I’m Back! Week of Workouts

by agirlandhermutt on August 25, 2014

Gooood morning! I had good intentions on coming home from vacation and just going to town with some posts on the blog. But, well life happens. :)

I was in Jamaica for the first part of last week and absolutely had a fantastic time. However, once it is time for me to go home, I am READY to go home! I plan on doing a review of the resort we stayed at in case anyone is interested in a trip to Ochos Rios, but that will come later with plenty of pics.

Instead, a little Week of Workouts Recap!


Week of Workouts 8/18 – 8/24

Body weight exercises. My friend, Megan, and I were in Jamaica and it was our last day at the resort. I brought along several workouts from MShell Fitness, Paige’s Glute Camp and a few from NHerShoes Extreme Summer Shred 2013. We managed to do some form of activity, besides floating in the pool, every single day but one on our vacation. There was yoga, hiking a waterfall and working out in the open-air gym. Yep. Open-air. In like 90+ degree weather. We did it once and I decided I wasn’t doing it again. So on Monday, I busted out one of the workouts and we worked out in our hotel room. It was still hot and sweaty, but so much better than the outdoor gym.

Nothing. Unless you count walking to breakfast and walking in the airport. Travel day!

Nothing. I didn’t get up early for the gym and I came home straight after to spend as much time as possible with the BF. It was lovely!

Pure Barre & Piyo. I hit up my now regular 7:10am Pure Barre class before work and then joined the BF at home for a PiYo Lower Body workout. Those short little videos are pretty fun! Plus, how can you not like Chalene?!

Pure Barre and Body Pump. I’m actually really enjoying the early morning PB classes and the flexibility it gives me after work to do other things.

I had plans to go to Zumba, but the BF got last minute tickets to an event in Boston. We decided to do an at home Body Pump Extreme workout. Those videos crack me up. They say the most awkward things and put on the weirdest faces. I like them though. BeachBody knows what is doing with their workout videos!

We ended up going to an Engadget Live event. Basically, a nerdy website that put together a little expo of sorts to show off some REALLY cool electronic thingys.

Ok, lets just put this out there. I am a complete computer person. I work with computers AS MY JOB. BUT! I am no tech geek. I can figure things out, but I don’t have to be on the cutting edge. The BF though? He is a nerd. We ended up having a really good time at the event and got to see some awesome products.

Bonus: We got to try VapShots. Vaporized vodka? It was weird and I don’t need to do it again.

Cardio Kickboxing. This class was perfect. I was sweaty. My knee didn’t bother me. It was early enough that I could do things for the rest of the day.

Those things included shopping. Like outlet shopping. Whoa.

We made our yearly trip to Wrentham Outlets to get the BF some new clothes. I don’t do much shopping on this outlet trip because I do plenty throughout the year. He got a whole new wardrobe! I did get a few little fun things that I’m sure will make an appearance soon.

PiYo Sweat. I was sweaty. They weren’t lying. Enough said.

Then the rest of the day was dedicated to spending time to not only one of my favorite bloggers, but also a wonderful friend, Lauren!

Lauren is one of those people that I immediately felt connected with when I met her. We have a blog connection, but more importantly, we have a real friendship.

Fun Fact: We met for the first time on a trip she made to Boston 2 years ago!

We got to catch up on her recovery from ACL surgery, her new-ish job , and life in general. On a few occasions I found myself saying “nice work!” or “good job!” when she walked up a set of stairs without any glimpse of a limp. As someone who is coming up on a knee surgery, she totally gives me hope of a great recovery. Her advice? Do the PT work. Ugh. Figures.

I love spending time with her (and her husband!) and just wish she was closer. She is always trying to convince us to move to Colorado and some days I think she might be successful. ;)

Ok, enough friend gushing. Sap alert.


The weather in Boston was absolutely gorgeous this weekend so it was a nice welcome back to the US weekend with some of my favorite folks.

Being on vacation is amazing. I love to travel and be away from all the things that work and home can sometimes drag you down with. However, there is nothing better than coming home to my boys!


Week of Workouts: 8/4- 8/10

by agirlandhermutt on August 11, 2014

Well hello there! I am on my game this weekend and really looking forward to a 2-day work week. Yup! Two days! Then it is time for a little R&R on a beautiful beach. So. Excited!


Week of Workouts 8/4-8/10

Pure Barre! I’ve been slowly embracing the shake in the am and found that if I go early on Monday then that sets a good vibe for the week. Plus, the instructor on Monday mornings is kind of hard as crap.

Since I had the whole afternoon free I decided to take a little trip down to Fanueil Hall to walk around and enjoy the afternoon. I think it is fun to watch tourists and shop around when I have no real agenda.

