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Week of Workouts: 9/22- 9/28

by agirlandhermutt on September 30, 2014

Hello, hello, hello! This weekend was too short and too quick. I need a do-over!

This is so cliché, but I am quickly approaching my wedding time so the days are just flying by. I find myself doing the countdown now. My excitement is at level 10 and I can’t help but show it. Several of you have expressed interest in knowing more about the wedding. I’m happy to share more about the big day…after the big day. 🙂 Everyone seems to be in opinion mode lately so I’m keeping most of my decisions under wraps. Heh. Until then…

Let’s talk about workouts!


Week of Workouts 9/22- 9/28

Off! I did quite a bit of walking around Boston (and I found my FitBit!), but no real gym workout. Instead I took my friend, Megan, to a Yelp Elite event to drink & eat. The perfect substitute for the gym, right?!

The event was at the Highball Lounge, a vintage cocktail bar in Boston. They have great cocktails and all kinds of board games laying around.

My friend Karen refers to her super hungry days as “Hungry Hungry Hippo Days” so I had to play this game for a bit.

Our first stop was the St. Germain table for a little taste. That sweet nectar is so lovely!
Fun Fact: I am now the slightly proud owner of one of those small carafes and one of those giant containers in the middle. No questions please. 😉

I love all the little fun touches that this bar has including the cocktail list on these thingamajigs. Seriously. Someone please help me with the name of these things! I seriously can’t remember!

Studying hard.

If I had to miss a workout, this was the way to miss it. I can’t wait to go back to this place and check out more of their goodies!

Oh, and if you haven’t gotten involved with Yelp in your area, do it! They have such fun events and it is a great way to explore places you might never have tried otherwise.

Workout from YTP Bootcamp and TIU Cardio + TIU Foam Roller Routine. I bought the BF a foam roller many years ago and he kind of put it to the side. Then he discovered P90X and apparently it has some kind of foam rolling routine in it. Now that sucker sits out in the living room pretty much 24/7. The TIU girls came out with a foam roller routine last week as part of the Frisky Fall Challenge so I tried it out. I may be smiling, but I hate that little tube.

Cardio from YTP & Pure Barre. My favorite instructor, Elise, was subbing in the afternoon and she is a can’t miss. She tortures us and I LOVE IT.

Conditioning workout from YTP & Pure Barre.

Pure Barre & Zumba! Elise was subbing again so I got my booty over to PB early for another torture session. Zumba was fantastic. I’ve moved my way to the front in this class. Bring on the mirror staring. What is it with a mirror? The minute anyone gets near one, we all just stare at ourselves. It is bizarre.

Pure Barre! I skipped my usual Saturday workout for a few extra minutes of sleep. Then I headed over to my fave PB studio for a class with my buddy, Megan. Saturday in Brookline=Painful Parking. I know this, but sometimes just lose my mind.

That night I met up with a few of the girls for dinner and drinks. There was plenty of both! Including some dessert. Ohhhmmmmgeeee.

Sugar coma.

I woke up with all types of workout plans to make up a few of the missed YTP Bootcamp workouts and then….nothing. I ended up doing not a stitch of working out. It was lovely and a much needed rest day. I spent the afternoon doing some work stuff, grocery shopping and cooking SkinnyTaste recipes in the crockpot. Bonus points to me for being productive!

We are a house divided…even when we grocery shop!

Dinner is served. If you haven’t tried any of SkinnyTaste’s recipes, then you need to get over there. Now. Yes, they are all on the healthier side with Weight Watcher points included, but they are made with real food that is REAL good. And for the most part, they are super easy to make. I haven’t had a recipe yet from her that I don’t enjoy. I made this Crockpot Santa Fe Chicken and while it doesn’t photograph all that well (at least by me), it tastes FANTASTIC!

Also, Korky seemed to enjoy a little extra downtime with both of us too.

That face!!!!

For those of you following along with the TIU Frisky Fall challenge and the#150byHalloween challenge, I got in 11 miles with the cardio. For a total of 48 miles! Whoa boy…I need to get moving!


