Currently: April 2016

by agirlandhermutt on April 8, 2016

Apparently I took about 1,000 photos while in Australia and whenever I start to write up a little post about my trip, I get distracted by all the amazing photos that I have.

(No lie…this photo doesn’t have a single filter on it.)

I mean come on…can ya blame me?! Long story short…the post is coming.

While I was procrastinating, yet again, I did some browsing around on my own little blog and realized that the last “Currently” post that I did was back in October. Let’s see if anything is different!

CURRENTLY: April 2016

Current Book:
This year I am participating in the Pop Sugar Must Have Reading Challenge. I’ve ticked off a few from this list, but right now I’m working on my choice for the  prompt “A book from Oprah’s Book Club”. I chose Wild by Cheryl Strayed.


I watched the movie while flying from LA to Melbourne and decided I wanted to know a little more. I typically hate seeing a movie before reading the book, but I’m ok with doing it opposite this time. I certainly feel more sympathy and empathy for the version of Cheryl that I’m learning about in the book than the character portrayed in the movie version.

I’m also reading The Zero Waste Home by Bea Johnson.
Zero Waste Home jacket

Honestly…I’m fascinated by the concept of being zero waste. I don’t think it is a feasible goal for me, but I was hoping to get some reasonable suggestions to implement into my life that would reduce the amount of waste that we produce. Some of her tips are interesting and others are just…nuts. I’m sure many would disagree with that statement, but there is no way that I’m using a piece of flannel tshirt as an alternative to a pad during my period. Nope. I’m still reading so the verdict is still out on this one!

Current music:
I can not stop singing Rhianna’s song Work. Ugh.

Current guilty pleasure:
Snapchat filters. I just can’t stop myself!

(Come say hi! My name is agirlandhermutt there too.)

Current nail color:
Nothing! I’ve been nail polish free for several weeks now. I’ve really been focusing on getting my cuticles back in good shape. Thanks to this cuticle eraser from CND, I’m well on my way to better looking hands.

Current drink:
FireCider! My love for apple cider vinegar has been kicked up a notch since I was introduced to FireCider. Love, love, love!


Current food:
Zuppa Toscana soup! I found a great copycat recipe for the Olive Garden version that uses turnips instead of potatoes and is just delish!


(This is not a good photo, but it is SO GOOD.)

Current favorite show:
Brooklyn Nine-Nine!

Current wish list:
A pair of sunglasses that don’t get caught in my hair. My absolute most favorite pair of sunglasses is a pair of Caveats from Oakley. I had them for about 6 years. Unfortunately, after wearing them almost every single day, at the beach, in the snow and through a triathlon, they have finally given up. I would LOVE to replace them with this gorgeous pair!



Current needs:
A dog.

Sigh. The time just isn’t right yet for us to add a new furry friend to our life, but soon…I need a dog to need me! I think of Korky every day but the feelings are starting to turn from sadness to just fond memories. 🙂

Current triumphs:
When we got back from the honeymoon I decided I wanted to get back on my health & fitness track. I never fell off of it completely, but I certainly wasn’t making it a priority for myself. Since being back, I am consistent with my gym goings and what I’m eating. I’m already seeing AND feeling the benefits!


Current bane of my existence:
Wind. Everywhere we go it is windy. My eyes are constantly watering because there is something stuck in my eye.

Current celebrity crush:
Tom Hardy. He is just a weird dude. I like that.

Current Indulgence:
Two shots of espresso, on ice, in a Venti cup with 1 shot of sugar free Cinnamon Dolce. I mix it with a pre-made vanilla protein drink. OMG.

Current blessing:
Everyone in my family is happy, healthy and on the verge of great things! It is an exciting time!

Current slang:
I’ve started to say things are dope. I need to figure out how to stop doing this.

Current outfit:
All patterns, all the time.

Current excitement:
I’m ready for a little weekend out of town in one of my favorite Massachusetts cities, Provincetown!

Also, did I mention my parents are moving here NEXT MONTH?! Dying.


Current mood:
Energized and motivated. I just see good things happening around me and I want to encourage those things to keep moving forward!

Current link: They are having one of their sales right now and I keep checking in to make sure there is nothing that I “need”. 😉


Have a great weekend everyone! I will see you SOON!


Here it is…36 While 36!

by agirlandhermutt on March 9, 2016

Oh hello there! I think at this point in my blogging life the only people that read my little section of the internets are my parents and about 10 friends. So thank you! Also, since I know most of you then you know where I have been for the past few weeks. But just in case…



EEK! How nuts is that?! It still doesn’t seem real. I’m going to do a whole Australia trip recap next week. I need a little bit of time to go through photos and put my thoughts together. Be sure to check back because my trip was really as amazing as you can imagine it might be!

Before we get to those posts, I wanted to share my new X While X list. The last time we talked I reviewed my 35 While 35 list. Surprisingly I didn’t do so bad last year! This year I want to do even better. Experience more. See more. LIVE more!

