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Weekend Recap: Fitness & Fashion

by agirlandhermutt on February 10, 2014

Happy Monday folks! These past few weeks have been filled with busy weekends, trying to recover from a variety of illnesses and just being overall exhausted. Before it even hit Wednesday of last week I declared the weekend to be the Most Relaxing Weekend ever. No major plans. No reservations anywhere. Just doing whatever I wanted and enjoying being home.



I love starting the weekend off at the gym. I rushed home after work to make it to a new-to-me Zumba class at the gym. I’m so glad I did! The class was a lot of fun and I had lots of room to let my ponytail whip around.

When I got home I whipped up taco salads for the BF and I.

These suckers were massive. And good. Like really good. Doesn’t guacamole make everything fantastic?!

I also got a Stitch Fix in the mail. I’ve mentioned before that I enjoyed the Stitch Fix situation and figured I would give it another a try. My birthday is Thursday (WOOT!) so I figured I would request something fun for my birthday that I could wear dressy or casual. This is what I got.

The little blazer is blue with white polka dots. I actually really liked it, but couldn’t quite figure out how I could make it work with other tops besides the white one that it is paired with in the photo. That white top is sequined and super cute, but there were already sequins coming off and it was a little shear. I loved both of these so I was bummed they didn’t work. Both no-nos.

The middle top was cute for work. It fit fine when I put it on, but as I was trying to take it off it kept getting stuck on my arms and in my hair. Not cool.

The dress made me look pregnant. Nope. Not happening.

There was also a black sweater that I didn’t take a photo of. It was a crop top. Heh. Not happening.

So long story short…I sent them all back.

I was a bit bummed out that I was sent so much chevron stuff. My last box had this great top (middle), that I kept, that fulfilled my chevron-like quota.

Seriously?! Oh well. I’ll probably try one more time and be specific on the pattern that I’m looking for!


Karen and I have a standing Saturday gym date for Total Body Melt on Saturday morning. The moves are really simple and SUPER HARD CORE.

The class is almost an hour long but about 1/3 of that is dedicated to just showing the right form for different moves. About 45 minutes and 500+ calories? I’ll take it. Oh, and I *finally* changed out the battery in my heart rate monitor. It’s back!

A few days ago I ordered a few pairs of sneakers to see which one I liked best.

I liked the pattern on the white the best, but I’m not typically a white sneaker kind of gal. I asked on Instagram which one people preferred and everyone seemed to love the teal. I agreed and decided to give them a try in class on Saturday.

After one push up this happened to the toe of the shoe.

Uh no. I didn’t pay $100 for these suckers to look busted up after one class. They both went back to Zappos. I’m still on the hunt for sneaks!

The rest of the day was spent wondering around Target and running a few errands. It is full on candy season in Target and I just can’t deal.

I don’t typically have a sweet tooth but when I see Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups? Ooohhhweeee. It is rough not to just bust a bag open in Target. As a side note…my favorite Reese’s are the special shapes like the Christmas Tree and Pumpkin. The peanut butter to chocolate ratio is outstanding in those babies.

That night the BF and I headed out to our local pub to hang out. I figured it was the best time to bust out my Tiger top and Mr. T jewelry.


The top is from H&M and the necklace was a Stitch Fix win from my very first box.



I was up bright and early so I made it to a 9:30 Zumba class and then stayed for a nice stretch & relaxation yoga class. I do all my heavy lifting during the week so it feels good to bounce around and stretch on the weekend.

The remainder of the day was spent packing. I’m moving to a new place in a few months so I wanted to start early to really go through things and throw things away. I have SO MUCH JUNK.

I cleaned out 2 little closets and this is how much trash I ended up with. I am going to need bigger trash cans! It feels good to throw things away, but at the same time I really wish I hadn’t accumulated that much crap to begin with. Live and learn, right?!

The plan for the week

Did I mention that my birthday was Thursday?! As a kid I had a birthday month. As an adult I realize that life doesn’t revolve around me and have narrowed it down to a birthday week. ;)

I’m starting the celebration off tonight by starting a 5-week Pure Barre program at a brand spankin’ new studio down the street from my job. EEK! So excited! For the actual celebration my BF and I are taking a little birthday weekend away.

I’m already feeling excited and it is only Monday!


See ya on Wednesday for a little update on my Pure Barre experience. Have a wonderful week folks!


Miami or Bust!

by agirlandhermutt on February 4, 2014

Umm…whoa. This past week was a doozy! It has been a week since my last check-in and we have a lot to talk about!

