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by agirlandhermutt on March 3, 2015

When I was younger I remember my aunt talking about how she had a 5 lb safety zone. Her weight could fluctuate 5 lbs either way and she wouldn’t worry. Any more than that and she would start to pay a little more attention to what she was eating. I used to think that was so strange. Who cares about 5 lbs?! Uh. Apparently I do. I gained a little over 14 lbs while I was in the hospital. Since then I have had a really hard time losing the water weight and watching my actual weight because of my soft foods diet. Soft foods=Easy carbaholics meal. It should be no surprise that my weight is still sitting pretty at more than 5 lbs above my pre-hospital weight. Which, if we are being honest, was not my goal weight either.

Before my throat surgery, I had a knee surgery planned for 2/20. I had come up with a plan to keep my weight in check while my exercise/movement was limited. Fortunately I did this because I was able to adapt that plan to use for my unexpected surgery.


I mentioned in my high-low post that I joined Weight Watchers. I was doing the whole plan online with success, but I had a lot of questions and realized I missed that whole meeting aspect of the plan. I went to my first meeting last Thursday and REALLY liked the leader. I connected with her story and her approach to the plan. Plus, she lost significant amount of weight (125 lbs!). Don’t get me wrong. I KNOW how hard it is to lose 20 lbs, but I can connect much more to someone who has struggled with losing a significant amount of weight. Fortunately, I’m not in the boat where I have to lose 100+ lbs but I still have about 40 lbs I want to lose.

For those that are WW pros, then you will get me when I say that I have to track my points. I listened intently on the Simply Filling aspect of the plan (eat until satiated of power foods), but I don’t quite have that whole “just eat till satisfied” piece down quite yet. If I did I probably wouldn’t need WW. I have a ton of emotions, both good AND bad, going on and fun fact…I’m an emotional eater. Happy? Eat a good meal! Sad? Eat a good meal! Meh? Eat a good meal! See the trend?!

So for now I am going to track and really keep tabs on what I’m eating. Which is needed because the things that are on my “soft foods” list don’t include my beloved salads. I know not everything healthy and good for me doesn’t have to come in a salad bowl, but it sure does make things easier. Instead I eat smaller portions and hope that I can develop that “oh this is just too much for me!” type attitude that I usually roll my eyes at. ;)

The only downside of going to the meetings vs online is the $$$. Online is about $20/month and meetings are $45/month. Sigh. I really like the support and the materials that are given out in the meetings so I’m making it a goal to stick with the meetings until I lose at least 20 lbs. Once I hit that mark I can evaluate whether or not I want to switch my plan up.


Well. My fitness part of the plan is just a hot mess. My last time at the gym before getting sick was Friday, January 23rd. Even at that point I was so tired that it was hard for me to get through some of the classes at the gym. I had no idea what the problem was but looking back I know that my illness was already popping up at that point.

I got the go ahead from my Infectious Disease (Seriously?! Ridic that I have one of these) to go back to the gym on Thursday morning. I was so excited!

Working out makes me feel good. I like the way my body looks when working out. I like the way I feel when I work out. I like the routine of going to the gym. I just like it all.

I made my first outing by myself on Friday night to Target. I could finally drive and I was ready to just wonder around the store for however long I wanted. More than 1.5 hrs later I made my way back home and was pooped! I ended up taking a little cat nap.

On Saturday, the Husband and I had an outing to do some shopping and walking around in Boston. According to my little pedometer app we walked about 3.5 miles on Saturday. I was feeling it when I got home. I walked in the door, laid on my bed and then passed out for a good 4 hours. 4 HOURS!

Have meds, will shop! I busted out my medication right in front of Gucci. Classy!

Sunday I was ready to go back to the gym. My mom and husband convinced me to take it easy on my first day back. I figured I would hop on the treadmill and just take it from there.

*Hold on while I catch my breath from laughing at how naive I was.*

I got on and immediately pushed the speed up to 3.5 and incline up to 3.0. I almost killed myself. I got my crap together, lowered the speed to 3.0 and the incline to 1.0. THAT was pushing it. I have a ton of tightness near my incision on my neck and it is just hard to breathe deeply. I started to sweat and then my neck started to itch. It was just a TO DO. On the treadmill!

I walked for 38 minutes and got to 2.0 miles. I varied the speed and the incline the whole time just trying to find a happy pace that pushed me but didn’t make me feel like I was going to die.

*Return of the creepy gym bathroom selfie!*

Then I cried.

I’ve worked so hard to get to my fitness level. With my knee issues and know this, I just felt a little defeated.

I know, I know. Stick with it and I will get back to where I was! But ugh. I want easy! Is that bad to say? Oh well. It is the truth. I did the work already and I want to reap the benefits right now!

So the plan is…stop whining and keep going.

