I’m Ready for the 31 Day Challenge!

by agirlandhermutt on September 30, 2016

Hi folks! It has been a hot minute since I have participated in a Tone It Up Challenge. Starting tomorrow they are hosting a new challenge for the month of October. Unlike most of their other challenges that are 6+ weeks, this one is just 31 days. That seems doable, right?! (Seriously. I HAVE to be able to do something for just 31 days, right?!!!!)


Since I’m a Nutrition Plan member, they sent out a very detailed menu for the 31 days. It is a great guide, but there is no way I can workout as much as the plan calls for (and I would secretly like to do too) and eat such a low calorie meal plan.

Rather than just set myself up for failure, I’m going to be using the recipes as a guide to break some nasty habits (Dr. Pepper loves me just as much as I love it!) and get back into that macro counting life. Trainer Paige had a great guide to learning to count macros that was part of her Peak Physique program and I’m going to be using that as my guide again. I actually really thrive when I track my food and don’t become obsessive about it, which I know many can have happen. This girl needs structure!

I’m going to follow the workouts, post on Instagram when I can and eat like a normal person. Sound like a plan?

Anyone else in to do a little challenge?!

Also, just for a good dose of cuteness…Alfie says HI!



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Update on August Goals & New September Goals!

by agirlandhermutt on September 8, 2016

Hello there! We are well into September and life is going great. In a quest to stick to some type of plan in life, I made some goals for August.


Overall, I did pretty good hitting some goals. I wasn’t perfect, but is that really a surprise? No. And just a little behind-the-scenes for this blog post…it took me three tries to spell surprise correctly. So sad!

Ok, update time!

Prep Each Night– YES! I did a great job with this one. I don’t get crazy and sleep in my workout clothes or anything, but I did figure out what I was going to wear the next day, thought about what I would do for lunch and put my keys and work badge in my bag. I did NOT forget my badge at home one single time last month! Boom. Responsible employee. I have a great planner that I use during the day, but I actually started checking it each night to see what was on the agenda for the next day. So helpful. Who knew?!

Get 7 Hours of Sleep- Ha. Hahahahahahahahahahaha. I try so hard, but I’m such a night owl! The only problem is that I HAVE to be up early in the morning for work and to take care of the dog (ALFIE!). Brutal. In general, I average about 7 hrs each night during a week, but it is mostly because I sleep for 4hrs on one night and then 9 hrs another night. Check out this extra special week from August when I was sick. Yay! 5 hr sleep average!


1 Yoga & 1 Spinning Class a Week– Ok, so this is where my non perfect self comes into play. I went spinning twice in the first week, 1 time the second week, totally skipped another week and then finished out the month with a Soul Survivor class (60 min). There was not a single yoga class to be found in there. NOT EVEN ONE. In my defense, I got sick, like mega sick, and got a dog. On a side note, I made it to Orange Theory Fitness, Rowing practice and Zumba each week. WOOT! Poor yoga. Whomp whomp.

No Clothes Buying– So close! I got distracted by a Lularoe sale and accidentally bought 2 pairs of leggings before I remembered that I had made a goal to not buy any clothing. Maybe I will join the folks that say leggings aren’t pants?! Eh. Not going to happen. Oops!

Challenge Myself Each Day
– Yessss? There was definitely a week in there where I was a bit off my game. We had just brought Alfie home, I was super sick and just not feeling it. But 1 week out of 4? Not too shabby.

So what is up for September?!

Same goals. 🙂 I can improve in all of these areas still. Except this time I want to add in some meditation. I downloaded this app called Headspace that offers a guided mediation for 10 days. So far, so good!

I hope you guys had a great August and have kicked off September in an epic way. See ya soon!


National Dog Day!

by agirlandhermutt on August 26, 2016

Hello, hello, hello! August is almost done and I think I can say that this has been my favorite month of 2016. In addition to making some serious progress on my August Goals (blog post!), I’ve also had a bit of a life change.

It felt only fitting since it is National Dog Day to do some introductions.

Blog friends…Meet ALFIE!


Yep. It is true! My husband and I have officially added a furry friend to the family. And honestly…I couldn’t be happier.

Almost a year ago, we said good-bye to Korky. He was my best friend for 13+ years and it was seriously heartbreaking to say good-bye. When my parents moved up here a little bit ago a part of my soul that loves dogs SO MUCH was filled because I got some quality time with their puppies. I went back and forth on whether or not I was ready for a new dog. Not only mentally, but also physically.

As much as it pains me to say this…it was kind of nice not having to worry about being home at a certain time to make sure the dog could go for a walk. Or make sure we had someone to watch him so we could go out of the town. Or get up at 3:30am to take a dog to pee out in the snow.

But for all those bonus moments of not having to have a schedule, the insane feeling of missing something was triple the amount of moments. I was struggling at home because it just felt like something was out of place. Every time I walked in the door I expected to see Korky. Each and every time. It just never went away.

The husband and I casually started to search Petfinder for a dog that caught our eye. We had already talked extensively about the type of dog that we were looking for and figured when we came across one that fit that description, we would move forward.

Long story short…we adopted Alfie (formally Nigel) from a place in Arkansas. On Sunday, August 14th we were introduced to our 12 week old “schnauzer mix” puppy.


It was love at first sight and I just KNEW he was the right one for us.


He was scared, kind of dirty and only 9.9 lbs.


Alfie is all puppy. He is smart and sweet with a mix of absolutely crazy.


For the first few days he was so shy and never wanted to be put down. Now he explores and plays non-stop. Then at night we can snuggle him like crazy. The husband and I fight to hold him. 🙂 Untitled


We are at almost 2 weeks together and we are already a big fun family. He gets along great with my parents and their dogs too!


He loves being with us. And most of all, we love being with him. We try to take him everywhere and look forward to sharing every part of our lives with us.

Including those moments when he just wants to sleep on the couch or pass out in my arms while we are at a busy brewery.



I’m convinced that Korky sent us Alife when we needed it the most. A Girl & Her Mutt feel right again.

You will be seeing more of Alife on the blog and if you ever need a good dose of puppy, be sure to follow me on Instagram and Snapchat.

See you soon!

Erin & Alfie