Lets do a little rewind and review these past few days.

1.I had an impacted wisdom tooth removed. Ugh. What is the worst part of this story is that I thought that I had already had all of them removed! In the end I had a little sneaky bugger hiding and it only came up because some of some weird cyst that I had in my jaw. Awesome. Long story short…wisdom tooth removal at 33 is not fun. And the cyst ended up being nothing. Phew.

2. I was in Miami bitch!

Oh, and in case you missed #1, I was in Miami 2 days after having surgery on my mouth. For a bachelorette party. Right. I’m a genius.

Overall, it went pretty well. I had a lot of pain on Friday on my first leg of the flight but it went away after a long nap. I arrived in a sunny, hot and humid Miami just in time to meet up with the bride, Allison, to get the weekend started.

Friday night we had dinner at Sushi Samba and then enjoyed some cocktails at a bar called Patpong. After basically eating mashed potatoes for the previous two days, eating some sashimi was a welcomed change.

They serve drinks in little bags that look like adult Capri Suns with names like “Laidee Girl” and “Laidee Boy”. I’m still not exactly sure what was in them.

For the record, I did not use my straw. Wisdom tooth removal mouthcare FTW!

Saturday we were up bright and early for a FlyWheel session. It was my first day back to working out after the surgery and I was thrilled it was spinning.

There were a few in our group who had never been spinning before so that was a little entertaining. Great class, excellent instructor and a fantastic FlyWheel location.


By the time we made it to brunch I thought I might eat my arm off. We did brunch the only way it could be in Miami. Drag queen style on the beach.


There were 3 drag queens that pranced and paraded through the outdoor restaurant entertaining not only customers, but also people passing by.


One of the highlights of morning was watching them literally stop traffic and lay across a random car that was driving through.

In addition to celebrating the bride, it was also fun to be reunited with a few of my college buddies. Allison, Michelle and I have known each other for what seems like forever and its lovely to catch up in person. Plus, it is always fun to watch a mother of 2 do things like this.

The beach was the perfect spot for us to relax and just enjoy a little bit of sun. Going from 12 degrees in Boston to 80+ in Miami was a bit of a shock to my pasty white skin. Fortunately, I did not come home with a sunburn.

After a little fun in the sun, we headed home to get ready for the night. We played a little game, freshened up and started the night.

Megan, the main of honor, was on it for her planning and had a full night planned out. Dinner, karaoke, and dancing. Check, check, check!

I appreciate any opportunity to get dressed up so I decided to bust out a newer little black dress. But can we talk about Megan’s little feather number above?! This pic does this cute dress no justice. It was adorable and she paired it with converse. It just…worked! My dress didn’t have any feathers, but I thought it was cute enough to get a bathroom selfie.

Fun Fact: That little clutch I am carrying would go on to become a probably when I was flying back to Boston. TSA considered it a “weapon” and made me pay $25 to check it. Ugh.

We all really had a blast, but by 2am I was busted. This Cinderella needed to be home and in bed. I slightly mentioned to my friends that I might head home and everyone just jumped right in that they felt the same way. Ha. Old ladies can really live it up!

The next day we packed up, grabbed some lunch and walked around Lincoln Road Mall. There was a marathon happening that morning so it was pretty lively around town.

A busy area always means great people watching and Miami did not disappoint. By far, my favorite was this cute little dining couple.

As I watched the little dog enjoy his lunch I really started to miss Kork and the BF. I knew it was time to head home!

Even though I grew up in Florida I had only really been to Miami once before this trip. Miami and Pensacola are NOT the same kind of Florida. ;)

I’m so glad that I got to spend some time with Allison, her friends and future family, and enjoy some quality girlie time. Allison’s big day is in April and I’m looking forward to the trip to Atlanta already!

After a few whirlwind days I am back in Boston preparing for ANOTHER snow storm. Ahh. The life of a Northeasterner. My mouth is still pretty sore, but I think that mostly has to do with having almost no rest and a little too much fun.

I’m trying to get back into my routine after a particularly busy few days. I’m back to the gym today, back eating right and trying to get into bed at a decent time. Isn’t that always my story?! See ya soon!


Weekend Recap: Birthday Bites & Workout Bits

January 14, 2014

Well there went my whole MWF schedule. I knew it was ambitious to give myself exact days to blog, but I’m going to keep trying! On to fun things! I absolutely love a birthday celebration. Even for birthdays that aren’t mine! This weekend my wonderful friend, Karen, celebrated her birthday. Last year another friend and […]

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