My goal is to just move, in any way possible, 4 days a week. I’m taking Monday off to just relax. I overdid it a little over the weekend. Then back to the gym on Tuesday for a little elliptical action.

I have some follow-up tests on Wednesday so I will just have to play it by ear the rest of the week. But 4 days will happen!


I’ll keep you posted on how this plan works out for me. It is super simple and I think that is what I need right now. Back to square one!

I’m keeping in mind that I need to be consistent and persistent. I WILL get through this and I will reach my goal. I can’t promise there won’t be some tears in there and some sarcastic comments. BUT I will get there.


February High-Low

by agirlandhermutt on February 27, 2015

Good morning! First of all…THANK YOU SO MUCH for your response to my last post. I had some lovely comments (including my Dad!) and emails that were so positive. Yesssss. Positivity is always welcome and MUCH needed!

As with everyone, I’ve experienced some serious highs and lows this month (even a ton this week!). It is funny how one minute it doesn’t seem possible for you to be in a bigger rut and there is no light in sight. Then the next minute the world turns and things just start creeping in the right direction. I have a tendency to do one of two things when presented with an unexpected icky situation.

1. Ignore whatever negative is going on in my life. Like completely.
2. Completely dwell on it. Obsessively. Annoyingly.

Neither of these approaches are a good solution to dealing with tough situations. As part of my quest for a positive life this year, I want to focus on whatever negative I have going on, deal with it and then move on to whatever is positive. Basically just finding that happy medium and then remembering to be thankful for all the badass things I have going on.

So let’s start doing that.


February High-Low

Low- Obviously getting sick, having to go through surgery and the whole recovery process was a huge low. It was soul sucking to be in the hospital with all those tubes and drains.

High- I got to see my parents. Yes, they were here because I was sick and I wouldn’t wish for any parent to see their child ill, but it was just SO GOOD to have them close by. It makes me miss them even more now!

Low- Weight-gain. I was given a TON of fluids while in the hospital and also taken off my diuretic for my high blood pressure. This combo meant that I gained about 14lbs while I was in the hospital. Did I mention that I didn’t eat or drink for about a week and STILL gained 14lbs?! Ugh. My pants didn’t fit and I just felt gross.

High- I joined Weight Watchers. Again. ;) The fluid weight is coming off quite nicely and I’m ready to be back to “normal” with my eating. I’m still on a soft foods diet (carbs galore!) so I really need to be mindful of my portions. WW is perfect for that. I’m pleased with my success so far! I’ll definitely be talking about my current approach to health & fitness soon. Stay tuned!

Bridal shop circus mirror. Hips appear smaller than they really are.

Low- My husband has been sick and exhausted. Helping your wife to do everything while also not feeling so hot yourself is just sucky.

High- He has some really great opportunities and doors opening for him that have really been lifting his spirits. And he has a drs appointment with the same Dr I have following me for my infection!

The night before I got sick. We are both getting back to this level!

Low- My car died. A really sad and expensive death. I knew it was coming. It has been on my X While X list to buy a new car for some time. I took it earlier this week to get inspected so when I was cleared to drive that I would be good to go. Nope. Not even close. I bought my Santa Fe brand new back in 2003. It has been a good car, but it is time to say good-bye. I’m paralyzed by the whole car buying process though. We are now a 1 car family. Oh boy.

High- I’m going to get a new car! I wish that I would have made the decision to buy a new car myself rather than having the decision made for me, but I’m ready. We are doing the 1 car thing for another month or so because of all the crappy snow, but I can’t wait to have a fun whip again!

If I end up with the Kia Soul, I’m buying one of these hamster masks. Don’t doubt me.

Low- No gym. No regular food. No driving. No beer. No hair coloring. No teeth cleaning. Ugh.

High- As of yesterday I was cleared to drive, go to the gym, and get my hair colored! YESSSSSS!!!! Driving=Independence for me. I’ll have more info on the beer and regular food in March from my other Dr. Fingers crossed that goes as well as my Infectious Disease dr appointment did! Oh, and I can totally get my teeth cleaned, but I have to take an antibiotic series for 4 days prior as a just in case. I’ve decided to wait until I’m off my current antibiotics so I don’t have some serious stomach issues happening. No bueno.

Bonus High- I’m alive! I can’t lie. February was a tough month. Full of a ton of lows, but some pretty great moments thrown in there too. To top it all off, I turned 35 and I just *know* that this is going to be an epic year.


I hope you guys all have a great weekend! I have big plans for a lunch outing AND my return to the gym. I get tingly with the excitement of getting on a treadmill. WHO AM I?! ;)

See ya Monday!


Update: What the heck happened?!

February 23, 2015

Oh hey there. I have so much to say and just had no strength to say it. For those of you who don’t know, I’ve had quite the health scare this past month. I was telling the husband that I wanted to write a huge long blog post about the whole ordeal to explain what […]

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