This week I’m focusing a bit more on the YTP workouts and will give up an update on how those are going next week!

See ya soon!


Week of Workouts: 9/15- 9/21

by agirlandhermutt on September 23, 2014

Hello, hello, hello! Last week was INSANE. I had some type of event or night out almost every day of the week. By the time Sunday rolled around, I wanted to just lay down on the floor and nap all day. I kind of did that until the dog nudged me to make sure I was still alive. 😉

Now I’m starting off the week with some kind of weird neck cramp that makes me feel like an old lady. Awesome way to start the week!

Enough babble…Week of Workouts time!


Week of Workouts 9/15- 9/21

Pure Barre & Your Trainer Paige (YTP) Bootcamp. Paige is no joke with her workouts. That is probably why she looks the way she does. We had a workouts with weights to do and then followed that up with 20 minutes of cardio. I’m still not comfortable with running (because of the knee issue) so I decided to just do some walking. I busted out a nice incline walk for 25 minutes.

Off! I work super early on Tuesdays so I can’t make it to Pure Barre, or out of bed any earlier than I already do for that matter. I had plans to workout after work, but got out a little late and I had a fun event to attend. The BF and I hit up the East Somerville Foodie Crawl! I’ll post more about it tomorrow. So much foooood.

Pure Barre. Getting to Pure Barre in the morning was tough. Surviving PB was even tougher. My Wednesday morning instructor, Elise, is insane and uses all the props, all the time. By the end of the class, every single body part is shaking! I think that is the point, but sometimes it feels *intense*.

That night the BF and I had ANOTHER fun event to attend at Bee’s Knees Supply Company in the Waterfront area. The AV Club, a website that the BF LOVES, has a partnership with Basil Hayden’s Bourbon and they threw a “This is My Boston” event where there were a variety of cocktails made with the bourbon, food and a few New England based vendors.

Bee’s Knees Supply was a great space and such a cool store! I never knew it was there, but I will definitely be stopping by again.

Pumpkin EVERYWHERE! I’m not a huge pumpkin fan, but I do enjoy Southern Tier’s Pumking with a cinnamon rim. Mmm…

YTP Conditioning Workout & TIU HIIT. The dog was thrilled that I worked out at home.

Pure Barre and Zumba.

YTP Workout. I followed up my hard work with a visit to Aeronaut Brewery for their Oktoberfest. Heh. They have a great outdoor space that they set up tents, had a food truck and a band. Next to a dumpster, but still fun. 🙂

Zumba! I got my eyelash extensions lengthened the day prior so this was my first time really sweating it out in them. They look pretty good even after an hour of sweating, right?!

I finished the night with a little prep. Kale salad for lunch, soup for dinner and a smoothie for breakfast!

For those of you following along with the TIU Frisky Fall challenge and the #150byHalloween challenge, I got in 16 miles with the cardio. For a total of 37 miles!


See you soon!


Week of Workouts: 9/8- 9/14

by agirlandhermutt on September 16, 2014

Hello, hello, hello! I am constantly amazed at how much time can pass and how little I manage to get done. The past few days have felt packed with things to do and then I realized that I also managed to find time to sit on the couch and binge watch Ink Masters Season 2. Like the whooooolllle season. Just think what I could have done with that time?!

Oh well…sometimes the brain just needs to turn off. Possibly I can aim to turn mine off a little less this week though?

Let’s jump right into last week’s workouts.


Week of Workouts 9/8- 9/14

Zumba! I managed to get there on time and secure a spot that was away from one girl who is constantly bumping into whoever she is standing near. I need personal space and she is a personal space invader. It was a good class and my knee made it through almost every song!

It was also the start of the Tone It Up Frisky Fall Challenge. I have all kinds of this going on this fall so I’m not following the challenge word-for-word. Typical. I think I said the same thing for the Spring challenge because of my triathlon training? This time around I am involved in Paige’s Online Bootcamp and I’m gearing up to get married. You know…no big deal.

There is also the #150byHalloween part of the challenge that I am all over. Check out this blog post to read more about the challenge and Tone It Up.

