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Tri Training Recap: Week 7

by agirlandhermutt on June 16, 2014

Hello there! We only have a few days left until summer! Historically I’m not really into anything summer related. You know…compared to Spring or Fall. Well, unless you count just laying on the beach. But this summer has so many things in store for me! Beach days, a triathlon, some traveling, a visit from my Dad and just lots of fun.

Speaking of triathlon…let’s see how I did with my training and workouts last week!


Week 7 Tri Training & Tone It Up Bikini Series

25 min Interval Run; TIU Abs & Arms
Actual: 35 min Interval Run & TIU Arms. I was still in Florida visiting my family but had an afternoon flight. I got to the gym first thing in the morning and used the Tone It Up Making Waves workout to get my run in.

Can we just talk about my arm muscles that are finally showing up?! Thanks for coming out guys.

Sunset Challenge: List out 10 Things You Are Happy About! What a great challenge. This was perfect for me to think about on my flight back to Boston!

Scheduled: Swim Lesson
Actual: Swim Lesson. I LOVE swimming!!! But holy crap I get tired after my class.

Scheduled: 45 min Bike Interval (TIU Making Waves Cardio); TIU Arms
Actual: 21 Day Fix Upper Body. I totally forgot that the BF and I had tickets to a concert after work. I rushed home and we both busted out a quick 21 Day Fix workout before heading to the Sharon Van Etten concert.

Scheduled: Swim Lesson; TIU Abs
Actual: Swim Lesson; TIU Abs. I was BEAT after class and ready to be totally done for the week.

Scheduled: Zumba!
Actual: Zumba! I finally made it back. I love this instructor and starting off the weekend with a good sweat.

Scheduled: 60 min Bike & 15 min Run
Actual: Total Body Melt class. Class was rough! I haven’t been in far too long. After class I rushed home so I could grocery shop for the slimdown and get ready to head out to the Hyperlocal Beer Fest!

Favorite Brewery of the day…Aeronaut! They are opening a tap room in Somerville soon and I’m definitely looking forward to paying them a visit!

Scheduled: Yoga; Start of Tone It Up 5 Day Slim Down!
Actual: Zumba, 10 mile bike ride! I was feeling really good and got up in time to hit Zumba so off I went. I typically like to go whenever there is a holiday (Father’s Day!) because less people show up and my chance of getting in the class are increased. I still needed to get my long ride in so I came home, ate some lunch and then headed back out on the bike with the BF to bike around town. We went on a ride that had a ton of hills! I got to work on changing gears and really pushing through my tired moments. We picked a few trails that were new to us and let us explore a bit too. Definitely a good ride!

Weekly Total of “Miles” for the Tone It Up #150bysummer Challenge: 24!
Total Miles: 154!

I completely hit my goal of 150 by June 21st!!! As of Sunday night I hit 154 miles and a week ahead of schedule. I was so excited!


Week 8 Tri Training & Tone It Up Bikini Series

Monday- Off!
Tuesday- Swim Lesson & Practice (I’m staying after class!)
Wednesday- 50 min Bike; TIU Yoga & Abs
Thursday- Swim Lesson & Practice; TIU Total Body 1 & 2
Friday- Pure Barre; 40 min Run
Saturday- ???? I’ll be in NYC, but I will definitely do something!
Sunday- ??? See above! Maybe yoga?!

This is the final week of the TIU Bikini Series! Let’s make this count!


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See ya soon!


Weekly Weigh-In: Getting Back To It

by agirlandhermutt on January 20, 2014

Gooood Monday! This whole 3-day weekend totally works for me. I’m sitting on my couch watching DVRed episodes of The People’s Court and loving it. By 2p I had worked out, grocery shopped and cleaned up my house. Holy heck where did that energy come from?!

I was supposed to check in on Friday with my first official weigh-in and well…it just didn’t happen. Oops! I’m still figuring out this whole schedule, but I will get there.

So let’s get to it!

First, lets talk about where I was starting. My last weigh-in on the blog was all the way back in 11/26. I think you can see where I am going with this. I’ve been weighing in each week, but its been up and down. And then Christmas came. So did plenty of delicious frozen drinks, mashed potatoes, bread and every carby that I love so much.

My 56.6 weight loss crept up to be only a 49.4  It was actually a higher that that at first, but I realized that quite a bit of it was water weight and I just peed that off. Sigh…that is a gain of 7.2 lbs since Thanksgiving!

That was not ok. Slightly embarrassing too!

So on January 6th I weighed in and got back to work. It kind of felt like I was back at square one. But then it dawned on me. No I wasn’t. I never stopped working out! I was able to get through my spinning class without dying. I was lifting like never before. I just had to get back on my plan and eat right. I did just that! And then some.

The result?

I weighed in on Friday with a 3.6 weight loss!

I’m back to 52 lbs down…again!

You know, I declared my phrase of the year to be Consistent & Persistent. Boy, that is certainly going to need to be the case.

This girl ain’t no dummy. I know I will hit walls . I have to baby my knee sometimes. I will come up on obstacles. You know things like booze and cheese.  I will fall. BUT! I have to get back up. I have to keep pushing forward. I have to stay the course. I MUST BE CONSISTENT & PERSISTENT.

My goal isn’t to just lose weight. It is to be healthy! I want to wear anything and everything I love. I want to be athletic. But most of all, I just want to be the best version of myself.

I welcome any and all challenges coming my way.

Oh, and just because I know we all enjoy a nice comparison shot. Here is the BF and I at his holiday party exactly 1 year apart. I was about 18 days into my weight loss adventure in 2012 and then 1 year and 18 days into it!

Yep, I can do this. Absolutely. Who is with me?!


Easy Meal: Spicy Tuna Cakes

by agirlandhermutt on January 16, 2014

Raise your hand if you are a lazy cook! Both of my hands are waving in the air (like they just don’t care! Heh!) with ya. I love to cook, but complicated meals just aren’t my thang. Too many ingredients. Too much time. Too many skills needed.  The items that taste great coming out of my kitchen are things that are easy, quick and require just a few ingredients.


One of my favorite simple meals lately has been Spicy Tuna Cakes.

3 ingredients. BOOM!

-6 oz tuna (2 3 oz. cans drained)
-2 tsp McCormick Perfect Pinch Southwest Salt Free Seasoning
-2 tbsp mustard

For Christmas the BF gave me a stocking stuffer of Trader Joe’s dijon mustards. I could literally eat mustard straight from the jar. I don’ though. No worries if you ever eat at my house!

(Note: Can you guess which one is my favorite?! That basil mustard is CRAZY good.)

For this dish I used the Provencal Mustard which is a mix of red pepper, garlic, sunflower oil and white wine, but you could really use any mustard that you like. Sometimes I use a horseradish mustard that I like to hoard and I’ve even used a chardonnay mustard a few times.

I also used the Perfect Pinch Southwest seasoning. Really, you are just looking for a seasoning that is going to add in a little flavor. No need to be very specific. This Southwest seasoning just mixes really well with the red pepper and garlic in the Provencal mustard.

Mix all the ingredients together and form into 4 small patties. In a medium-sized pan, heat 2 tsp of olive oil or cooking spray. Place patties in pan and let them cook 2-3 minutes on each side or until they brown a little.

I like to serve mine on a bed of baby romaine, sliced grape tomatoes and red pepper.

I’m going to give this a try with shrimp and crab in the future. I’ve also used greek yogurt in place of the mustard, but I definitely prefer the mustard.

I told you it was easy. Lazy never tasted so good!


I hope you guys are having a good week! I’m checking back in tomorrow with my first official weigh-in for the year. Eek.