A Week of Workouts: 7/21-7/27

by agirlandhermutt on July 28, 2014

Good morning! This past week was my first week in what seems like forever without a specific training plan. I definitely like the idea of scheduled workouts though so I’m going to stick with that. In a world of chaos, I like a little routine.


Workouts for the Week 7/21-7/27

Scheduled: Off! I’m even skipping Glute Camp. Sorry Paige!
Actual: Totally off night! And I went out to dinner with friends. There was wine. There was dessert. It was lovely. Proof below!

Scheduled: Glute Camp (Elliptical HIIT)
Actual: Glute Camp Bike HIIT. It felt good to be back to working out after the triathlon. I kept my bag close by just in case I decided that I wanted to get the heck out of there quickly. Fortunately I made it through with no problem!

Scheduled: Glute Camp & Spinning
Actual: Glute Camp & Spinning. A new spinning studio, Turnstyle Cycle, opened in Kendall Square a few weeks ago. I bought a package to try out their spinning and TRX classes. Wednesday was my first class. I’ll be doing a full review for you locals soon! Oh, they have Real Ryder bikes. We all know how I feel about those bikes. Swooon!

Scheduled: Glute Camp
Actual: Glute Camp & Yoga. Ugh….it felt so good to stretch! I need to get back into this more often. I was so tight and it felt like I had never done yoga before.

Scheduled: Glute Camp & Zumba!
Actual: Glute Camp & Zumba. The instructor on Friday night at my gym is FANTASTIC. For some reason the class isn’t as crowded as other nights and I love it. I have plenty of space to bebop around and not have to worry about my ponytail becoming a weapon.

Scheduled: Free day! Maybe a class? Maybe a bike ride? Maybe a beach day?!
Actual: Total Body Shred. Ugh. Horrible, horrible, horrible idea. My knee just can’t take this class right now.

Our workout was:
50 weighted squats
50 walking lunges
50 push-ups
250 scissor crunches

100 air squats
100 walking lunches

25 weighted squat jump press
25 shoulder press with right leg up
25 weighted squat jump press
25 shoulder press with left leg up

100 crunches with knees into chest
100 reverse crunches with knees into chest

And a few other crappy things that I am trying to forget. I wanted to die. I almost did die! No more. No bueno. Uh uh. Nope.

After that I just collapsed near the pool in my neighborhood. Like seriously just sprawled out.

I followed the pool up with a trip to the brewery with the BF for a beer. Well, technically a beer for him. I’m on a no alcohol kick for a bit to get ready for the wedding. WAHHHHHH. We will see how long this lasts. ;)

Free day! Yoga? Bike? We will see!
Actual: Part of Zumba. I’m not sure what the hell was wrong with me, but I decided to get up and go to Zumba after the mess of Saturday’s workout. I made it through 40 minutes before I had to ring the bell and call it a day. I was so tired that I couldn’t jump around like I normally do and just needed to sit down. I spent the rest of the day “running errands”, which is just really code for shopping! YIPPPEEE! I’m never too tired to shop. Just in case you were wondering.

Weekly Total of “Miles” for the #175byLaborDay challenge: 19!
Total Miles: 100!


Workout Schedule for 7/28-8/3

This week I’m starting back to Pure Barre on a regular basis! I signed up for the Bridal Package that is unlimited for 3 months. EEK! It starts Monday and I couldn’t be more excited. It also happens to be the last week of Glute Camp with YourTrainerPaige. I’ve loved the series so far and I’m excited to see what we are up to this week. My wedding dress allows my glutes to shine so I’m trying to get them in tip top shape!

So basically the schedule looks like this…

Monday-Friday: Pure Barre & Glute Camp
Saturday: Swimming!
Sunday: Yoga

Easy peasy!


See ya on Wednesday with an update on my July goals and my new August goals. I guess I should figure those out soon, huh?!

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My Triathlon Packing List

by agirlandhermutt on July 25, 2014

If you know me, then you know that every occasion calls for an outfit. It doesn’t have to be fancy, but there will be an outfit decision made.

My triathlon was no different.

About a month into my training I realized that I needed to start figuring out exactly what I was going to need and wear for the race. There are TONS of great newbie triathlon packing list articles out there. Some are serious overload for someone who is just starting out. I watched several YouTube videos from Tone It Up, read a few blogs about what to pack and then just went from there.


My Triathlon Packing List:

*Goggles- Everyone says you should have two. I totally forgot that. I ended up not even wearing mine for most of the swim because I started to panic. These are a must though for people who actually want to do well in the swim. ;)
*Trisuit- This seems to be the biggest topic discussed by both new and seasoned triathletes. There are a variety of options for what you can wear during the swim, but I decided to go with what I thought would be the easiest to wear the whole race. My trisuit was a Pearl Izumi Tri Suit that I got from Amazon. It had a sports bra that came with it and fit perfectly. I was almost completely dried by the time I got on my bike and the run went off with no shorts riding up. Perfect! It was a little pricey but I can definitely see myself wearing it for future rides and races.

*Wetsuit- I ordered a wetsuit from Wetsuitrental.com and it worked out perfectly! I ended up not using it, but I would definitely use their services again. When you are on the website you are guided through describing your body type so they can pick the best fitting suit. I chose the option “More Meat in the Tail”. Heh.
*Body Glide- A must. I put Bodyglide on every hot spot known to man. Near my armpits, the back of my neck, around the bottom of my suit and around my ankles to help get my wetsuit off (before I decided not to wear it). I don’t think you can wear too much Body Glide.

*Bike- I brought a plastic bag to cover the seat since I racked it the night before.
*Helmet- You HAVE to wear one! Make sure you train wearing your helmet with however you plan to wear your hair the day of the race and with the sunglasses you might ride wearing.
*Running shoes- I wore my Asics Kayanos. Love those suckers. I don’t clip in outside of spin class (not that comfortable on the bike yet!) and my sneakers worked great for this round.
*Elastic Laces- - I replaced my regular laces with these Elastic Lock Laces for race day. They were perfect for easy on and off of my shoes shoes. They come in tons of colors too!
*Sunglasses- These are a MUST for me. Rarely do you catch me without my sunglasses at any point in the day but they are a must when I’m outside running and biking. I have some crap glasses that I have gotten for free that I sometimes wear but my usual glasses are the Oakley Caveat.
*Race Belt- Safety pins and I don’t get along. I decided to purchase a race belt to attach my number to that I could use for any event. I got this FuelBelt Race Belt. Just thread your bib through the cords and then just clip it on in transition. I wore it to the back on the bike and then just turned it around to the front for the run. This belt also has loops that can hold your gels or other fuel.

I should note that many lists out there will tell you to pack a patch kit for your bike and I am totally on board with that. My next race I definitely would do that and I’m lucky that I didn’t have any issues!

*Tank Top-
I wore my trisuit for the first 2 events of the race with nothing over it, but I felt a bit more comfortable running with a tank of my suit. If you are 100% comfortable with your body, you wouldn’t need this, but if you are not (Welcome to 85% comfortable world!) then a tank is perfect. I just threw it over my suit as I was running out and had no problem.
Transition Stuff
*Towel & Bottle of Water- I stood on my towel after the swim to wipe my sandy feet off before putting on my shoes. The bottle of water helped me to just rinse my feet off.

To figure out a great way to set up your transition area, check out this Tone It Up video with professional triathlete, Jenny Fletcher.


I think that about wraps up the triathlon talk…for now. ;) See ya next week with an update on my July goals!


*Just a note: A few of these links are affiliate links. As always, thanks for supporting AGAHM!*


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