I picked up the permanent roommate, I’ve just been busier. I’m not sure exactly what I am doing, but I just know it keeps me busy and away from the computer. This isn’t necessarily a horrible thing, but it does mean that blogging often gets pushed to the backburner.

So here we are. I really, REALLY, really want to get back into blogging more. I’m not making any promises, but I hope to be back here at least 2x a week. That seems doable, right?!

For now…why don’t we get all caught up?!


Currently: August 2014

*My last Currently was in MAY! This is way overdue!

Current books:

I read about 4 different books while I was in Jamaica. I am just as surprised as you are! Now that I’m back, my reading has been a bit more limited, but still WAY MORE than before I left for vacation.

On the nightstand is my book for book club, Special Topics in Calamity Physics by Marisha Pessl. We read Night Film, by the same author, and all loved it. We decided to see if her unique approach to writing translates through multiple books or if it was just a one time show.

I also picked up The Body Book: The Law of Hunger, the Science of Strength, and Other Ways to Love Your Amazing Body by Cameron Diaz. Yep. The actress. I’ve heard intersting things, both good and bad, and decided to check it out myself. I haven’t started reading it yet, but plan to this weekend. I’ll let you know what I think!

Current music:

Just like every other 13-year-old girl, I’m loving Taylor Swift’s new song, Shake It Off. Am I alone here?! Nope. Don’t even try to act like I am. There are over 78 million views on this video and I know that they are not all just to make fun of the it. The song is so catchy and fun!


And this. Well, just watch.


Current guilty pleasure:
Shopping at Lululemon. I love their clothing! Guilty as charged.

Current nail color:
I’m all about the gel manicures right now. I found a new salon in my neighborhood, Leisure Nails in Watertown, that do a great job and I’m in love!

Current drink:
H2O! H2O! H2O! I’ve been drinking tons of water and really trying my hardest to stay away from the beer, wine and liquor. Sigh. So hard!

Current food:
Last weekend I got a skewer of cabbage off some food truck in the middle of Chinatown. I can’t stop thinking about that stupid little skewer! It is cabbage and some random spices. I can do this at home, but this sucker was so good that I want to make a trip down there to get another one RIGHT NOW.

The other skewer is quail eggs for the BF. I don’t think he was nearly as pleased with his as I with mine and this made him super annoyed. Cabbage skewer FTW!

Current favorite show:
Masterchef. I can’t get enough of this show! Graham is definitely my favorite. The minute he takes his glasses off when they care kicking a contestant off just makes me tear up every time.

Current wish list:
This tank from Lululemon and a robe. I just want a nice waffleweave robe. If I got fancy I would get my initials on it.

And this bag from The Whipping Post. It is just so…lovely. I can picture it with my winter coat and I start to get giddy.


Current needs:
$$$. Weddings are expensive!

Current triumphs:
Sticking with my food plan. Drinking the water. And getting those workouts in. I’m on the right path! BOOM.

Current bane of my existence:
Korky’s ears. <—Cocker spaniel ear infections!

Can we go now?!

Current celebrity crush:
Chris Pratt. Specifically in Guardians of the Galaxy.


Current indulgence:
Pure Barre. I totally consider this an indulgence. I have a perfectly fine gym membership that is cheap, but I just love the whole experience of Pure Barre. The studio, the staff, the classes and most importantly, how my thighs feel and how my arms look! The price is ridiculous and I’m so thankful that I have the means for this indulgence!

Current blessing:
My wonderful Mom who listens to me complain about anything and everything. She is supportive and always has an encouraging word without being super sappy (that drives me nuts). She knows just what I need to hear!

Current slang:
“That’s stupid”. I’ve been told that I have a weird accent when I say stupid. It ends up being a very drawn out word. I think I say this most during my commute.

Current outfit:
This isn’t necessarily an outfit, but rather jewelry. I bought this necklace at the Van Heusen Outlet a few weeks back. I would wear this necklace every single day if it matched all of my clothing.

Current excitement:
Fantasy Football! I’m in two leagues this year and I’m going to sweep them both. I can feel it! Can you guess my league name?!

Current mood:
Content. What a nice feeling!

Current link:
Any time I see a link to some article on Buzzfeed about funny text messages I have to click on it. This is my current fave round of funny messages from your parents.


I hope you guys have a great weekend! As always, I’ll be posting over on Instagram over the weekend and I’ll be back on Monday with a Week of Workouts recap!


I’m Back! Week of Workouts

August 25, 2014

Gooood morning! I had good intentions on coming home from vacation and just going to town with some posts on the blog. But, well life happens. I was in Jamaica for the first part of last week and absolutely had a fantastic time. However, once it is time for me to go home, I am READY to […]

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