Fall 2014 Fitness Favorites

by agirlandhermutt on November 24, 2014

Hi friends! It is Thanksgiving week and the number on thing on my mind this week is…fitness. HA! Thanksgiving is all about good eats and tons of treats. I’m totally on board with that, but just not to the stretchy pants extreme. If I’m not careful I can inhale some mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce without even blinking an eye. I’ve worked so hard to lose weight that I don’t want to put myself in to a spiral over the holidays that ends up with me on New Years Eve making some resolution AGAIN to lose weight.

So instead, I focus on my fitness.

Rather than share my favorite Thanksgiving recipes (which I get from other bloggers anyway), I’m going to share my recent Fitness Faves! Enjoy!


Your Trainer Paige’s Boot Camp

*Fun Fact: I consistently call her website “MY Trainer Paige” instead of Your. I can’t get it straight. Ever.*

I’ve followed Paige’s blog for a while now. Then a few years ago I roomed with her at the Blend Retreat and was totally impressed. She is not only gorgeous and totally fit, but she is well educated about her profession, full of opinions (and research to back those opinions!) and just a really wonderful person to know. Yet another great introduction from my buddy, Lauren!

A few months back she put on her first online boot camp but I was in the thick of triathlon training and wasn’t able to participate. Then came her Glute Camp and I was all in. Holy crap it was hard.

When she announced her second round of boot camp I signed right up. <—I paid fair and square to be a part of her program!

The boot camp included 8 weeks of:
-a Facebook group for support
-weekly emails
-conditioning and strength workouts with videos on how to properly perform each move
-nutrition guidelines and challenges

The first six weeks of the challenge I was on point. The workouts were ROUGH but successful. Unfortunately the last two weeks fell right around the same time as my wedding and well…you know how that goes. I’d definitely like to give her bootcamp a go again when I know I can dedicate myself to the whole 8-weeks.

I’ve participated in a few online challenges/boot camps that were great. BUT! Paige’s bootcamp was fantastic. She not only tells you what to do each day, but she also tells you WHY you are doing that particular workout.

If you get a chance to check out her site or one of her challenges, you MUST.



Before we start, I have to tell you that I was sent these items were sent to me to try out for free. However, I’ve never ever told you about a product that I wouldn’t purchase again with my own money. Almost 98% of the items I tell you about on the blog are bought with my own $$$ but every now and then I come across something I really like that I want to share.

When they first contacted me I had heard about Fabletics a few times, but hadn’t really looked at the site. I thought their name was a bit hokey. Sorry!

Their description of Fabletics was “co-founder Kate Hudson designed Fabletics activewear to be stylish, comfortable and a little bit sexy, with designs that fit perfectly into your everyday lifestyle. Fabletics is also incredibly affordable!”

So I checked out the lookbook and was surprised to find that I liked many of the outfits. It is a subscription service that sends outfits monthly that are typically 2-3 pieces for around $49-59. Similar to StitchFix but for athletic clothing!

The outfit that I picked to try out were:

-The Switchback Tee

-Sevan II Sports Bra (Black)

-Salar Legging (Black/Charcoal Stripe)

I was a bit concerned about the sizing for the leggings. I like my pants to be tight but not so tight that they become see-through. You know what I’m talking about. Based on their recommendations, I went with the size L.

So here I am in all my selfie glory. ;)

My thoughts:

-The top was too big. I got the large and it just wouldn’t stay on. The fabric was also a bit sheer for my taste. I don’t mind sheer, but this was just see-through. It was a super comfortable fabric though and I would definitely try this again in not only a smaller size, but also in a different color.

-The sports bra is PERFECTION. It is comfortable and super stylish. If you are blessed in the chest area, this might not be for you. I’m gifted with smaller boobs and I found this sports bra to be just enough. I also found myself wearing it out and about in place of a regular bra. I want this in every color possible!

-The pants are fantastic. But I wish I had read the reviews a bit more and gone for the larger size. The fabric is super thick (LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!) and tight. This is my style of legging. I think sizing up just one size would have given me a bit more give in the leggings that would make them that much more comfortable. However, the quality of these pants was great. I’ve worn them several times (with a long tunic style top) with no pilling, tearing, falling down, etc.

Big butts need bigger sizes. Fact. And this has to be one of the least flattering photos of me recently. Awesome! ;)

This is the outfit on its way to me now! I love the solid colors with the print pants and that off the shoulder sweatshirt just screams “ERIN!”. I will let you know if I have more success with the pants!

If you are comfortable with purchasing activewear online, then give Fabletics a try. <—Yes, that is an affiliate link. It costs nothing for you, but I make a few Fabletics bucks!



I think I might be dating my ClassPass! I joined up the Monday after the wedding and I’ve been to 4 different studios and about 8 different classes. I’ve tried a few barre classes, yoga studios and of course, spinning.