Pure Barre & Turbo Fire HIIT 25. There is a new instructor at Pure Barre who, although lovely and super nice, isn’t quite as difficult as I would like. She missed doing the same thing on both sides a few times and I was a little bummed when I left. When I got home I had some extra energy so I hopped into Turbo Fire HIIT for 25 minutes.

We don’t have neighbors downstairs any longer so I was able to jump around like a nut case with no complaints.

Pure Barre. Done and Done. Wednesday morning is my rough teacher who never fails to use the bands during our thigh sprints. I love it. I also go to wear my new fun Lululemon outfit that my parents sent me as a surprise!

If you haven’t tried the Wunder Under Crops with the roll down top, then you are missing out. These suckers are fantastic!

That afternoon my work team did a little bonding by going to lunch and to a Red Sox game.

Smoked Chicken Cobb Salad at Sweet Cheeks. SO GOOD.

It had been kind of chilly that prior weekend and the first few days of the week, but Wednesday came and it was blazing. I thought I was going to melt away. We had a good time though!

Pure Barre. The evening task for the Frisky Fall Challenge was to do something outside. I had book club that evening so I originally figured I would just skip the task. Then I realized I had my bike. WOOT! I rode down to book club at the restaurant, ate and then rode home. It was perfect!

Pure Barre…with the BF! It was “Bring Your Man to the Barre” night at the Pure Barre in Newton. It was SO MUCH FUN! The atmosphere was so much lighter and the guys were such good sports. It was fun to see some pretty in shape men struggle with tricep dips and tucking. At the end of the class I asked the BF what he thought and basically he said it was Holy Crap Hard! He usually makes fun of me when I say I’ve worked out and it was Pure Barre. Those days are behind us now!

The instructor , Elise, was the woman who tortures me with the bands in all my Wednesday morning class and she didn’t take it easy on the guys at all. It was great! The BF agreed to return…one day.

Total Body Melt. Class was a mixture of weights, PiYo moves and all kinds of awful things.

After class, the BF and I rushed home to get ready for the Festival of Indie Games. It sounded fun and as Yelp Elite, we were offered some free tickets, so off we went. It was like nerd central. BUT SO MUCH FUN!

The festival included speakers, classes and a showroom. We spent the entire time (which ended up being like 5 or 6 hours!) on the showroom floor. There were two distinct areas: Digital and Tabletop. We were able to interact with all of the games and check out all the latest technologies.

For some reason I thought the tabletop games would be more like Clue or Candyland, but some of these games were super strategic and really complicated. I was most intrigued by this game that involved little blocks. Much more my speed.

I could only think about how many heads this headpiece had been on while I was playing the game. I have way too much hair for head lice.

The best game was this kissing simulator game. I kept the jokes to a minimum while I was there because I didn’t need a whole auditorium of nerds turning on me.

Zumba & Spin w/ Stretch! I bebopped over to Zumba Sunday morning and had a great time. Then I remembered that I signed up for a class later in the afternoon with my buddy, Megan. Ugh. Poor planning.

I made my way back to Sweat & Soul for one of their new additions to the schedule, Spin & Stretch. 40 minutes of cycling and then 20 minutes of stretch. It was fantastic! They remodeled their space recently so the bikes were more spread out and it wasn’t a million degrees in there. I loved it and already signed up for next week! I was pretty impressed that I didn’t wipe out on the bike too after already working out earlier in the morning. BOOM. No embarrassing moments for this girl!

You know, except for this selfie.

I ended the week with 21 miles towards the #150byHalloween challenge thanks to some bike riding and serious cardio.


In other non-nerdy and non-exercise related news…I got eyelash extensions! Something I totally don’t need to be spending my money on, but I love them so much! I have only had them for a few days but after a few weeks I’ll do a full review on these bad boys.

No make-up except chapstick. How great is that?!


Tonight I’m heading over to East Somerville for a Foodie Crawl. Check out my post from Friday (click here!) for more details and tickets!

See ya soon!