*Side note at time of publishing: I am wearing the same exact outfit this Monday as last Monday. I might need to work on my laundry cycle.

Off! I have to work earlier that most days on Tuesday so I can’t workout in the am. And then I had the most fun afternoon planned with my friend, Karen. We are both getting married so I thought it might be fun for us to get one of those makeovers at Sephora to learn a few wedding day make-up tips.

I’m decent at my own makeup but I was interested in a few products that would look good in photos. Mission accomplished!

I should note…this is NOT how my makeup will look on the wedding day. Maybe the eyes, but the cheeks and lips will be much different. I struggle the most with my eye look because those little suckers are so small. Not the biggest issue in the world, but it irritates me constantly. Oh, and there is my non-makeup face. Not too bad. Don’t wear your makeup to bed and drink lots of water. BOOM.

I don’t have a photo of Karen, but she is going for a retro look and I absolutely LOVED it. I had to laugh because we both are so used to a more natural look that we felt a little hookerish with all the makeup on while going to dinner.

Pure Barre. Done and Done!

I also went to book club. This month’s book was Night Film by Marisha Pessl. We all loved it! Do read this book. Also, make sure you read it in real book format. It has some cool photos that didn’t quite make the Kindle edition.

TRX. A few weeks ago I bought a 3-for-1 class pass at a new spinning studio in the area, TurnStyle Cycle. They have both spinning and TRX classes. I tried out their spinning class a few weeks back and was looking forward to trying out their TRX class. The last time I tried a TRX class was a little over a year ago. I really enjoyed it but just got into other things.

Long story short…TRX is still hard.

Holy crap working out with your own body weight is TOUGH. Is it tough because my body weight is more than others? If I weighed less would it be easier? Ugh. Is that a dumb question? Either way. Hard. It started off a little rough because I tweaked something in my shoulder during the second stretch of the class. Yes. I said stretch. Not even in the workout! Groan. The rest of the workout was just a hot and sweaty mess. I’m not saying that it wasn’t a good workout, but just wasn’t the right thing for me. The music was too loud so I couldn’t hear the instructor. The room was super small and I was right next to the lady who couldn’t stay in her space. And my shoulder hurt. Because I overstretched. Ugh. I *might* try it again since I have one more class, but I’m leaning more towards the spinning at this point. My buddy, Megan, went to the class with me and I’m dying to hear from her what she thought about the class the day after!

Pure Barre & Zumba! I would have skipped PB after my dramatic TRX workout, but I forgot to cancel and I hate to have a “late cancellation” happen. Technically nothing happens, but I am a rule follower to the core. The result of this dumb decision was that my arm was on fire from the start to the end of class. I wasn’t really concentrating on class because of the arm and just didn’t have “it”. I fixed everything by going to Zumba. And then eating Chipotle. Thanks.

Piyo Lower Body at home with the BF. We have the videos but have yet to really start the program. We did the Lower Body video which is just 20 short minutes. Not going to lie…I love Chalene, but I got bored about 2 minutes into this workout. Fingers crossed the other videos are a little bit better.

We spent a good chunk of the day just laying by the pool.

I don’t mind going to the pool on my own, but I much prefer someone to go with me. This time having him along was perfect because we could laugh at how ridiculous the woman next to us was being on her phone. I love a good eavesdropping moment.

Body Pump at home with the BF. Dumb, dumb, dumb. My arm was throbbing by the end. I should have just stayed in bed.

So overall, it was good week. My arm was finally feeling better by Sunday night after some rest and a bit of icing. I had a workout buddy for 3 of my workouts which was a nice change from previous weeks!

*Note: I kind of stopped tracking my #175byLaborDay. Most of my miles were coming from my FitBit numbers and minutes of intense cardio. Unfortunately, I washed my FitBit (it has already been replaced!) and the intense cardio has been turned down because of the knee. Boooo.


This upcoming week is going to be a FUN week:

Monday- Pure Barre
Tuesday- Body Pump at home
Wednesday- VACATION!
Thursday-Sunday- OPEN!

I definitely want this vacation to be relaxing, but I also want to come home feeling good about myself. I want to move a little, drink a little, eat a little and enjoy myself a TON. They do have a gym at our resort that I plan to check out, but it won’t be the top thing on my list of things to do. I’m bringing along my FitBit to make sure I get my steps in. If that happens, I’ll be happy. I should mention that my wedding dress fitting is at the end of this month. That is certainly helping to keep me motivated to get my butt in gear. ;)


I hope you guys have a great week!



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