Just in case you aren’t familiar with ClassPass…

ClassPass is an alternative to a gym membership. With ClassPass, you get access to the best boutique fitness classes in your city. There are over 1,000 classes available to ClassPass members, including cycling, pilates, yoga, strength training, dance, martial arts, and more.

For $99 a month, ClassPass members get unlimited classes to use at studios in the ClassPass network. While a member can take as many classes per month as they’d like, they can only visit the same studio 3 times per monthly membership cycle.

I tried ClassPass for free back in May of this year, but didn’t sign up right away for a variety of reasons all dealing with my schedule and knee issues. Then a few weeks ago they announced that PureBarre Brookline had joined in as one of the studios and I decided to join back immediately. I was surprised to find that they had added TONS of new studios to the mix. I can pretty much find a class to go to in any part of the city at any time of the day. Rumor has it that a mobile app is coming soon. BOOM!

The ONLY thing that drives me nuts is that in order to cancel a class with no penalty, you have to do it 24 hours in advance. I understand putting a time limit on this, but 12 hours seems much more reasonable, right?!

For those of you who get bored of your workouts or studios easily, check out ClassPass!


Let me know if you give any of these a try!

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Wedding Wednesday: Who, When and Where?!

by agirlandhermutt on November 19, 2014

Hi friends! It took me a while to figure out how I wanted to organize my thoughts on my wedding. Not only the day, but every day leading up to the big day was so special.

This wedding series isn’t going to be a guide or a How To series. There won’t be instructions on how to set a budget or pick the best bridesmaids dress. It also won’t have a ton of DIY projects (well, there are 2 to be exact!).

BUT! This series will be a diary of sorts. A way for me to remember and share the pieces of our wedding that I felt were unique. Or at least unique to me. ;) It will also be a way for me to show you that not all weddings have to be huge and expensive in order for them to be filled with oodles of wonderful and loving memories.

So this is my story. A story that starts with a wonderful fiancé and ends with a fantastic husband. :)


When we got engaged in January, we knew we wanted to be married within the year. We also knew that we wanted a small wedding, on a beach, that wouldn’t be over-the-top when it came to costs.

I say “we” in that really annoying way that some couples do. But I mean it! We actually made most of the decisions together. Don’t worry. There will be plenty of “I decided” in later posts. ;)

After a quick discussion, we declared that it would be a family only wedding. Seriously. My parents, his parents, his brothers and a best friend (who has been in the picture since they were just a few days old). The grand total of guests came out to be 8 people.

But where to have it?! We thought about doing a destination wedding to some place like Turks & Caicos, but we weren’t sold on the idea due to logistics like getting everyone there, renting hotel rooms, which resort to stay at, etc. And then we realized…we are both from Florida. Why not get married there?! But Florida is a big state. I, obviously, love my hometown. But the groom? He wasn’t so keen on Pensacola. He doesn’t have a huge connection to his hometown, so we decided to go to the place we had visited together several times and always enjoyed…DESTIN.

Destin is an hour away from Pensacola. Perfect compromise while still being close enough to my parents that if we needed someone to go over and check something out, they could easily do that.

So we still had a DESTINation wedding. Get it?! I can’t take credit for that one.

After deciding on the place and who we wanted to be with us, we had to pick a date. The date was actually pretty easy. I wanted us to be the same age when we got married. So I picked the day after his birthday. Heh. He isn’t a big birthday celebrator so this actually worked out perfectly for him. Plus, there is no way either one of us will ever forget our anniversary.

Then it was official. We had a place, a date and our guests. I can’t tell you how excited we were!

But do you know what sucks the excitement out of you really quick? Telling people that you are having an 8-guest wedding only to have them make a statement like “Oh, so not really a wedding” or “That really isn’t a wedding then”.

Yep. It happened. And not just once. At first it really hurt my feelings. But after the 2nd or 3rd time, I just smiled and thought to myself how glad I was that I didn’t invite that dummy dumb person to my wedding. Obviously, these folks didn’t make the friend list for much longer either. Or were they ever really on that list to begin with? Whatevs.

My actual friends though? They were totally supportive! They all knew that despite my flair for dramatics that I don’t really like tons of attention. My relationship is, for the most part, private and I wanted that to carry over into my wedding. Actually, when I think about how supportive they were it gets me all misty-eyed. Want proof? Just check out my showerette recap!

Going against what the expected is or the status quo can be difficult. Some people didn’t understand our decision. But it was just that. OUR decision. We made it together and that made it that much more special.


Next up…planning a wedding in Florida all the way from Boston and the first of my two DIY projects!

See ya soon!


Back and Ready to Go!

November 10, 2014

Hello, hello, hello! Sooo…let’s cut to the big news. I GOT MARRIED! I literally could not be more excited! I’m so happy and just overcome with joy! I’m super excited to share photos and all the details with you. Just give me a week to get myself together because…. We are doing a AGAHM GETS […]

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