Update: 34 While 34

April 3, 2015

In the midst of a really busy February and March, I turned 35. Whhhhattt?! It is true! Last year around the same time I debuted my 34 While 34 list. A list of things I wanted to do while I was 34 years old. Did I get them all done?! Spoiler alert…I did NOT do […]

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March High-Low

March 31, 2015

March is over folks! Another month of unexpected joys and annoyances has come and gone. As part of my effort to be more positive this year, last month I started my High-Low series. It is a way for me to acknowledge the things that really SUUUUCKED and counter it with all the good that happens […]

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Wedding Wednesday: Using a Wedding Planner

March 25, 2015

Hey there! All the way back in November I started my Wedding Wednesday series. I had good intentions, but it just didn’t happen. I’ve now been married for a few months (We made it to 4 months! whoo hoo!) but I still wanted to share a few key planning points about our wedding. Maybe a […]

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