See ya 2017. Helloooo 2018!

by agirlandhermutt on January 1, 2018

2017? Excellent year.

2018? It will be even better! Ready to go. Let’s do this.



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I’m Ready for the 31 Day Challenge!

by agirlandhermutt on September 30, 2016

Hi folks! It has been a hot minute since I have participated in a Tone It Up Challenge. Starting tomorrow they are hosting a new challenge for the month of October. Unlike most of their other challenges that are 6+ weeks, this one is just 31 days. That seems doable, right?! (Seriously. I HAVE to be able to do something for just 31 days, right?!!!!)


Since I’m a Nutrition Plan member, they sent out a very detailed menu for the 31 days. It is a great guide, but there is no way I can workout as much as the plan calls for (and I would secretly like to do too) and eat such a low calorie meal plan.

Rather than just set myself up for failure, I’m going to be using the recipes as a guide to break some nasty habits (Dr. Pepper loves me just as much as I love it!) and get back into that macro counting life. Trainer Paige had a great guide to learning to count macros that was part of her Peak Physique program and I’m going to be using that as my guide again. I actually really thrive when I track my food and don’t become obsessive about it, which I know many can have happen. This girl needs structure!

I’m going to follow the workouts, post on Instagram when I can and eat like a normal person. Sound like a plan?

Anyone else in to do a little challenge?!

Also, just for a good dose of cuteness…Alfie says HI!



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Update on August Goals & New September Goals!

by agirlandhermutt on September 8, 2016

Hello there! We are well into September and life is going great. In a quest to stick to some type of plan in life, I made some goals for August.


Overall, I did pretty good hitting some goals. I wasn’t perfect, but is that really a surprise? No. And just a little behind-the-scenes for this blog post…it took me three tries to spell surprise correctly. So sad!

Ok, update time!

Prep Each Night– YES! I did a great job with this one. I don’t get crazy and sleep in my workout clothes or anything, but I did figure out what I was going to wear the next day, thought about what I would do for lunch and put my keys and work badge in my bag. I did NOT forget my badge at home one single time last month! Boom. Responsible employee. I have a great planner that I use during the day, but I actually started checking it each night to see what was on the agenda for the next day. So helpful. Who knew?!

Get 7 Hours of Sleep- Ha. Hahahahahahahahahahaha. I try so hard, but I’m such a night owl! The only problem is that I HAVE to be up early in the morning for work and to take care of the dog (ALFIE!). Brutal. In general, I average about 7 hrs each night during a week, but it is mostly because I sleep for 4hrs on one night and then 9 hrs another night. Check out this extra special week from August when I was sick. Yay! 5 hr sleep average!


1 Yoga & 1 Spinning Class a Week– Ok, so this is where my non perfect self comes into play. I went spinning twice in the first week, 1 time the second week, totally skipped another week and then finished out the month with a Soul Survivor class (60 min). There was not a single yoga class to be found in there. NOT EVEN ONE. In my defense, I got sick, like mega sick, and got a dog. On a side note, I made it to Orange Theory Fitness, Rowing practice and Zumba each week. WOOT! Poor yoga. Whomp whomp.

No Clothes Buying– So close! I got distracted by a Lularoe sale and accidentally bought 2 pairs of leggings before I remembered that I had made a goal to not buy any clothing. Maybe I will join the folks that say leggings aren’t pants?! Eh. Not going to happen. Oops!

Challenge Myself Each Day
– Yessss? There was definitely a week in there where I was a bit off my game. We had just brought Alfie home, I was super sick and just not feeling it. But 1 week out of 4? Not too shabby.

So what is up for September?!

Same goals. 🙂 I can improve in all of these areas still. Except this time I want to add in some meditation. I downloaded this app called Headspace that offers a guided mediation for 10 days. So far, so good!

I hope you guys had a great August and have kicked off September in an epic way. See ya soon!