Without further ado…


1. Visit the Arboretum.
2. Eat at every single Barbara Lynch restaurant.
3. Watch a Red Sox game at the Bleacher Bar.
4. Visit a new city in New England.
5. Check out the Skywalk Observatory.

6. Complete a Whole30 challenge.
7. Attend 1 fitness class a month with my husband.
8. Participate in a biking event.
9. Take a class at every Pure Barre studio in Mass.
10. Learn to do a headstand.
11. Ride my bike to work.
12. Hike to a waterfall.

13. Visit Australia.
14. See the Grand Canyon.
15. Go camping.
16. Take a girls only trip.
17. Go to an outdoor concert.
18. Finally get to Waterfire.
19. Spend a night in a unique Air BnB.
20. See an opera.
21.Be in a tv show audience.
22. See a Ted Talk.

23. Take a photography class.
24. Try a new craft.
25. Complete the PopSugar Must Have Reading Challenge.
26. Treat myself to a spa day!
27. No spend 1 week each month.
28. Take a meditation class.
29. Figure out my “go to” meal or dish to take to a party.

30. Redo my KonMari purging.
31. Print and display beach photos.
32. Go for a walk 2 nights a week after dinner.
33. Add a new furry friend to our family.

34. Create a capsule wardrobe for 1 month.
35. Document my OOTD (outfit of the day) for 1 month.
36. Create a homemade beauty product.


So that is that! As in previous years, for every I item I complete, $5 will go towards something fun (TBD later!). For every item I don’t complete, $5 will go towards a donation to the an animal centric charity (TBD soon). (As always, I donate year round to a variety of charities. This is just for fun and another way for me to donate. )


Update: 35 While 35 List

by agirlandhermutt on February 16, 2016

Despite having a less than stellar 2015, I did pretty good on my 35 While 35 list. There are a few items on here that I didn’t do in favor of doing other fun things, but fair is fair and I marked them as not done. Overall, I’m pretty pleased and looking forward to my 36 While 36 list!

1. Visit the arboretum.- Nope! I came close though. I drove by?!
2. Eat at all of the Barbara Lynch restaurants in town.- In Progress! Not all of them. I’m still working on this one!
3. Check out the Skywalk Observatory.- Nope.
4. Visit Nantucket.- Nope! But I did visit SEVERAL other New England spots.
5. Watch a Red Sox game at Bleacher Bar.- No. This was on the schedule twice and both times I had to cancel because of dr appointments. No kidding.

6. Learn to apply false eyelashes.- DONE! I’m just not into them.
7. Develop a solid night routine for face/body/skin. Done!
8. Do a capsule wardrobe for 1 month.- Nooooooo.
9. Create an inspiration board.- No.
10. Find the perfect pair of jeans.- DONE! Well, yes and no. Perfect for my current body, but not perfect in general.

11. Buy an original piece of artwork.- Yes! I bought a few!
12. Complete 2 pieces of artwork for the house.- In Progress! I have one down and one to go! I only got around to 1!
13. Purge! using the Konmari method.- Yes! I’m doing another round soon.
14. Frame and display family & Korky photos. Done!
15. Buy a car.- Done! I am a KIA SOUL owner!

16. Visit the Mystic Aquarium. Done! 7/25/15
17. See the Rocky Horror Picture Show at midnight.
18. See a musical/play. Done!
19. Visit the Grand Canyon.
20. Book Australia trip! Done!

Health & Fitness
21. Complete the TIU Bikini Series. Done!
22. Commit to 12 weigh-ins in a row at Weight Watchers.- No, I decided to discontinue WW.
23. Be able to do 5 PERFECT push-ups.- I can do 3!
24. Participate in a biking event.- No.
25. Try a totally new-to-me activity. Done! Aerial Silks Yoga at Ebb n’ Flow Yoga.

Everything else!
26. Learn to make pasta from scratch.- Yes! I made gnocchi!
27. Try 20 new beers and participate on Untappd.- Done! Finished 4/25/15
28. Learn to play guitar.- No.
29. Buy a camera and take a photography class.- 1/2. I got a camera, just no class yet.
30. Visit 3 new breweries.Done! Two Roads Brewing Co., Cape Ann, Ipswich and Riverwalk.
31. Take a couples class. Done!
32. Knit a sweater for Korky.- Well this just makes me extremely sad.
33. Hit 100 classes at one Pure Barre studio.- Ugh. NOOOOO. I have 100 total at a variety of studios, but not at one specific studio.
34. Host a brunch themed party. Done!
35. Create a gift/scrapbook of wedding photos.- Yes!

Completed: 19
Incomplete: 16

Not too bad. A good chunk of the items I missed were from the Local section. How sad is that?!

For every I item I completed, $5 will go towards a new pair of Oakley sunglasses. For every item I don’t complete, $5 will go towards a donation to the Animal Rescue League of Boston.

Total towards sunglasses: $95

Total to charity: $ 80

*Note: I give to charities throughout the year, but this is just a fun little way for me to give incentive to myself but at the same time benefit someone if I don’t cross things off the list.

My 36 While 36 list will be out later this week!!!