Best in Beauty 2014

January 23, 2015

Happy Friday Friends! If you have been reading for a bit then you know that I LOVE all things make-up, fashion and hair. That doesn’t mean that I’m a pro at any of these, but I do enjoy pretending to be! In past years I have talked about monthly favorites or items I was into […]

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2015 Goals

January 20, 2015

Hey hey hey! Just like everyone else and their mother, I did not do any resolutions for the year. Instead I did “goals”. Which are really resolutions. Seriously, these are just a few guidelines on how I want to live my life. I sat down and thought about how I wanted 2015 to be different […]

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NYE & Word of the Year

January 13, 2015

Oh hey there! Did you think I forgot you? Yes, we are almost halfway through January, but I’m still in January 1st mode! So lets chat about the New Year. First, I spent NYE with my husband at a really fun party in a local brewery, Aeronaut. The party was the perfect mix of food, […]

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