Tri Training Recap: Week 12 + TRI DAY!

July 21, 2014

Hi friends! I know you are wondering if I did the triathlon and I promise I will get to that, but first lets check out my last week of training. Week 12 Triathlon Training (FINAL WEEK!) Monday Scheduled: Glute Camp Actual: Glute Camp! Paige has done a really nice job with not only the workouts […]

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Tri Training Recap: Week 11

July 17, 2014

Hellllloooo. Long time, no talk. Long story short…I went to the orthopedic doctor last Tuesday and she told me that I needed surgery on my knee. Let the pity party begin! I spent most of Tuesday night dramatically flung across my bed contemplating when I was going to have the surgery done. I have some […]

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Tri Training Recap: Week 10

July 8, 2014

Hello there! A bit of real talk before we get started with my training recap from last week. I’m overwhelmed. Like super overwhelmed. Not the “you should worry” kind of overwhelmed, but definitely “i feel the need to be dramatic” overwhelmed. Does that make sense? My Dad came to visit and while we had a […]

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